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“Artists Call against U.S. Intervention in Central America,” Xerox flyer, 1984

Xerox flyer, 8.5″ x 11″


ARTISTS CALL against U.S. Intervention in Central America is a nationwide mobilization of artists and intellectuals organizing out of New York City. A major series of exhibitions and events will take place around January 22, 1984—the International Day of Solidarity with El Salvador.


NO RIO is having a TEACH-IN and PAINT-IN Friday Jan 20 at 8:30. We are calling artists to join together to make art works focused on specific aspects of Central America and U S interventions. The TEACH-IN will present information and visual materials. The art work can become part of INTERVENTIONS, and any sales will benefit Artists Call activities.


INTERVENTIONS, opening with performances Jan 21, 4–7 PM and continuing through Feb 11, is an environmental collage exhibition of art and information focused on Central America.