Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers alike. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries:

New Additions

Times Square Show, Fashion Show produced by Paula Greif, Mary Lemley, Sophie VDT, Folded Poster, 1980

Rose Art Museum, Peter Grass, Card, 1975

Chris Burden, 747, Card, 1973

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Lil Picard, A Toast to 1975, Flyer, 1974

Philippe Briet Gallery, Futura 2000, Folded Card, 1988


Jack Smith, Boiled Lobster Color Slideshow, Poster, 1976

Jerry Dreva, The Wild Boys Summer, Envelope and Folded Mailings, 1975


Institute of Contemporary Art, East Village Scene, Basquiat, Haring, Futura among others, Folded Poster, 1984


Sadie Coles HQ, Sarah Lucas, Bunny Gets Snookered, Folded Card, 1997

The Roxy, 212 Magazine, Street Heat, card, c. 1983

Limelight, Keith Haring, Emanon – The Baby Beat Box, Folded Card, 1986

GAAG, Jon Hendricks, Jean Toche, License To Kill, To Speak etc, 10 Business Cards in Envelope, 1981

Real Estate Show, Colab, Poster, 1980

Max Ulrich Heltzer GmbH, Gerhard Richter, Oversized Card, 1982

112 Greene Street, Anarchitecture, Gordon Matta Clark, Laurie Anderson, Richard Nonas, Tina Girouard, among others, Photograph, 1974


Sire Records, Talking Heads, Love/Building On Fire, Photograph by Jimmy De Sana, 45 rpm Record, 1977

Brooklyn Academy of Music, Marianne Faithfull, Card, 1995


Onnasch Galerie, Jack Smith, Sacred Landlordism of Lucky Paradise, Flyer, 1974


P.S. 1, Hannah Wilke, So Help Me Hannah, Card, 1978

Max Protetch Gallery, Scott Burton, New Tables, Card, 1981

Piezo Electric, Walter Robinson, Card, 1984

3 Mercer Street, Lil Picard, Kathy Acker, Tasting & Spitting, Flyer, 1975


AMAM (Geneva), Marina Abramovic, Ulay, Performance, Card, 1977


Osterreichisches Filmmuseum, C’est La Vie Rrose: Homage to Marcel Duchamp, a film by Hans-Christof Stenzel, With Hannah Wilke, John Cage, among others, Card, 1977

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Danceteria, Jim Jarmusch, John Lurie & the Lounge Lizards, Stranger Than Paradise Screening Party, Card, 1982

Kamikaze, Cookie Mueller, Martin Wong, Jane Dickson and others, Card, 1984

Public Theater, Cookie Mueller, Ann Rower, Flyer, 1982

Artists Space, United Graffiti Artists, Xerox, 1975

Juan Dubose & Clayton Patterson, A Headwear Affair, Card, 1986

Invite for Guerrilla Party at Quando, John Zorn, James White, Fab Five Freddy, 1988


Gracie Mansion Gallery, Stephen Lack, David Wojnarowicz, Folded Card, 1984

University of California San Diego, Bruce Nauman, Vices and Virtues, Folded Card, 1988

Brent Sikkema Gallery, Mark Bradford, Can You Feel It?, Card, 2004

O-P, Beth & Scott B, Vivienne Dick, Charlie Ahearn, James Nares, Star Pictures Presents, Poster, c. 1979

Ray Johnson’s History of Yoko Ono, Double-Sided Handout on Thick Glossy Paper with Rubber Stamp, c. 1975

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Deitch Projects, Downtown ’81, Basquiat, Card, 2001

Ray Johnson, Jean Seberg’s Letters to Ray Johnson, 3-Fold Mailing, N.D.

The World, John Giorno Band, Rockets Redglare, Sucking Mud, Card, 1986

Rene Ricard, Eileen Myles, Flyer, 1981

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Elaine Benson Gallery, Ray Johnson, Silhouettes, Card, 1977


Barbara Braathen Gallery, RAMMELLZEE, Love Letters and Death Notes, Folded Card, 1988


Galerie Corinne Hummel, Keith Haring, Card, 1984

Palladium, Keith Haring’s Third Annual Party of Life, Cloth Cut-out, 1986

Pop Shop, Keith Haring, Poster, c. 1983

Keith Haring, Lucky Strike Advertisement, Card, 1987


Studio 54, Jerry Rubin, Salon Event for Business Networking, Folded Card, RSVP Card, and 2 Invites, 1982

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Andy Warhol, Myths, Card, 1981

