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ART EPHEMERA, 1960s – 1990s

AREA, Larry Fuente, Acid Flashback, Card and Tab in Plastic Envelope, 1986

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Larry Fuente Acid Flashback envelope, with blue card invitation and tab in plastic envelope with invite: Feb. 19, 1986.

“AREA reluctantly presents acid flashback, a re-psychodelic review of matter, motion, and magic in post-plastic America, as seen through the eyes of California artists Larry Fuente, an acid casualty and veteran of the cosmic crusades.  See how the universe began and ride the roller coaster rush into the eye of god.”

Card, 2.5 x 5in.

Plastic bag with tab, 2 x 3.5in.

AREA Larry Fuente card


larry Fuente card with acid tab

card with tab in plastic envelope

back of acid bag

back of baggy