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ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

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Marlene Dumas

Exhibition In Progress

Photo credit: Paul Andriesse

Marlene Dumas, Unsatisfied Desire, Card, Paul Andriesse Gallery (NL), 1983


Marlene Dumas, The Personal = Political, Card, Gemeentemuseum Arnhem (NL), 1984

Group Show with Marlene Dumas, Sigmar Polke, Gerhard Richter And Others, Card, Jule Werner Gallery (Germany), 1984

Marlene Dumas, The Eyes Of The Night Creatures, Card, Paul Andriesse Gallery (NL), 1985

Marlene Dumas, The Private Versus The Public, Card, Paul Andriesse Gallery (NL), 1987

Marlene Dumas, Waiting (for meaning), Card, Kunsthalle zu Kiel (Germany), 1988

Marlene Dumas, Waiting For Meaning, Card, Paul Andriesse Gallery (NL), 1988

Marlene Dumas, I Am Not In The Country, Calling Card, 1988

Marlene Dumas, In Praise of Being Drunk, Dommelsch Brewery, Drink Coaster, Cafe Schiller Amsterdam, 1992

Marlene Dumas, Insights, Card, AXENEO-7 (Canada), 1992

Marlene Dumas, Miss Interpreted, Card, Institute of Contemporary Art (Pennsylvania), 1993

Marlene Dumas, Black Drawings (1991-92), Card, Goldie Paley Gallery (Pennsylvania), 1993

Marlene Dumas, Female, 7 Page Booklet, 1993

Marlene Dumas, Card, Kunst-Station Sankt Peter Koln (Germany), 1994

Marlene Dumas, Not From Here, Card, Jack Tilton Gallery, 1994

Marlene Dumas, Models, Card, Portikus (Germany), 1995

Marlene Dumas, Love Hurts, Card, Stampa Gallery (Switzerland), 1995

Marlene Dumas, Magdalena 2, Card, Tate Modern (London), 1996

Miss Interpreted (Marlene Dumas): A Film by Rudolf Evenhuis and Joost Verhey, Card, MM Produkties, 1997

Marlene Dumas, Dangerous Women Defeated Men, Set of Playing Cards, 1998

Marlene Dumas, Miss World, Card, Paul Andriesse Gallery (NL), 1998

Toile: Body Representations, Works on Cover by Marlene Dumas and Rei Kawakubo, Pamphlet, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen (NL), 1998

Marlene Dumas, In Conversation With Barbara Bloom, Card, Art Book (NL), 1999

Marlene Dumas, Drawing Thinking, Group Show With Artists From Ireland, RHA Gallagher Gallery (Ireland), 1999

Marlene Dumas, The Jewish Nose Doesn’t Exist/The Black Man Is Tired (1990), Card, Paul Andriesse Gallery at Art Basel 30, 1999

Marlene Dumas, MD, Card, Camden Arts Center (London), 2000

Marlene Dumas, Name no Names, Card, Paul Andriesse Gallery (NL), 2001

Marlene Dumas, An African Mickey Mouse (1999), Courtesy of Paul Andriesse, Edition 5, Promotional Postcard, 2001

Marlene Dumas, Things Men Do; A Beauty; Crotch; A Cigarette Before and After, Courtesy of Paul Andriesse, Edition 5, Promotional Postcard, 2001

Marlene Dumas, All Is Fair In Love And War, Card, Jack Tilton/Anna Kustera Gallery (NL), 2001

Tronies Marlene Dumas and The Old Masters, Card, Haus der Kunst (Germany), 2004

Marlene Dumas, It Is Very Simple Eros Is About Coming and Death About Going Somewhere, Foldout Brochure, The Armory Show, 2004

Marlene Dumas, Man Kind, 35 Page Exhibition Catalogue and Card, Paul Andriesse Gallery (NL), 2006

Marlene Dumas, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Card, Zeno X Gallery (Belgium), 2008

Marlene Dumas, Measuring Your Own Grave, Folded Card, The Menil Collection (Houston), 2009

Tronies Marlene Dumas and The Old Masters, Card, Haus der Kunst (Germany), 2010

Marlene Dumas, A Happy End Dulls The Viewer, Card, Paul Andriesse Gallery (NL), 2012

Marlene Dumas, The Image As Burden, Double Sided Two-Fold Pamphlet, Stedelijk Museum (NL), 2014

Marlene Dumas, The Image As Burden, Fold Out Brochure with Poster, Stedelijk Museum (NL), 2015

Marlene Dumas, Photo of Marlene Dumas and Paul Andriesse by Ton van Summeren, Card, Paul Andriesse Gallery (NL), 1990

Paul Andriesse, Marlene Dumas and Helena, Card, Art Unlimited Amsterdam, 1989

Paul Andriesse, Marlene Dumas, Photograph

Paul Andriesse, Marlene Dumas, Photograph