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ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s


Explore by venue and themes. Grouped by galleries, nightclubs, performers, media, art movements, politics and themes of identity.

New Items

Ana Mendieta AIR

A.I.R. Gallery, Ana Mendieta, Silueta Series, Card, 1979

troy Brauntuch kitchen

Kitchen, Troy Brauntuch, An Exhibition, Card, 1979

walter de maria heiner friedrich

Heiner Friedrich, Walter De Maria, The Broken Kilometer, Card, 1979

Julian Pretty Walter Robinson

Julian Pretto Gallery, Walter Robinson, Card, 1987

robert frank light gallery

LIGHT Gallery, Robert Frank, Unpublished Vintage Prints, Folded Card, 1981

arakawa ronald feldman fine arts

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Arakawa, Card, 1979

eleanor antin before the revolution the kitchen

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, The Kitchen, Eleanor Antin, Before the Revolution, Card, 1979

jacob lawrence brooklyn museum

Brooklyn Museum, Jacob Lawrence, American Painter, Folded Card, 1987

AIR Disband Martha Wilson

AIR, Martha Wilson, Ingrid Sischy, Disband, Card, 1979

keith haring salvatore ala

Salvatore Ala, Keith Haring, Card, 1984

cable gallery christopher wool

CABLE, Christopher Wool, Card, 1984

art rite issue 17

Art Rite Magazine, Walter Robinson & Edit deAk, Issue #17 Letter from the Editors, 1977

richard serra gagosian

Gagosian Gallery, Richard Serra, New Sculpture and Drawings, Folded Card, 1991

ppow erika rothenberg

P.P.O.W, Erika Rothenberg, America, the Perfect Country, Card, 1990

john turturro franklin furnace

Franklin Furnace, John Turturro, The Apportist and Summer Lander, Card, 1980

kenny Scharf tony shafrazi

Tony Shafrazi, Kenny Scharf, Poster, 1986

laurie anderson holly solomon

Holly Solomon Gallery, Laurie Anderson, Dark Dogs, American Dreams, Poster, 1980

clayton patterson tompkins square park police riots press release

Clayton Patterson, Signed Press Release, 1988

Keith haring philip glass kutztown new arts program

Kutztown New Arts Program, Keith Haring, Jon Gibson, Philip Glass, Fall Newsletter, 1987

Mudd club newsletter

Mudd Club, Summer Newsletter, 1979

max's kansas city auction handwritten price estimates

Max’s Kansas City, Carl Andre, de Kooning, Lichtenstein, Serra, Warhol, Auction Booklet, 1971

M. Henry Jones Soul City

M. Henry Jones, Soul City Animation, Signed Cut-Out Photo Print, 1977

M. Henry Jones Soul City

M. Henry Jones, Soul City Cut-Out from Master Shot, Signed Photo Print, 1977

M. Henry Jones Soul City

M. Henry Jones, ‘Soul City’Animation, Guitar Cut-Out Test, Signed Photograph, 1978

gig mag debby harry

Gig Magazine, France, Debby Harry, 18-Page Issue, 1980

mudd club

Mudd Club, Cookie Muller, Cris Kraus, Here’s Mudd in Your Ears, Flyer, 1981

collective keith haring steve mass lower manhattan drawing show

77 White Street Gallery, Mudd Club, Keith Haring, Steve Mass, Lower Manhattan Drawing Show, Press Release, 1981

sleepwalk sara driver tunnel

Tunnel, Sara Driver, Sleepwalk, Card, 1987

aztec mayan calendar tunnel nightclub

Tunnel, Harmonic Convergence Aztec and Mayan Calendar Party, Folded Card, 1987

John Giorno Franklin Furnace

Franklin Furnace, John Giorno, I Resigned Myself to Being Here, Card, 1980

recording shigeo anzai the kitchen

Kitchen, Shigeo Anzai, Laurie AndersonRecording, Card, 1979

New Used and Improved Holzer Bidlo Haring Kruger

Robert Berman Gallery, Bidlo, Crash, Daze, Haring, Holzer, Kruger, New, Used & Improved, Card, 1988

A's Gallery Alan Suicide and Y Pants

A’s Gallery, Alan Suicide, Y Pants, New Years Eve Party, Flyer, 1979

Cindy Sherman The Kitchen Untitled film Stills

Kitchen, Cindy Sherman, Untitled Film Stills, Card, 1980

the collective jenny holzer coleen fitzgibbon levine

The Collective, Coleen Fitzgibbon, Jenny Holzer, Scott and Beth B, Event Invitation, 1979

Carl Andre John Weber Gallery

John Weber Gallery, Carl Andre, Wood & Metal Sculpture 1960-1975, Exhibition Map and Item List, 1976

Clayton Patterson

Clayton Patterson, Famous Tattoo Artist Name Tattooed on Leg, Signed Color Photo Print

Roger Lannes de Montebello Crystalchrome

Roger Lannes de Montebello, The “Crystalchrome” Process, Pamphlet

clayton patterson vest pocket gallery

Vest Pocket Gallery, Clayton Patterson, Signed Press Release Flyer, 1994

clayton patterson cbgb 313 gallery

CBGB 313 Gallery, Clayton Patterson, Tattoo Contest, Card, 1993

Clayton Pattterson

Pyramid Club, Tattoo Society of New York, Clayton Patterson, March Photo Contest Invite, c. 1990’s

clayton patterson limelight

Limelight, Clayton Patterson, Card, 1987

Clayton Patterson Hats Juan Dubose A Head Wear Affair

Clayton Patterson (aka Clayton Hats) & Juan Dubose, A Head Wear Affair, Card and Business Card, 1986

here we go again clayton patterson riot tape

Clayton Patterson, Riot Tape Protest, Card, 1989

clayton patterson baird jones

Clayton Patterson, Baird Jones, Award Ceremony Invitation, Card, 1989

jack smith sinblad glick

Sinbad Glick (aka Jack Smith), Business Cards, circa 1980’s

jack smith sinblad glick

Jack Smith, Business Cards, circa 1980’s

john sex pyramid club

Pyramid, John Sex, Elegant Sleaze, Card, 1980’s

Jean-Michel Basquiat Robert Miller Gallery Sketchbook

Robert Miller Gallery, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Works in Black and White, Folded Card, 1994

Yvonne séguy Gallery Ana Mendieta

Yvonne Séguy Gallery, Ana Mendieta, Amategrams and Photographs, Card, 1982