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Gallery 98

Guerrilla Girls

“What Do These Men Have in Common?” Offset print, 1995

Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. Museum, 1989


Announcement for Public Art Fund billboard project

Poster for group exhibition at Palladium

John Waters, October 1986

Risking Her Life For Governments that Enslave Women, 1991

George Bush, “The Education President,” 1991

Guerrilla Girls’ Identities Exposed!, 1990

Guerrilla Girls’ Definition of a Hypocrite, 1990

Do Women Have to be Naked To Get Into The Met. Museum, 1989

Guerrilla Girls Urge Drastic N.E.A. Cuts!, 1989

Relax Senator Helms The Art World Is Your Kind of Place, 1989

What’s Fashionable. Prestigious and Tax-Deductible, 1987

We Sell White Bread, 1987

Curators Under Surveillance this Year, 1986

Guerilla Girls Hits List of Galleries and Critics, 1986

Dearest Art Collector, It Has Come To Our Attention…,1986

Guerilla Girls’ Report Card,1986

Hidden Agender & Passing the Bucks, 1986

John Russell Thinks Things Are Getting Better For Women Artists, 1985

Past Exhibition

Guerrilla Girls: Feminist Street Posters, 1985-1991

Women Artists Earn Only 1/3 Of What Men Artists Do, 1985

How Many Women Had One-Person Exhibitions At NYC Museums, 1985

These Galleries Show No More Than 10% Women Artists, 1985

Showing in Galleries That Discriminate Against Women Artists, 1985

Guerrilla Girls’ Definition of a Hypocrite Poster, 1990

Poster (1985)