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Gallery 98

Baird Jones

Milk Bar, Baird Jones, POP ART, Card, 1988

Pop Art card

Milk Bar, Baird Jones, ‘ART’—that’s a man’s name, Card, 1988

Baird Jones card for ART Thats A Man's Name exhibition

Baird Jones, South Bronx Fantasies, Card, 1987

baird Jones South Bronx Fantasies card

Milk Bar, Baird Jones, COLAB—All Women’s Exhibition, Card, 1987

baird Jones' COLAB All Women exhibition

Baird Jones, The East Village Comes to the Stamford Museum Show, Card, 1987

Baird Jones East Village Stamford exhibition card

Invitation to COLAB’s Benefit Auction

front of invite to COLAB benefit auction

Past Exhibition

The Anomalous Baird Jones (1955–2008)

Harvey Wong drawing of Baird Jones

Photocopied press clips, 1982–2007

Baird the gossip

Miles Davis serigraph (1995) from Black History Month exhibition (2000)

Baird's celebrity art collection

Press release for Baird’s appointment as curator and exhibition invites, 1980s–90s

Baird at the Paterson Museum

Two nightclub events honoring Yippie pie man, 1990


Pie Assassin Aron Kay

Party invitations featuring Mike Anderson, 1989


Dwarf tossing and midget bowling

“Three Geniuses,” “Keith Haring vs. Mark Kostabi,” “The Nostalgic Nineties,” 1980s–90s

Three Geniuses card Sold

The eccentric connoisseur

Book and related ephemera, 1987

"Sexual Humor" by Baird Jones

Cover story and photo feature by Baird, 1987

Downtown Magazine

Book, signed by Jones and Kostabi, 2002

Mark Kostabi and the East Village

Mark Kostabi at a “Kosthappening,” signed and stamped photo, 1985

Baird Jones Mark Kostabi, Kostabi at a Kosthappenings, 1985

Baird the paparazzo

Palladium invitation, 1998

Baird's 43rd Birthday

Exchanging “two drawings…for big stack of photos,” ink on paper, 1986

Handwritten receipt by Martin Wong

Ink on paper, 1986

Preliminary sketch by Martin Wong

Ink on paper, 1986

Baird Jones by Martin Wong

Number 32, 1997: Victor Bockris

NIGHT Magazine cover

Night Magazine

Melle Mel, Baird Jones, Gary Indiana, Nazi Art

East Village Eye, Vol. 4 No. 25

East Village Eye, September 1982

Invitation to ‘Nachtklub Art” at Baja, 1988

Nachtclub card from Baird Jones exhibition Sold

Baird Jones