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From the Exhibition: Colette: On the Streets and in the Clubs, 1972 – 1985

Colette, Justine & The Victorian Punks: Records from the Story of My Life, Mixed Media, 1978

Justine & the Victorian Punks, 1978. Mixed media, 12 1/4 x 12 1/4 in.

A photograph of Colette’s 1978 performance at P.S. 1 was incorporated into a photocollage used later that year as the central image of a poster created in conjunction with Colette’s performance in the window of the boutique Fiorucci. This “Record” includes pieces of that poster, along with drips of blue paint.

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Colette, Justine, Fiorucci Window

For Colette the documentation of her temporary performances has become a fine art in itself.   Her most interesting and attractive mode of documentation is the ongoing series “Records from the Story of My Life.”  Each of these works is a twelve-inch square collage (sized like an LP) that incorporates photographs embellished with paint and other materials.  Colette first began working in this long-running format in 1978.

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From the Exhibition: Colette: On the Streets and in the Clubs, 1972 – 1985