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Christy Rupp

Past Exhibition

Christy Rupp: Rats and Other Early Works, 1979 – 1983

Christy Rupp rat poster thumbnail

A lizard sprayed on the Wall Street Journal, 1982

They Only See Black and White

Spray paint on NY Times, 1981

Christy Reagan, Reagan Rat

Reagan Rat

Poster, Signed by Rupp, 1980

Times Square Show

“Animals Living In Cities,” ABC No Rio Poster, 1980

no rio animals

ABC No Rio

“Animals Living In Cities,” Fashion Moda Poster, 1979

Christy Rupp, “Animals Living In Cities,” Fashion Moda Poster, 1979

Fashion Moda

Silk Screen on T Shirt, 1979

2 Rats

Silk Screen on T Shirt, 1982


Spray stencil on copper foil, 1980

Rat Ornament

Wire, Concrete and Brick, 1980

Rubble Rat #2

Concrete and Brick, 1980

Rubble Rat #1

Cast Plaster, 1980

Rats from Times Square Show

Cast Plaster, 1979


Cast Plaster, 1979

Sitting Up

Cast Plaster, 1979


Cast Plaster, 1979

Jumping Down

Signed Photograph, 1979

Rats in Alley

poster, 1979

Rat Poster

The Path Of Nicaragua, Offset Poster, 1984

Christy Rupp

Christy Rupp, “Rat” Spray Stencil Tree Ornament, c. 1980-83

rat ornament by artist christy rupp

A. More Store

Tom Warren, Photo Portfolio COLAB Artists Portraits, 1981-1984

Portfolio of 14 photographs by Ton Warren of the COLAB collective


Photostat Enlargement of COLAB Members Contact List, c. 1984

Colab, Colab Members Contact List, Large Photostat Enlargement, c. 1980. Sold


Past Exhibition

Collecting COLAB: Ephemera, Photography & Multiples, 1978-1985

A collection of photographer Tom Warren's portraits of COLAB members

Thanksgiving 1980: Fashion Moda, Rudolf, Christy Rupp CF, Edit deAk, Gary Indiana

East Village Eye, Vol. 2 No. 15

East Village Eye, Thanksgiving 1980

A Book of Postcards, Colab, 1985

Greeting from NYC book of postcards by COLAB

Greetings from NYC

Reagan Rat, 1981

Christy Rupp

Rat T-Shirt, 1980

Christy Rupp, Rat T-Shirt, 1980

Christy Rupp

Teri Slotkin & Dick Miller, ed., First 3 Issues, 1978-1980

Spanner magazine collection

Spanner NYC