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Gallery 98

Neke Carson

Works on Art and Rectal Realism

LaRocka Catalog, 1980

LaRocka Invitation, 1980

Underwear for India, 1980

Neke Carson Lottery Drawing, 1979

Win $100, 1977, Poster

Neke Carson Preps Model for Photo Shoot, 1975

Rectal Realist Portrait of Fred Flintstone, 1973

Rectal Realism Documentation 1973 / 2013

Art Therapy for Conceptual Artists, 1972

Trampoline Made Out of Hung Bodies, 1972

Chair That Pumps Blood, 1970

Scalps of Famous Presidents, 1970

Waterbug Vibrating Lifepreserver, 1970

Cross Dressing, 1969

Bleeding Ice Skater Picks Up Momentum, 1969

Past Exhibition

The Strange World of Neke Carson: Early Works, 1970-85

NEKE CARSON, Invitation for “Underwear for India Benefit Party,” 1980

NEKE CARSON, Invitation for “Real Life Sketching Party,” 1981