Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers alike. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries:

John Fekner

fron of public art fund newsletter with Anton van Dalen picture

Public Art Fund, Art and the Homeless, Newsletter, 1989

postcard for Semaphore show

Semaphore West – “Paintings, Sculpture, & Installations” , 1985

John Fekner City Squad, Concrete People, 12″ single in signed sleeve, 1986

John Fekner City Squad, “Rock Steady” b/w “2·4·5·7·9·11,” 12″ record in signed sleeve, 1983

Blue polo shirt by John Fekner with black stencil of a boy running

John Fekner, Running Boy, Spray Paint on Polo Shirt

Blue tshirt by John Fekner with a black stencil of a boy running

John Fekner, Shoreham Nuclear Power Station, Spray Paint on T-Shirt

Green t-shirt by John Fekner that says 'Danger Live Artist' in yellow letters

John Fekner, Danger! Live Artist, T-Shirt, 1980s

Yellow tshirt by John Fekner that says 'Danger Live Artist ' in black lettering

John Fekner, T-Shirt created for the Fashion Moda Store, Documenta 7, 1982


Fashion Moda, John Fekner, From the Monkey to the Monitor, Flyer, 1982

John Fekner, The Past, Spray Paint Stencil on C.V., signed, 1981

Fekner book cover

“Random Dates in Queens, N.Y.,” artist’s book, 1978

John Fekner, June 1970, Stencil, Late 1970s

John Fekner, Fall 1968, Stencil, Late 1970s

John Fekner, May 1922, Stencil, Late 1970s

John Fekner 1984 postcard

“1984—A Preview,” group exhibition announcement (Ronald Feldman Fine Arts), 1983

Bullet Space, John Fekner & Andrew Castrucci, We, the People, Exhibition Poster, 1991

Fekner poster slowdown children growing

John Fekner, “Slowdown Children Growing,” silkscreen print, from Your House Is Mine, 1990

John Fekner pink stencil

John Fekner, “Your Space Has Been Invaded,” 1982

John Fekner City Squad Album cover

John Fekner, Idioblast, 33 RPM Record, 1983-86

Berlin-New York Exhibition Catalogue - Colab, 1987

Colab, Fekner, Moore, Berlin – New York, Exhibition Catalogue, 1987

fashion moda fekner image

Fashion Moda, John Fekner, Decay, Flyer, 1980