Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers alike. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries:


Explore by venue and themes. Grouped by galleries, nightclubs, performers, media, art movements, politics and themes of identity.

New Items

Bess Cutler Gallery, Bill Ward …, Ha-Cha-Cha! Pin-up and Glamour Art: Past, Present and Beyond, Card, 1993

Bess Cutler Gallery, Roger Waters and Gerald Scarfe, Pink Floyd The Wall, Card, 1995

56 Bleeker Gallery, Taylor Mead, Penny Arcade, Gary Indiana, Jackie Curtis …, Glamour, Glory & Gold, Card, 1987

56 Bleeker Gallery, Taylor Mead, Frank O’Hara …, The General Returns from One Place to Another, Card, 1987

Bess Cutler Gallery, R. Crumb, Drawings & Sculptures, Card, 1995

Cable Gallery, Alan Belcher, Card, 1985

Artetindustrie, Fred W. McDarrah, Gay Pride: A Stonewall Anniversary, Card, 1997

Baskerville + Watson Gallery, Schema: Drawings & Photographs, Card, 1987

Baskerville + Watson, Mike Kelly & Mary Woronov, Kappa by Bruce & Norman Yonemoto, Card, 1986

Lan Payne, Paintings, Organized by Diego Cortez, Card, 1977

Lucio Pozzi, Pink Eye, A Photo Installation Organized by Diego Cortez, Card, 1977

Hal Bromm Gallery, Ten with Jody Pinto, Rick Prol, Grace Graupe-Pillard …, Folded Poster, 1986

Hal Bromm, Jody Pinto, Hoodoo Saints and Martyrs: A Performance on Stilts, Folded Mailer, 1985

A’s at S.N.A.F.U., Arleen Schloss, Claire Fergusson, Phoebe Legere …, A Performance Art Performance, Flyer

Hal Bromm Gallery, Rick Prol, Chicago Art Fair Announcment Flyer, 1985

Galerie Daniel Templon, Keith Haring, Card, 1986

Greathouse, Kathryn Zoe Leonard, Photographs, Card with Envelope, 1985

E. M. Donahue Gallery, Marguerite Van Cook and James Romberger, Collaborations, Card, 1987

The Gallery, Manipulation and Photography, Card, 1990

Christminster Fine Arts, Lynda Benglis, Peter Halley …, Card, 1984

Brooke Alexander, Robert Longo, Men in the Cities, Card, 1985

Baskerville + Watson, Carroll Dunham, Paintings, Folded Card, 1985

Hal Bromm, Second Location Gallery Opening Announcement, Card, 1984

BlumHelman, Roy Lichtenstein, Pop Masterpieces 1961-1964, Card, 1987

Baskerville + Watson, Richard Prince, Card, 1984

Christminster, Darrel Ellis, Bill Rice …, Card, 1985

Anne Plumb Gallery, Melancholy, Card, 1987

The Other Gallery, Gallery Opening Announcement, Card

Barbara Gladstone Gallery, Joyce Kozloff, Projects and Proposals, Card, 1982

Brooke Alexander, Judy Rifka, Works on Paper, Card, 1987

Brooke Alexander, Judy Rifka, Card, 1985

Brooke Alexander, Rudy Burckhardt, Recent Photographic Works, Card, 1987

Brooke Alexander Inc, Judy Rifka, New Paintings, Card, 1984

Brooke Alexander, Tom Otterness, Card, 1990

Brooke Alexander, Tom Otterness, New Sculpture, Folded Card, 1987

Brooke Alexander, Jane Dickson, Card, 1986

Brooke Alexander Inc, Jane Dickson, Works on Paper 1983-1984, Card, 1985

Barbara Gladstone Gallery, Alan Vega, Card, 1983

Barbara Gladstone Gallery, Notification of Gallery Name Change, Card, 1979

Baskerville + Watson, Peter Fend, General Idea, Laurie Simmons …, <>The International Show, Card, 1984

Christminster Gallery, Paint-By-Numbers From the Collection of Peter Deaett, Cover Drawing by Jan Hashey, Card, 1985

Anne Plumb Gallery, Dennis Oppenheim…, Inaugural Exhibition, Card, 1985

Anne Plumb Gallery, Christopher Wool …, Card, 1985

Anne Plumb Gallery, Laurie Lambrecht, Photographs, Card, 1991

Christminster Gallery, Allen Frame, Card, 1985

Stux Gallery, Cary S. Leibowitz / Candyass, Worlds Best Fried Chicken, Poster, 1989

E. M. Donahue Gallery, Neo . Néw . Now . Now, Group Exhibition Card, Photo of Warhol by Baird Jones, 1987

Barbara Gladstone Gallery, Nancy Arlen, Judy Pfaff …, Canal Street, Group Show Card, 1979

David Ebony Gallery, Fine Arts Building, Marcel Just, Card, 1977


Hal Bromm, Grace Graupe-Pillard, Card, 1984