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New Additions

Clit Club, The Origin of Dyke Nightlife in NYC, Card

clit club card

Danceteria, The East Village Look – Again!, Folded Card, 1984

East Village Look - again front of card

Black Flag, Vintage Sticker

Black flag sticker

Tompkins Square Park Riot, Youth Defense Campaign, Condemn Police Violence, Flyer, 1988

poster for public meeting regarding tompkins square park riot

Charles Green Center for Film Arts, M. Henry Jones, Works in Progress, Poster

CBGB, The Erasers, Flyer, 1977

CBGB poster for The Erasers

Cat Club, John Kelly, Paved Paradise, Folded Card, 1985

John Kelly Paved Paradise card for The Cat Club - front

Nerlino Gallery, Miles Davis, Paintings, 3 Fold Brochure, 1991

Miles Davis exhibition booklet - front

Tomoko Liguori Gallery, David LaChapelle, Facility of Movement, Card, 1991

David LeChapelle's card for Tomoko Laguori exhibition - front

Semaphore Gallery, Robert Colescott, Exhibition Booklet, 1983

robert colescott booklet for Semaphore exhibition - front

Semaphore Gallery, Robert Colescott, Card, 1983

Robert Colescott postcard for Semaphore Gallery exhibition - front

303 Gallery, David Lachapelle, Card, 1984

angels saints martyrs postcard for 303 gallery front

BAM, Robert Wilson and Philip Glass, the CIVIL warS, Playbill, 1986

the CIVIL warS BAM playbill - front

Kembra Pfahler, Painting, Inscribed On Back

Kembra Pfahler painting front

Yoko Ono, Gun Control Billboard, Card, 2000

Yoko Ono postcard

Public Art Fund, Barbara Kruger, Card, 1991

front of Kruger's PSA: Public Service Art installation

Public Art Fund, Gran Fury, Women Don’t Get AIDS They Just Die From It, Card, 1991

PSA: Public Service Art postcard front

Public Art Fund, General Idea, AIDS, Card, 1989

Public Art Fund front postcard with General Idea AIDS

Public Art Fund, Spectracolor Lightboard in Times Square, Jeffery Pittu, Card, 1988

Pittu front for Public Art Fund postcard

Kwok, Stamp and India Ink on Paper, 1981

Kwok ink on paper

Roxy, John Blair Presents Muscles On Wheels, Postcard, 1980s

Muscle on Wheels flyer

Kwok, Epoxy Art Group at Red Spot Outdoor Slideshow, Card, 1981

front of Erotica invitation featuring original Kwok artwork

Barbara Ess – Silver Gelatin Black and White photograph

silver gelatin photograph by artist Barbara Ess

The Life Cafe – Amiri Baraka, John Farris – Flyer 1982

A flyer for an event at The Life Cafe

Semaphore, Semaphore Walkout! Artist Statement By Mike Cockrill, 1986

Front Cover of Mike Cockrill's Semaphore walk out zine

Mike Cockrill/Judge Hughes