Palladium, Andy Warhol, Happy Birthday for Holly Woodlawn, Folded Card and Invite, 1986

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FILE Magazine, Press Preview, Flyer, 1977

Printed Matter, Sonic Youth, Sonic Matters, Folded Brochure, 1983

Galerie Lisa Ruyter, Jack Smith, The Rose Garden Without Thorns, Flyer, 2004

Milford Gallery, Richard Hambleton, September, Original Mini Screen Print, 1988


Milford Gallery, Richard Hambleton, September, Original Mini Screen Print, 1988


Photo of Jean-Michel Basquiat from Automatic Passport Photobooth, Rome, Italy, c. 1985


Larry Gagosian Gallery, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Paintings, Card, April – May 1982


La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Large Folded Card, 1985

Annina Nosei Gallery, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Card, 1982


Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Basquiat, Futura, Haring and others, Champions, Card, January – February 1983


Cast Iron TV, LYNCH: Who Killed M.J. Stewart?, Franck Goldberg, Card, 1984

Palladium, Jean-Paul Gautier, Paper Mask/Invitation, 1987

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Danceteria, Sade Adu, Folded Card, 1983


Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), Robert Mapplethorpe, The Perfect Moment, 3-Fold Brochure, 1989

Town Hall, Philip Glass, Suzanne Vega, Martha Graham, Cover Design by Stephen Sprouse, Folded Card, 1989

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CBGB’s, Blondie, Flyer, June 17.18.19, 1976


Sonnabend Gallery, Gilbert & George, Modern Faith, Card, 1983

Sonnabend Gallery (Paris), William Wegman, Card, 1977

Sonnabend Gallery, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Card, 1981

Salvatore Ala Gallery, Antony Gormley, Folded Card, 1985

Abercrombie & Fitch, Bruce Weber, Annual Shareholders Report, 2002

Neiman Marcus Catalogue, Commission a Portrait from Andy Warhol, 1986

Kunsthaus Muerz, Der Anagrammatische Körper, Catalogue, 2000

Bill Viola, Venice Biennale, Catalogue, 1995

Village Voice, Keith Haring, Special Section, Newspaper, August 1982


New York Magazine, Carl Andre and Ana Mendieta, A Death In Art, December 1985

Group Material, Enthusiasm, Flyer, 1982

Jack Smith, I Was A Mekas Collaborator, Poster, 1978

Tseng Kwong Chi, Business Card, c. 1980s


Mudd Club, Beyond Words, Samo, Haring, Fred Brathwaite, Futura, Poster, 1981


Squat Theatre, Iconoklast Panzerism Versus Tricnology, Jean-Michel Basquiat, RAMMELLZEE, Stephen Torton, 1982


ABC No Rio, Christy Rupp, Animals Living In Cities, Flyer, 1980

Hunter College Art Gallery, Laurie Anderson, Robert Morris, Robert Longo, Card, 1984

Robert Miller Gallery, Edward Ruscha, Stains, Card, 1992


John Weber Gallery, Robert Smithson, Drawings and Sculptures, Card, 1982

Palladium, Ileana Sonnabend, Party for John Baldessari, Folded Card, 1986


Limelight, William Burroughs, BURROUGHS Premiere, Folded Card, 1983

John Weber Gallery, Robert Mangold, A Square Not Totally Within A Triangle, Card, 1978

Palladium, Sur Rodney Sur’s Birthday Party, Card, 1985

Palladium, Leo Castelli’s Birthday Party, photo by Hans Namuth, Three Fold Card 1985


One Year Performance (Torch Piece), Tehching (Sam) Hsieh, Press Release and Statement, 1985-1986

“One Year Performance (No Art Piece),” Tehching (Sam) Hsieh, Poster, 1985-86

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Colette, “Beautiful Dreamer” Justine of the Colette is Dead Co., SIGNED, Mixed Media, 1979

Susan Caldwell Inc, Leon Golub, “Riots White Squads”, Card, 1984

Avalanche Magazine, Summer/Fall 1973 (Robert Smithson)

Avalanche Magazine, Fall 1972 (Vito Acconci)

James Romberger and Marguerite Van Cook, East Village Map, SIGNED, Poster, 2001

Texas Gallery, Gary Stephan, Folded Card, c. 1975

Texas Gallery, Gary Stephan, Card, 1978

Texas Gallery, Peter Saul, Folded Card, 1987


Texas Gallery, Louise Bourgeois, Folded Card, c. 1984