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Gallery 98

Fernando Natalici

3 Photographs of Eric Mitchell in Bondage Scene from Amos Poe’s “The Foreigner,” 1977

Photograph of Anya Phillips, 1977

3 Photographs, Eric Mitchell, Bondage Scene, 1977

Photograph of Debbie Harry, 1977

3 Photographs, Debbie Harry & Eric Mitchell, Cigarette Scene, 1977

Photograph of Eric Mitchell, 1977

Photograph of Duncan Hannah and Amos Poe, 1976

Eleven (11) Invitations designed by Fernando Natalici, 1984-86

Photograph of Eric Mitchell in Amos Poe’s “The Foreigner,” 1977

3 Photographs of Debbie Harry & Eric Mitchell in Cigarette Scene, from Amos Poe’s “The Foreigner,” 1977