Gallery 98

Art Ephemera 1963 – 2001

Linus Coraggio

a's sculpture garden card

A’s Sculpture Garden, Linus Coraggio, Invite on Acetate Card, 1988

Coraggio card for avenue b gallery - front

Avenue B Gallery, Linus Coraggio, Cherub With A Pitchfork, Card, 1984

Flyer for the Gas Station's anti-eviction party, 1995. Part of Gallery 98's

Gas Station (a.k.a. 2B), Anti-Eviction Party, Poster, 1995

Location poster

Gas Station (a.k.a. 2B), Available For Film Shoots And Party Rentals, Flyer

Welding studio ad for classes

Gas Station (a.k.a. 2B), Welding Classes, Flyer

Linus Corraggio scrapbook page

9 photos on scrapbook page document the Gas Station (a.k.a. 2B)

Space 2B poster open house

Linus Coraggio’s 2B hosted parties, exhibitions, and art flea markets.

Club 57 - Avant and Linus Coraggio "Recent 'Outstillations", 1980

Club 57, Avant and Linus Coraggio Recent Outstillations, 1980

front cover for Terminal Brochure

Brochure for group exhibition, 1983

Corraggio scrapbook page

After the 1st sculpture garden was demolished, a 2nd one was created a block away. Coraggio’s scrapbook page includes 9 photos.

Corraggio poster for Watts Tower

Signed woodcut print, made for a Rivington School benefit auction

Corraggio welding poster

Signed woodcut print, made for a Rivington School benefit auction

Corraggio photos

Four color photographs, assembled by Linus Coraggio

No Se No poster street art show

No Se No, Rivington School (II) Exhibition, Flyer signed by Linus Coraggio

Poster for Rivington School exhibition

No Se No, Rivington School Exhibition, Xerox flyer signed by Toyo, 1985

Rivington School Press Release

Press release announcing, “All the future group exhibitions planned by No Se No will be called, ‘The Rivington School.'”

Ray Kelly in Corraggio photo

Original color photograph, inscribed on back by Coraggio

A hand-cut and engraved color photograph by Linus Coraggio shows Ray Kelly's car illegally parked on Forsyth Street near the Rivington Sculpture Garden, c. 1987. Linus had welded the rack atop the car for transporting salvaged pieces of metal. The cut-out words "No Se No" refer to the social club where the Rivington School artists hung out.

No Se No, Linus Coraggio, Forsyth near Rivington Street, hand-cut photo inscribed by Coraggio


Original color photograph in front of Freddie the Dreamer gallery, Rivington Street, inscribed by Coraggio


A & P, Linus Coraggio Backstabbing—Distrust, Poster, 1985