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Keith Haring


“Rain Dance” (Africa Emergency Fund benefit), flyer, 1985


Butterfly, unusual promotional item, 1984


“Post-Graffiti” catalogue, 1983

“Graffiti/Post-Graffiti” announcement, 1984 (Lady Pink, Basquiat, Rammellzee, Keith Haring)

Poster for exhibition at Tony Shafrazi Gallery

Invitation to group exhibition at Barbara Braathen Gallery

Announcement for ART/new york video

Poster for exhibition at Fun Gallery

Untitled ’84: The Art World in the Eighties, Book, 1984

“Three Geniuses,” “Keith Haring vs. Mark Kostabi,” “The Nostalgic Nineties,” 1980s–90s

Three invitations: East Village art, COLAB women, and “South Bronx Fantasies,” 1987

Cover story and photo feature by Baird, 1987

“For Maria, June 1985” (Postcard)

NY Talk Magazine, June 1986

Keith Haring & William S. Burroughs at Charles Lucien Gallery, 1990

“A Diamond Hidden in the Mouth of a Corpse,” Various Artists LP, 1985

Combination Poster / Catalog for Haring’s “Pop Shop,” 1988

Keith Haring at Tony Shafrazi Gallery, 1988

“Crawling Baby” Pinback, 1986

Shopping Bag from Haring’s “Pop Shop,” 1985

“New Music Distribution Service” Catalog, 1986

“New York Is Book Country,” 1985

“Dance On The Lower East Side,” 1983

“The Comic Art Show,” Whitney Museum – Downtown Branch, 1983

“Keith Haring: Into 84” at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery, 1983

Keith Haring at Tony Shafrazi Gallery, 1983

Keith Haring at Tony Shafrazi Gallery, 1983

Keith Haring at Fun Gallery, 1983

Keith Haring at Fun Gallery, 1983

BIPO, “Life is Fresh, Crack is Whack,” 33rpm Vinyl Record, 1987

Emanon, “The Baby Beat Box,” 33rpm Vinyl Record, 1986

Sylvester, “Someone Like You,” 33rpm Vinyl Maxi-Single, 1986

Malcolm McLaren, “Duck Rock,” 45rpm Vinyl Record, 1983

David Bowie “Without You,” 45rpm Vinyl Record, 1983

“Keith Haring’s Third Annual Party of Life” at Palladium, 1986

Birthday Party for Juan Dubose at Area, 1982

First Edition Of Haring’s First Book; Contains An Original Drawing, 1981

Past Exhibition

Keith Haring Ephemera, 1979 -1990

Haring Handout From The Time of His Westbeth Exhibition, 1981


Keith Haring, Rammellzee interview

Keith Haring Feature, June, 1986

Invitation to ‘Nachtklub Art” at Baja, 1988

“Drawings” (Poster, 1982)

Poster (1982)

Poster for the Kutztown Connection Benefit Performances, 1984

Keith Haring at Fun Gallery, Poster, 1983

Keith Haring at Tony Shafrazi Gallery, 1988

Birthday Party for DJ Larry Levan at Paradise Garage, 1986

KEITH HARING, ‘Third Annual Party of Life,” Invitation Printed on Disco Shorts, 1986


Invitation by KEITH HARING for DJ LARRY LEVAN Birthday Bash, 1986