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Prototype model & working sketch for an “art product” by Eins, 1976


Stefan Eins,  two items connected to the development of Cyclops, 1976.   Item 1: Stefan Eins, Kaleidoscope, NYC, © 76, prototype of tube and sticker.  Item 2:  stefan eins product, eye am, look into it…, product description and sketch.  Cardboard kaleidoscope, 3 ½ x 2 in.;  description and pencil sketch,  5 ¾  x 8 ¾  in.


Please contact Gallery 98 to inquire if this work or other items are still available.
Kaleidoscope, 1976, Stefan Eins

Item 1:  Early prototype for Cyclops: Stefan Eins, Kaleidoscope, NYC, © 76.  This is a product sample for the tube and does not include the inside mirror.


Item 2:  Working sketch for art product later titled Cyclops.



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