Gallery 98

Art Ephemera from the 1970s – 1990s


New Items

Grommets poster

537 Broadway, Grommets 4, Poster, 1977

Nicole Eisenman poster for Jack Tilton Gallery

Jack Tilton Gallery, Nicole Eisenman, Poster, 1994

Tellus poster for COLAB

Colab, TELLUS Audio Cassette Magazine, Poster, 1984

Rick Prol poster

Greenwich Auction Room, Rick Prol, Poster, 1986

Jackson MacLow concert poster

Jackson Mac Low, Retrospective Concert, Poster, 1982

Margaret Kilgallen for Deitch Projects

Deitch Projects, Margaret Kilgallen, To Friend + Foe, Poster, 1999

Chuck Close for Bykert Gallery, 1973

Bykert Gallery, Chuck Close, Poster, 1973

Faith Ringgold poster for Studio Museum in Harlem

Studio Museum in Harlem, Faith Ringgold, Poster, 1984

Rene Ricard poster for Petersburg Gallery 1990

Petersburg, Rene Ricard, 1989 PAINTINGS 1990, Poster, 1990

Richard Avedon poster for MTSU of Andy Warhol

MTSU Photography Gallery, Richard Avedon, Andy Warhol, Poster

Ida Applebroog poster for the Whitney Museum

Whitney Museum, Ida Applebroog, Poster, 1978

Joan Jonas poster for Anthology Film Archives

Anthology Film Archives, Joan Jonas, Mirage of Phantom Knot, Poster, 1976

Joseph Beuys poster for FIU

Free International University, Joseph Beuys, Poster, 1978

Joseph Beuys poster 1978

Free International University, Joseph Beuys, Poster, 1978

larry Clark poster for Robert Freidus Gallery

Robert Freidus Gallery, Larry Clark, Tulsa, Poster, 1979

mary Heilmann poster for Holly Solomon Gallery

Holly Solomon Gallery, Mary Heilmann, Poster, 1979

Otterness poster for Artists Space and Fashion Moda

Artists Space & Fashion Moda, Tom Otterness, Otterness Objects, Poster, 1979

Rick Prol poster for Ham Bromm

Hal Bromm Gallery & B-Side Gallery, Rick Prol, Poster, 1984

Kostabi for Hal Bromm Gallery - solo show poster

Hal Bromm, Mark Kostabi, Poster, 1984

Kostabi Hal Bromm poster

Hal Bromm Gallery, Mark Kostabi, Climbing: The East Village, Poster, 1984