Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers alike. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries:

New Additions

Keith Haring, Crawling Baby, White Pinback, c. Mid 1980s

Haze and Wildgirl, Happy Holidays, Signed Card and Envelope, c. Late 1980s

Keith Haring, Barking Dog Pinback, c. Mid 1980s

Keith Haring, First Annual Party of Life, Silk Screen A-Shirt, 1984

Keith Haring, Second Annual Party of Life, Silk Screen A-Shirt, 1985

Keith Haring, Third Annual Party of Life, Silk Screen A-Shirt, Shorts and Pinback, 1986

Stefanotty Gallery, Les Levine, ART NOW Gallery Guide, March 1974

Dreesen’s Market, Curt Hoppe, Card, 1999

Portrait of Andy Warhol with Tape Recorder, Signed and Framed Photo by Anton Perich, c. 1979

DETAILS Magazine, Advertising Counter Card for 1985/05 (May), East Village Guide

DETAILS Magazine, 1987/05 (May), Andy Warhol Remembered

DETAILS Magazine, 1987/08 (Aug), Debbie Harry

DETAILS Magazine, 1986/12 (Dec), Keith Haring as Santa, Anya, Bill Cunningham, Holiday Issue

George Eastman House, Robert Doisneau, Jean Tinguely, Folded Poster, 1972

Galerie Catherine Issert (France), Marcel Broodthaers, Editions, Card, 1978

Musée d’art Contemporain, Carl Andre, Don Judd, Sol Lewitt…, Art Minimal I, Card, 1985

Musée d’art Contemporain, Dan Flavin, Monuments á Tatline 1964-1982, Card, 1985

Leo Castelli Gallery, Donald Judd, Survey of Work 1963-1979, Card, 1979

3 Mercer St. Store, Angels Ribé, Two Main Subjective Points on an Objective Trajectory, Mailer, 1975

Whitney Museum of American Art, Forrest Bess, 3-Fold Exhibition Pamphlet, 1981

Hofstra University, Sharon Smith, Long Island Project, Card, 1980

Visual Studies Workshop Gallery, Jeffrey Silverthorne & others, Card, 1975

Texas Gallery, Zandra Rhodes Artworks, Card, 1981

Saman Gallery, Nam June Paik, Videotapes, Card, 1980


NIGHT Magazine, Vol. 1 #3, Xenon Special, Anton Perich, Sylvester Stallone, Muhammad Ali, 1978

Baskerville + Watson Gallery, John Torreano, Card, 1984

Galerie Select Ltd., Curt Hoppe, His World, Card, 1997

Paula Cooper Gallery, Alan Shields & Omar Space Corp., Card, 1974

112 Greene Street Gallery, Joel Fisher, Card, 1975

Advertising Newsstand Counter Card for NIGHT Magazine Issue #3, 1978

NIGHT Magazine, Vol 1 #1, Studio 54 Special, Anton Perich, Rod Stewart & Alana Hamilton, Patti Hansen, Huntington Hartford, September 1978

Holly Solomon Gallery, Ned Smyth, Male Interiors, Folded Card, 1985

Clocktower, Selections from the Collection of Dorothy and Herbert Vogel, Card, 1975

Texas Gallery, Edward Ruscha, Card, 1974


Texas Gallery, William Wegman, Card, 1974


Texas Gallery, Edward Ruscha, Folded Card, 1986

Locus Solus (Genova), Robert Barry, Alberi – Trees 1968 – 1982, Card, 1983

Whitney Museum, MUƎƧUM, Card, 1973

Art Museum of South Texas, John, Stella, Warhol: Works in Series, Folded Card, 1972

Fraenkel Gallery (San Francisco), Nicholas Nixon, Recent Photographs, Folded Card, 1984

Texas Gallery, Alan Shields, Card, 1974


A.I.R. Gallery, Patsy Norvell, interior environment of outdoor pieces, Card, 1977


A.I.R. Gallery, Louise Kramer, Portrait, Card, 1982

A.I.R. Gallery, Rachel bas-Cohain, Card, 1980


A.I.R. Gallery, Harmony Hammond, Works on Paper, Card, 1982

Luise Ross Gallery, Harmony Hammond, New Paintings, Card, 1984

Deste Foundation, Ashley Bickerton, Jeff Koons…, Artificial Nature curated by Jeffery Deitch, Poster, 1990

Laurence Miller Contemporary Photographs, David Levinthal, American Beauties, Card, 1991

Midtown Payson Galleries, Paul Cadmus, The Artist as Subject, 3-Fold Card, 1993

Guggenhein Uptown, Warhol…, Rrose is a Rrose is a Rrose: Gender Performance in Photography, Card, 1997

