Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers alike. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries:

New Additions

Siegeltuch Gallery, “BLACK,” Louise Bourgeois, Franz Kline, Louise Nevelson, Robert Rauschenberg, Ad Reinhardt, Milton Resnick, Card, 1987

Art Diary 1976, Directory, Giancarlo Politi Editore

front and back cover

Manhattan Cable TV, The Pocket Press, John Wilcock, the John and Joanna Show, Quotes from John and Joanna,” Manhattan Cable TV, Mini Artists Book, c. 1970

lippold front

Richard Lippold, The Four Seasons, Signed Card, 1961


Leslie Tonkonow Gallery, Robert Watts, “Photography Into Sculpture,” Folded Card, 2001

C&M Arts, Cheim & Read, Louise Bourgeois, “The Personages,” Foldout Card, 2001


Hirschl & Adler Modern, Grace Knowlton, Card, 1995


Procter Art Center, Bard College, High Density Abstraction, Allyson Grey, Card, 1991


Andrew Kreps Gallery, Robert Melee, Card, 1998


P.P.O.W, Paul Marcus, Yvonne’s Story, AIDS, Card, 1991


Xavier Fourcade Inc., Malcom Morley, Paintings and Watercolors, Folded Card, 1982


Barbara Bloom, “The Tip of the Iceberg,” Postcard, 1991


Michael Kohn Gallery, Alex Katz, New Paintings, Folded Card, 1989


Jack Tilton Gallery, Wim Delvoye, “Fallen Heroes,” Card, 1990


Allan Stone Gallery, Wayne Thiebaud, Folded Card, 1994

David Nolan Gallery, William Copley (CPLY), Paintings and Drawings 1956-1991, Card, 1991

close inside

The Pace Gallery, Chuck Close, Recent Paintings, Folded Card, 1991


Hirschl & Adler Modern, Bill Traylor, “1854-1947,” Folded Card, 1992


Fred Hoffman Fine Art, Dennis Hopper, Easy Rider Video Still, “The Sixties, the Eighties, and Now,” Card, 1997

jim shaw

Metro Pictures, Jim Shaw, “Thrift Store Paintings,” Card, 1991

de kooning

Matthew Marks Gallery, Willem de Kooning, “Paintings 1983-84,” Card, 1997


World Financial Center, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Vito Acconci, “The New Urban Landscape,” Card, 1988


Marian Goodman Gallery, James Turrell, Card, 1986


Aurel Scheibler Gallery, Jack Pierson, Card, c. 1992


Barbara Flynn, Alfred Leslie, “The Grisaille Paintings,” Card, 1991


Hal Bromm Gallery, Jody Pinto, “FINGERSPAN,” Card, c. 1987

John Good Gallery, Chris Martin, “The Silence of Joseph Bueys is Overrated,” Poster, 1990

Blue Sky Gallery, Susan Hereford, “Night People,” Poster, 1978

Leo Castelli Gallery, Eve Arnold, Marilyn Monroe, Poster, 1987

home cover

National Women’s Hall of Fame, Joe & Emily Lowe Art Gallery, “Home Work,” Harmony Hammond, Miriam Schapiro, Joyce Kozloff, Catalog, 1981

Pace Gallery, Lucas Samaras, Photo-Transformations, Mini Book, 1974

samaras dual

PaceWildenstein, Lucas Samaras, Card, 1996

wojarowicz illinois

University Galleries, Illinois State University, David Wojnarowicz, Tongues of Flame, Poster, 1990

wall front

Foster Goldstrom Gallery, “The Wall,” Kain Karawahn, John Gossage, Card, 1990


Photofind Gallery, Cas Oorthuys, “Photographs and Collages,” Folded Card, 1990

duane front

Sidney Janis Gallery, Duane Michals, “Paris Stories and Other Follies,” Booklet, 1992

paige front

Marcia Resnick / Blanche Paige, “My Story,” International Center of Photography, Artists Book, 1977

sillman front

Casey Kaplan Gallery, Amy Sillman, Booklet, 1998


P.S.1, Project Studios One, Re-Opening and Re-Naming, Folded card with inserts, 1976


Issey Miyake, Ken Hiratsuka, Rock Sculpture, Card, 2002

David Nolan Gallery, Martin Kippenberger, “Kippenblinkys,” Card, 1991


Proctor Art Center, Bard College, “FIGURES,” Keith Haring, Judy Rifka, David Salle, Card, 1981


Kiki Kogelnik, Memorial Card, c. 1997


Danceteria, Country Western Benefit, Michael J. Stewart, Lenny Kaye, Card, 1984


Dalzell Hatfield Galleries, Françoise Gilot, Booklet, 1969


Thomas Healy Gallery, Helen Marden, Card, 1998


Robert Miller Gallery, Lee Krasner, Collages 1939 – 1984, Folded Card, 1986

hockney pools

André Emmerich Project Space, David Hockney, “Pools,” Folded Card, 1994


KunstHausWien, Peter Beard, “Stress & Density,” Folded Card, 1999

Hugo Martinez Gallery, Bodycount Installation – California Meets NYC, Tracy 168, Earsnot, Chaz Bojorquez , Flyer, 1999

