Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers alike. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries:

New Additions

Gagosian Gallery, Ellen Gallagher, Blubber, Catalogue, 2001

Studio Stefania Miscetti, Nancy Spero, BLUE, Catalogue, 2009

ARTnews Magazine, Jeff Koons, April 1993

Elga Wimmer PCC, Carolee Schneemann, Known/Unknown Plague Column, Card and Text for Installation, 1996

Thomas Erben Gallery, Lyle Ashton Harris, The White Face Series, Folded Card, 1997

Promotional Material for DETAILS Magazine, Poster for the Magazines Third Birthday at The Palldium, June 1985

The Kitchen, Jack Goldstein, Two Fencers, Folded Poster, 1978

The Kitchen, Boyce Dances, Johanna Boyce, Robert Gober, Out of the Ordinary, Card, 1981

The Kitchen, Ralston Farina, Aleatoire Je Ne Sais Quoi, Card, 1980

The Main Street Press, Bill Cunningham, Facades, Book, SIGNED, 1978

Interview Magazine, Keanu Reeves & River Phoenix, Cover by Bruce Weber, November 1991

Fashion Moda, Documenta 7, Press Release, 1982


Artforum, Sue Williams cover, Jean-Michel Basquiat article with text by Thomas Mcevilley, Magazine, November 1992

Studio Alchymia, Il Mobile Infinito, Francesco Clemente, Ettore Sottsass, Mauro Panzeri, Catalogue – Press Release – Card, 1981

Jerry Dreva, Death Wish 77 (Razorblade Cross Photocollage), Signed Mail Art, 1977


L’attico Sala Borromini, India – America Musica E Danza, Joan Jonas, Charlemagne Palestine, La Monte Young, Magazine, 1977

Tony Shafrazi Gallery, William S. Burroughs, Poster, 1988

The Photo Center Gallery, Photographs, Rosalind Solomon, Folded Card, 1984

Etherton Gallery, Twentieth Century American Photographs, Diane Arbus, Card, 1984

Josef Gallery, Art & Anomie, Donald Baechler, David Salle, Laurie Simmons, Card, 1982

Lunn Gallery, Robert Frank, Card, 1979

Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Narratives, Eleanor Antin, Card, 1982

Mary Anthony Galleries, Synaesthesia, Ronnie Cutrone, SIGNED Catalogue, 1992

Malmö Konsthall, New Media 1, Baldessari, Becher, Ruscha, Catalogue, 1975

Hal Bromm Gallery, Mark Kostabi, Climbing: The East Village, Poster, 1984

Wojnarowicz exhibition poster for Hal Bromm Gallery

Hal Bromm Gallery, David Wojnarowicz, Flyer, 1983

Fashion Moda, John Fekner, “Reagan en el Sur del Bronx,” Signed Xerox Poster, 1980

Details Magazine, Vol. 4 No. 1, 1985/06 (June)

DETAILS Magazine, Vol. 3 No. 10, 1985/05 (May), East Village Guide


Inverleith House and Edwin A. Ulrich Museum of Art, Theories of the Decorative, Philip Taaffe, Catalogue, 1977

Salvatore Ala Gallery, Antony Gormley, Catalogue, 1984

Comme des Garcons, Six / Sixth Sense, Number 2, Magazine, 1988

Comme des Garcons, Six / Sixth Sense, Number 1, Magazine, 1988

Gagosian Gallery, Andy Warhol, Shadow Paintings, Intro by Julian Schnabel, Catalogue, 1989

ArtForum, Larry Clark, KIDS, Magazine, May 1995

ArtForum, 2 Issues featuring Famous Advertisements by Judy Chicago, Magazine, Oct & Dec 1970

Real Life Magazine, editor: Thomas Lawson, Autumn 1994

Arts Magazine, Avedon / Warhol Advertisement, September 1975

The Feminist Art Journal, Lee Krasner, Zelda Fitzgerald, Viveca Lindfors, Magazine, Spring 1975


Cyrus Gallery, Howardena Pindell: Autobiography, Catalogue and Press Release, 1989

Marisa Del Re Gallery, Arman, The Day After, Catalogue, 1984

Flash Art, Julian Schnabel, #130, October/November 1986

Galerie Barbara Farber, Richard Hambleton, Brochure/Folded Poster, 1984

New York Post, Andy Warhol, Dead at 58, Newspaper, 1987

The Cottage, McDermott & McGough, Schnabel, Baechler, Magazine, 1990

Angel Hair Books, Alice Notley, Incidentals in The Day World, Cover by Philip Guston, Poetry Book, 1973

Pat Hearn Gallery, Mary Boone Gallery, Philip Taaffe, Catalogue and Card, 1989

Pasadena Art Museum, Serial Imagery, Text by John Coplans, Book, 1968


Powerhouse, a Center for Women Artists in Montreal, Booklet, c. 1970s

SIGNED, Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol from A to B & Back Again, First Edition, Book, 1975


