Gallery 98

Art Ephemera 1963 – 2001

Eric Mitchell

To learn more about Eric Mitchell and No Wave Film, see Gallery 98’s past exhibition, No Wave and Independent Film

Set of three photographs from Amos Poe's The Foreigner

Amos Poe, The Foreigner, Eric Mitchell in the Bondage Scene, 3 Film Stills, 1977

collection of photos of debbie harry on set

Amos Poe, The Foreigner, Debbie Harry & Eric Mitchell, 3 Film Stills from the Cigarette Scene, 1977

Amos Poe, "The Foreigner" - Photograph of Eric Mitchell, 1977

Amos Poe, The Foreigner, Photograph of Eric Mitchell, 1977

Kidnapped film poster

New Cinema, Eric Mitchell, Kidnapped, Poster, 1978

Underground USA poster

Underground U.S.A. film Screening, by Eric Mitchell, 1980

Red Italy film poster

Red Italy, a film by Eric Mitchell, poster for the opening, 1979