Gallery 98

Art Ephemera 1963 – 2001

Neke Carson

To learn more about Neke Carson, see Gallery 98’s past exhibition, The Strange World of Neke Carson: Early Works, 1970-85

Ruth Marten and Neke Carson performance at Robert Freidus Gallery

Robert Freidus Gallery, Ruth Marten, Neke Carson, Laying on Hands, Flyer, 1978

poster for a photo cocktail party

Robert Freidus Gallery, Antonio Lopez, A Photo Cocktail Party, Flyer, 1979

Art Rectal realism

Works on Art and Rectal Realism

LaRocka Model photos, Wome, Girls

LaRocka Catalog, 1980

LaRocka Nightclub invitation, Neke Carson

LaRocka Invitation, 1980

poster for Carson's lottery drawing

Neke Carson Lottery Drawing, 1979

Neke Carson winner poster

Win $100, 1977, Poster

Neke Carson, Nude Model, High Society, Photograph by Anton Perich

Neke Carson Preps Model for Photo Shoot, 1975

Neke Carson, Fed Flintsone, Rectal Realist, Painting

Rectal Realist Portrait of Fred Flintstone, 1973

Neke Carson, Rectal realism, Painting, Warhol Portrait

Rectal Realism Documentation 1973 / 2013

Neke Carson, Art Therapy for Conceptual Artists, original book

Art Therapy for Conceptual Artists, 1972

Neke Carson, Bleeding Iceskater

Bleeding Ice Skater Picks Up Momentum, 1969

Neke Carson, Underwear for India, LaRocka Nightclub. Ganesha

La Rocka, Neke Carson, Underwear For India Benefit Party,” Folded Card, 1980

Neke Carson, Folded invitation for Life Drawing Classes

La Rocka, Neke Carson, Real Life Sketching Party, Card, 1981