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Gallery 98

John Fekner

“Paintings, Sculpture, & Installations” exhibition announcement, Semaphore West, 1985

“1984—A Preview,” group exhibition announcement (Ronald Feldman Fine Arts), 1983

Announcement for ART/new york video

Invitation to group exhibition at Fashion Moda

“We, the People,” exhibition poster, designed by John Fekner and Andrew Castrucci, 1991

“Slowdown Children Growing,” silkscreen print, from Your House Is Mine, 1990


“Your Space Has Been Invaded,” 1982

Three 33 rpm Records with Picture Sleeves, “Rocksteady,” “Idioblast,” and “Concrete People,” 1983-86

Colab, 1987


Graffiti Exhibition, Fashion Moda Poster, 1980


“Decay” Fashion Moda flyer, 1980