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Stefan Eins

3 Mercer St. Store, Stefan Eins, Items under $5, Flyer, 1975

mercer bird fyer

“Items under $5,” exhibition invitation, c. 1975

Stefan Eins

“Hit the Hole,” exhibition invitation, c. 1977

Stefan Eins

Rope and Pulley, 1974

Stefan Eins

Portrait of Stefan Eins, photograph, c. 1987

kahane portrait of Stefan Eins

Lisa Kahane

“No War” a signed limited edition print; new work by Eins

Fashion Moda poster that says 'No War' in many languages


Enlarged photocopy signed by Eins of Gary Gilmore’s “Nicole,” 1980

photocopy of Stefan Eins drawing for Fashion Moda

Eins Work At Times Square Show

Gary Gilmore’s drawing of Nicole used on Fashion Moda poster/flyer, 1980

Gilmore Poster for Fashion Moda

Gary Gilmore Appropriated By Eins

Singular photostat made for a Fashion Moda poster, 1980

FashionModa poster photostat White Variation

Design Study For Poster

Poster featuring a sculpture by John Ahearn, 1980

fashion moda poster by Stefan Eins

Fashion Moda Poster

Fashion Moda poster, 1980

Flying Saucer

Invitation to a group show at 3 Mercer Store, c. 1975

mercer bird fyer

Items Under $5

Invitation for a participatory art exhibition At 3 Mercer, c. 1977.

Hit the Hole Card

Hit the Hole

Prototypes for Rotating Disks and Instruction Sheets, n.d.


Rotating Disks

Prototype model & working sketch for an “art product” by Eins, 1976

Cyclops Stefan Eins


Exhibition announcement and photograph of flying toy bird, c. 1976

Stefan Eins bird card

A Bird

Two (2) signed, cutout photographs of a conjuring trick, 1970s

Stefan Eins hand photo

Splitting The Thumb

Iron Crowbar And two (2) photographs showing Eins using Crowbar, 1974

Stefan Eins Crowbar

Crow Bar

Photographs of Pulleys from exhibition “kro-bar an(d) pul-e sa(a)l,” 1974

stefan eins pulley


Poster for exhibition of Crowbars and Pulleys, 1974

Kro-bar an(d) Pul-e…,

A poster for an exhibition at 3 Mercer Street Store, c. 1975

october 20

Creating Fog

Signage, c. 1975

3 mercer sinage stefan eins

3 Mercer Store

Signed poster promoting an early Eins multiple, c. 1970

Stefan Eins, “Eye-Extension,” 1975


6 snapshots documenting Eins’ early participatory sculpture, 1969

Stefan Eins snapshot


Past Exhibition

Stefan Eins: the Enigma Behind 3 Mercer Street and Fashion Moda, 1970-80

Stefan Eins profile picture

Photostat Enlargement of COLAB Members Contact List, c. 1984

Colab, Colab Members Contact List, Large Photostat Enlargement, c. 1980. Sold


Tales of Desire, Rudolf, Lynne Tillman, Air Graffiti, Stefan Eins

East Village Eye, Vol. 5 No. 34

East Village Eye, July 1983

“Portrait of Stefan Eins,” Cast Plaster Sculpture, 1979

John Ahearn, “Portrait of Stefan Eins,” Cast Plaster Sculpture, 1979

John Ahearn

Member List, c. 1979

List of COLAB members Sold


Stefan Eins, UFO Sighting Near Rio, Poster, 1976

UFO Poster

Stefan Eins

Kaleidoscope, 1976

Stefan Eins

Wind Up Bird That Flies, Photograph and Announcement, 1975

Stefan Eins

3 Mercer Street Store, Poster, 1975

Stefan Eins

Actual Iron Crowbar, 1974

Stefan Eins

Fashion Moda Poster, 1980


Stefan Eins

Fashion Moda Poster, 1980

Fashion Moda poster with a skull in the center

Stefan Eins

Fashion Moda Poster, 1985

Stefan Eins Fashion Moda Poster, 1985

Stefan Eins

Fashion Moda Newsletter May/June 1979

Fashion Moda - White long

Fashion Moda

T-Shirt created for the Fashion Moda Store, Documenta 7, 1982

red shirt with black lettering on the front for Fashion Moda Documenta 7 exhibition

Fashion Moda

T-Shirt created for the Fashion Moda Store, Documenta 7, 1982

black tshirt with white star on front for Documenta 7 store

Fashion Moda