Emily Harvey Gallery, Ben Vautier, Card, 1989

Brooke Alexander, Paul Thek, Newspaper and Notebook Drawings, Card, 1991

Whitney Museum of American Art (Connecticut), Stephen Shore…, Suburban Home Life, Folded Card, 1989

St. Lawrence University, Collins & Milazzo, Gretchen Bender…, Hybrid Neutral: Modes of Abstraction and the Social, Folded Card, 1989

Tartt Gallery (D.C.), Sally Mann, Card, 1990

Paul Cava Gallery, Jock Sturges, Standing on Water, Folded card with insert, 1991

Sidney Janis Gallery, Duane Michals, Questions Without Answers, Folded Card, 1994

Malca Fine Art, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat & Kenny Scharf, Large Folded Card, 1997

Sonnabend Gallery, Gilbert & George, 1971 / 1991, Folded Card, 1991

Josh Baer Gallery, Chris Buren, The Sailing Destroyer, Card, 1991

Pace Gallery, George Condo, Recent Paintings, Card, 1991

Willoughby Sharp Gallery, Robin Winters, Agency (Free Consultation), Card, 1989

New Museum of Contemporary Art, Carolee Schneemann, Up to and Including Her Limits, Folded Exhibition Brochure, 1997

Artists Space, Carl Tandatnick, AIDS Forum, Card, 1994


Paul Kasmin Gallery, James Nares, Folded Card, 1996

Postmasters Gallery, Joan Wallace, Card, 1991

Jayne H. Baum Gallery, Anne Rowland, Dictu Sanctificare: Photographs, Card, 1993

Phyllis Kind Gallery, Ed Paschke, Card, 1990

Fine Arts Gallery (Indiana University), Nick Cave, Suits, Masks and Artifacts, Card, 1994

Vanderwourde Tananbaum Gallery, Bob Thompson, 3 Fold Card, 1990

4th Street Photo Gallery, Diane Korach, Photographs, Folded Card, 1991

Wednesdays, Susanne Bartsch & Richie Rich, Grand Opening of Wednesdays, Invite, 2002

Berman / Daferner, Norman Lewis, Works on Paper: 1945 – 1960, Folded Card with Insert, 1994

Kenkeleba Gallery, Howardena Pindell, Abstraction as Metaphor 1972-1992, Folded Card, 1993

John Weber Gallery, Adrian Piper, Robert Smithson, Space, Time and Reference, Folded Card, 1991

Art Matters, Jenny Holzer, Fundraising Letter & Truism Stamps, 1995

John Weber Gallery, Adrian Piper with Lucy Lippard, Kelly Jones…, Colored People, Card, 1991

John Weber Gallery, Hans Haacke, The Vision Thing, Card, 1992


John Weber Gallery, Allan McCollum, Card, 1990

Urban Classics Ltd., Lee Quinones, Martha Cooper, Straight Forward, Card, 1994


Martinez, Inaugural Gallery Exhibition, Richard Admiral, Phase Two & others, Card, 1991


Whitney Museum of American Art, Jack Waters, The Male Gayze, Card, 1995

Procter Art Center (Bard College), Represent: Underground Streetwear Graphics curated by Carlo McCormick, Card, 1995

Exit Art, David Hammons, Card, 1989


Robert Indiana, LOVE Stamps, Signed Stamps and Photograph, Issued 1973

Marcuse Pfeifer Gallery, Peter Hujar, Recent Photographs, Card, 1979

P.S. 1, Peter J. Moennig W.T.C. – A Transference, Card, 1979

P.S. 1, Laurie Simmons, Photographs, Card, 1979

Fraenkel Gallery, Nicholas Nixon, Recent Photographs, Folded Card, 1986

Pace/MacGill Gallery, Lucas Samaras, Large-Scale Self-Portraits, 3-Fold Card, Early 1980’s

University of Maryland, Roland L. Freeman A Baltimore Portfolio 1968 – 1979, Card, 1979

Contemporary Arts Center (New Orleans), Arts Against AIDS, Twenty New Orleans Artists, Folded Card, 1987

Public Art Fund, Edgar Heap of Birds, Native Hosts, Card, 1988

Public Art Fund, Juan Downey, Information Withheld, Card, 1988


Public Art Fund, Tim Rollins + KOS, Amerika — For The People of Bathgate, Card, 1988

Public Art Fund, William Wegman, Fay and Charlie, Card, 1987

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Conrad Atkinson, Material, Card, 1979

Sonnabend Gallery, Alain Kirili, 3 Clay Pieces, Card, 1979


Studio G7 (Bologna), Sol Lewitt, Card, 1986