Feigen Incorporated, James Rosenquist, Target Practice, Catalogue, 1996

Städtische Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Marcel Broodthaers, Catalogue, 1972

Limelight, Grace Jones, Conan the Destroyer, Card, 1984

Limelight, H.R. Giger, Ridley Scott, DUNE, Folded Card, 1984

AREA, Annina Nosei, Stephen Mueller, Card, 1984

Tunnel, John Sex, Haoui Montaug, David Burns, “Club She,” Folded Card, 1987

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Black Art Ancestral Legacy: The African Impulse in African-American Art, Press Kit with Photo, Handout, and Object List, 1991

MoMA, “‘Primitivism’ In 20th Century Art,” Press Kit with Photos and Press Releases; also Artforum Nov. 1984 with critical essay by Thomas McEvilley

Art & Project, “New Works by Francesco Clemente,” Folded Brochure, 1980/1981

Sperone Westwater/Mary Boone Gallery, Francesco Clemente, Oversized Card, 1983

G. E. Sperone, Francesco Clemente, Card, 1979


University of Iowa Museum of Art, Robert Longo, “Dis-Illusions,” Catalogue, 1985

Flash Art (Italy), Keith Haring, Yves Klein, Arte Povera, Magazine, March 1984


Anna Polerica, Alan Vega, 100,000 Watts of Fat City, text by Vega, Henry Rollins, and Julian Schnabel, Catalogue, 1998

MoMA, INFORMATION, Hans Haacke, Sol Lewitt, Yoko Ono, Joseph Beuys, Catalogue, 1970

Kestner-Gesellschaft, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Das Zeichnerische Werk, Text by Keith Haring, Catalogue, 1989

Centro per l’arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato, Julian Schnabel, Cheers to an Empty Glass, Catalogue, 1989

SF MoMA, Christopher Wool, New Work, Catalogue, 1989

Anton Kern Gallery, Andy Warhol, Abstract Paintings, Catalogue, 1998

Trylon & Perisphere, Gregory Battcock, Jimmy de Sana, Newsprint Magazine, February 1978


Anthony d’Offay Gallery, Sandro Chia, Draught of Dr. Jekyll, Book, 1981

Festival of Lesbian and Gay Film, Catalogue, 1989

Whitney Museum, Lee Krasner, Large Paintings, Marcia Tucker, Catalogue, 1972

Holly Solomon Gallery, The First Two Years, Catalogue, 1975

John Weber Gallery, Dorothea Rockburne, Catalogue, 1978

Marlborough Gallery, Richard Avedon, Catalogue, 1975


Civilian Warfare, Greer Lankton, SIGNED Offset Print Portfolio, 1983


Akira Ikeda Gallery (Japan), Painting Now, Basquiat, Chia, Clemente, Cucchi, Salle, Salomé, Schnabel, Catalogue, 1984

Anthony d’Offay Gallery, Gerhard Richter, The London Paintings, Catalogue, 1988

Rempire Gallery, Richard Bernstein, Hommages and Icons, Booklet, c. 1990

Lerner-Heller Gallery, May Stevens, BIG DADDY, Lucy Lippard, Booklet, 1975

Whitney Museum, Alice Neel, Exhibition Booklet, 1974


1987, Guerrilla Girls Review the Whitney, The Clocktower, Poster


Promotional Material for DETAILS Magazine, Poster for Bus-Stop, 1989/03 (March), photo by Bill Cunningham

University of Arizona, W. Eugene Smith, Aileen M. Smith, Minamata, Folded Card, 1981

Foto Gallery, Arlene Gottfried, Folded Card, 1977

Franklin Furnace, William Pope.L, Flyer, 1989

Anichini Gallery, African Market, Patrizia Anichini, Card, 1981


Studio Museum Harlem, Program Calendar, Pamphlet, 1983


Simon Watson Gallery, Reconnaissance, Lorna Simpson, Peter Fend, Nancy Spero, Jeff Koons, Group Material, Vito Acconci, Press Materials, 1990

Solo Press, Roz Chast, “Tea Will Be Served,” Baroque Chamber Music, Card, 1981

Betty Parsons Gallery, Betty Parsons, Her Last Works In Wood, In Memoriam, Card, 1982

Texas Gallery, Lynda Benglis, Card, 1981


John Weber Gallery, Robert Mangold, New Works, Card, 1977

Truman Gallery, Louise Nevelson, Card, 1977

NIGHT Magazine, Vol 1 #1, Studio 54 Special, With Signed Undercover (Page 3) by Anton Perich, Patti Hansen, September 1978

A Gallery for Fine Photography, Robert Doisneau, Open House, Card, 1981

The Performing Garage, Rosemary Hochschild, The True Story of Harry Belafonte’s Black South African Servant, Card, 1980

Rosa Esman Gallery, Patricia Johanson, Card, 1978