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Andy Warhol


“Rain Dance” (Africa Emergency Fund benefit), flyer, 1985

New York Post, “ANDY WARHOL DEAD AT 58,” 1987

Invitation to first posthumous exhibition

Invitation to group exhibition at Barbara Braathen Gallery

Invitation for Fine Arts Building exhibition curated by Jeffrey Deitch

“Three Geniuses,” “Keith Haring vs. Mark Kostabi,” “The Nostalgic Nineties,” 1980s–90s

Two invitations to Milk Bar exhibitions, 1988

Cover story and photo feature by Baird, 1987


June 1975: Dennis Oppenheim, Andy Warhol, Colette

“Paintings” (Poster, 1985)

Colette, James Romberger, Andy Warhol; Issue No. 5, 1991

Andy Warhol’s Interview, Issue No. 30, 1973

Issue No. 8, September, 1985

Invitation to ‘Nachtklub Art” at Baja, 1988