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From the Exhibition: No Wave and Independent Film

COLAB, X Motion Picture Magazine, February 1978

X Motion Picture Magazine

X Motion Picture Magazine, February 1978, a Colab publication assembled by the X Collective and coordinated by Jimmy de Sana, Colen Fitzgibbon, Lindzee Smith, and Betsy Sussler. Offset on newsprint paper; cover image selected by Michael McClard,  11 ½ x 14 inches, 60 pages.

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X Motion Picture magazine, Liza Bear, Keith Sonnier, Send/Recieve Satellite Network

Two pages of a four-page spread by Liza Bear and Keith Sonnier about the Send/Recieve Satellite Network

X Magazine, Why Cars, Eric Mitchell

Left: Lindzee Smith, Robert Cooney and Tim Burns discuss the film Why Cars

Right: Eric Mitchell

Left: Last page of a 5-page Rosa von Prauheim interview with Lindzee Smith

Right: Andy Warhol & Victor Hugo photographed by Jimmy De Sana

Left: Charlie Ahearn

Right: Beth B

The newly formed artist group Collaborative Project Inc. (Colab) was an important part of the independent film scene.  At meetings and parties, aspiring filmmakers met and pooled resources; many contributed pages to the Colab publication X Motion Picture Magazine; funds from Colab helped launch the New Cinema, a short-lived screening room on St. Mark’s Place in the East Village; and Colab helped finance the Monday Wednesday Friday Video Club that helped distribute the films in the late 1980s and 1990s.



From the Exhibition: No Wave and Independent Film

No Wave and Independent Film