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Anton Perich

Tablet of Kingu

Tablet of Kingu 8x7in Sold

Tablet of Atrahasis

Tablet of Atrahasis8x7 in


Amma by Anton Perich

Lady of the Mountain

Lady of the Mountain 16.5x14.5 by Anton Perich Sold

Past Exhibition

Anton Perich: Electric Brushstrokes, 1978 – 1989

Anton Perich with Painting Machine

Neke Carson Preps Model for Photo Shoot, 1975

Neke Carson, Nude Model, High Society, Photograph by Anton Perich

Rectal Realism Documentation 1973 / 2013

Neke Carson, Rectal realism, Painting, Warhol Portrait

Cicciolina Cover and Interview, Anton Perich, Issue No. 23, 1994

Night Magazine - Cicciolina Cover and Interview, Anton Perich,

Night Magazine

Anton Perich, Issue No. 26, 1995

NIGHT Magazine cover

Night Magazine