Salvatore Ala, Richard Hambleton, Card, 1985

P.S.1, DISBAND, First Public Performance, Martha Wilson, Barbara Ess, Card, 1978


Lee Quinones, b.O.b Gallery, “Ghetto Samurai,” Card, 2001


Michael Kohn Gallery, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Nancy Spero, “The Great Drawing Show 1587 – 1987,” Card, 1987


Joan Jonas, P.S.1, Memory Corridor, Card, 1982

carl tower

Carl Andre, The Clocktower, “Tomb of the Golden Engenderers,” Card, 1976


George Baselitz, Museé d’Art Contemporain de Bordeaux, Folded Card, 1983

wojnarowicz jersey

David Wojnarowicz, Jersey City Museum, Card, 1998

poster for a photo cocktail party

Robert Freidus Gallery, Antonio Lopez, A Photo Cocktail Party, Flyer, 1979

Amanda Feilding, Suydam Gallery, “Heartbeat in the Brain,” Folded Card, 1978


P.S. 1, Amanda Feilding, Trepanation for the National Health, Exhibition Booklet, 1978


Eric Darton, Poverty, Subway(?) Poster, 1984

L.A.C.E, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, “Performance Series by Outspoken Women” including Kathy Acker, Sandra Bernhard, Karen Finley, October 1986


Willie Cole, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New Concepts in Printmaking 2, Poster, 1998


Chris Burden, Brooklyn Museum, “Medusa’s Head,” Poster, 1991


The Kitchen, 10th Anniversary, David Byrne, Philip Glass Ensemble, Laurie Anderson, Bush Tetras, Fab Five Freddy, Steve Reich, Brian Eno, Nam June Paik, Poster, 1981


Details Magazine, Nocturnal Admissions, Stephen Saban, Russell Joseph Buckingham, Nightclub Board Game, 1984

Xenon, “Everybody Hates Punk,” Tad Shaffer, Poster, 1978


Studio 54, Grace Jones, Richard Bernstein, Paper Mask, c. 1980

rough trade front

Danceteria, Rough Trade, Jim Fouratt, Rudolf, REM, Poster, 1982


Studio 54, Mile High Club, McLaren, Barbarossa, Ashman, Gorman, Tour D’Eiffel, Bow Wow Wow, Vinyl Record, 1981

East Village Magazine, East Informer, Paul Morrissey, December 1985


Keith Haring, Harmony Books, Tseng Kwong Chi, Art In Transit, Book, 1984


Keith Haring, “Second Annual Party of Life” Puzzle, 1985

2nd party front

Keith Haring, “Second Annual Party of Life” Pinback Button, 1985


Keith Haring, “Face” Pinback Button, 1985

south africa

Keith Haring, “Free South Africa” Pinback Button, 1985

Keith Haring, Club DV8, “Keith Haring Room”, Silk Screen A-Shirt, 1986

roxy homeless

The Roxy, “Help the Homeless,” Keith Haring, Lou Reed, Futura 2000, Kenny Scharf, Folded Card, 1985


P.S.1, Keith Sonnier, Nancy Spero, Card, 1983

fiorucci scharf

Fiorucci, Kenny Scharf, Exhibition Announcement, Card, 1979


Jon Waine, William Pope.L, Live Performance Photograph, 1982


Negril, Jon Waine, William Pope.L, Franc Palaia, Flyer, 1982

Paris Graffiti

Maison Française, Paris Graffiti, Jef Aerosol, Bern Boyle, Card, 1987

Richard Hambleton September Milford Gallery

Milford Gallery, Richard Hambleton, September, Original Mini Screen Print, 1988

Strange Party Tseng Kwong Chi

Danceteria, Klaus Nomi, Tseng Kwong Chi, Strange Party, Tri-Fold Card 1982

Ann Magnuson Pulsallama Danceteria Club 57

Danceteria, Ann Magnuson, Pulsallama, Card, 1983

Club 57 Swingin Singles John Sex

Club 57, Swingin’ Singles Party, John Sex, Wendy Wild, Card, 1982

Haoui Montaug No Entiendes Danceteria 1982 Front

Danceteria, Haoui Montaug, No Entiendes, Card, 1982

No Entiendes Danceteria Haoui Montaug 1983 Front

Danceteria, Haoui Montaug, No Entiendes, Card, 1983

PPOW Sue Coe Holly Metz Danceteria Front

P.P.O.W and Raw Books, Danceteria, Sue Coe, Card, 1983

Danceteria Red Tape Issue 3 Party Front

Greer Lankton, Danceteria, Red Tape Magazine, Card, 1983

Nature Morte Group Show 1982 Front

Gallery Nature Morte, Group Show, Peter Nagy, Card, 1982

Jo Shane Mobile Installation Nature Morte Front

Gallery Nature Morte, Jo Shane, Card, 1982

James Brown Tutu Nature Morte Front

Nature Morte, James Brown, Card, 1983

Gallery Nature Morte 1984 Group Show Front

Gallery Nature Morte, Group Show, Stephen Frailey, David Robbins, Ericka Beckman, Card, 1984

Louis Renzoni Piezo Electric Card

Piezo Electric, Louis Renzoni, Card, 1985

Walter Robinson, Conceptual Art, Announcement Card, Piezo Electric

Piezo Electric, Walter Robinson, Card, 1985

Haze and Wildgirl, Happy Holidays, Signed Card and Envelope, c. Late 1980s