Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers alike. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries:


Alternative periodicals, artist books, catalogs, and other reference sources

New Items

New York Post, “Dung Ho!”, Chris Ofili, Brooklyn Museum, Newspaper, 1999

Daily News, “Vandal Sprays Picasso Mural,” Guernica, MoMA, Newspaper, 1974


Willard Gallery, Richard Lippold, 1952-1962, Booklet, 1962

Miami-Dade Community College, “Three Contemporary American Women Realists,” June Blum, Audrey Flack, Alice Neel, Catalog, 1978


Progressive Culture Works, “Catholicism,” Sister Corita Kent, Catalog, 1992


Queensborough Community College, The Politics of Gender, Lenore Malen, Ida Applebroog, Louise Bourgeois, Miriam Schapiro, Nancy Spero, Catalog, 1988


Art Metropole, Catalogue No. 11, Lawrence Weiner, 1985

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, ANT FARM, 20:20 Vision, CalendarLOG, Artists Book, 1973

Franklin Furnace, FLUE, Volume 2 Number 1, Periodical, 1981

Art Diary 1980, Directory, Giancarlo Politi Editore

108 front

108: An East Village Review, Periodical, September 1986

The New York Cultural Center, Fairleigh Dickinson University, “Robert Smithson: Drawings,” Exhibition Catalog, 1974

MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art, “The Responsive Eye,” Bridget Riley, Exhibition Catalog, 1965

Museum of the American Foundation for the Arts, Miami, “Patterning & Decoration,” Exhibition Catalog, 1977

Whitney Museum of American Art, Anti-Illusion: Procedures/Materials, Marcia Tucker, Benglis, Hesse, Nauman, Serra, Tuttle, Exhibition Catalogue, 1969

Gallerie, “Art and Survival,” Patricia Johanson, Booklet, 1992

Art Metropole, No. 4, Periodical, Spring 1977

Art Metropole, No. 5, Periodical, Fall 1977


San Francisco Chronicle, ThisWorld, Jackson Pollock’s Letter to a Friend, Pamphlet, 1984


SOHO Con/Fidential, No. 2, Nov. 13, John Wilcock, Pamphlet, 1976


SOHO Con/Fidential, No. 3, Nov. 20, John Wilcock, Pamphlet, 1976

Art Diary 1976, Directory, Giancarlo Politi Editore

front and back cover

Manhattan Cable TV, The Pocket Press, John Wilcock, the John and Joanna Show, Quotes from John and Joanna,” Manhattan Cable TV, Mini Artists Book, c. 1970

home cover

National Women’s Hall of Fame, Joe & Emily Lowe Art Gallery, “Home Work,” Harmony Hammond, Miriam Schapiro, Joyce Kozloff, Catalog, 1981

Pace Gallery, Lucas Samaras, Photo-Transformations, Mini Book, 1974

paige front

Marcia Resnick / Blanche Paige, “My Story,” International Center of Photography, Artists Book, 1977

L.A.C.E, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Lewis Stein, Jake Seniuk, March/April 1987

L.A.C.E, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, “Performance Series by Outspoken Women” including Kathy Acker, Sandra Bernhard, Karen Finley, October 1986


View, Jannis Kounellis, Interview, Booklet, 1979

The World, Stephan Lupino, Book, 1988

54 legend

Studio 54, “The Legend,” Anthony Haden-Guest, te Neues, Book, 1997

East Village Magazine, East Informer, Paul Morrissey, December 1985


Keith Haring, Harmony Books, Tseng Kwong Chi, Art In Transit, Book, 1984


DETAILS Magazine, Vol. 2 No. 1, 1983, Bill Cunningham’s “Fall Collections: New York” and “Plus Paris”


DETAILS Magazine, Vol. I No. 7, 1982, Bill Cunningham’s “Ahead of the Game”


DETAILS Magazine, Vol. I No. 6, 1982, Bill Cunningham’s “The New York Collections”


DETAILS Magazine, Vol. I No. 5, 1982, Bill Cunningham’s “Paris Collections”


DETAILS Magazine, Vol. I No. 2, 1982, Bill Cunningham’s “Wedding Fantasies”


DETAILS Magazine, 1987/04 (April), Bruce Weber, Johnny Thunders

DETAILS Magazine, 1987/11 (Nov), Bruce Weber, Keith Haring, Tom Hachtman

DETAILS Magazine, 1989/01 (Jan), Melanie Griffith, Bruce Weber, Run-D.M.C., Includes a 33 1/3 Record of Stephen Saban’s Celebrity Interviews

DETAILS Magazine, 1989/07 (July), Stephen Sprouse, Robert Mapplethorpe, Roberta Bayley

DETAILS Magazine, 1990/05 (May), Remembering Keith Haring

DETAILS Magazine, 1989/10 (Oct), Elizabeth Taylor, Nicolas Roeg’s Sweet Bird

DETAILS Magazine, 1988/07 (July), Robert Plant, Andy Warhol’s Estate

DETAILS Magazine, 1987/01 (January)

DETAILS Magazine, 1988/02 (Feb), Bill Cunningham’s 5-Page The Future of Costume Exhibits

DETAILS Magazine, 1989/05 (May), Bruce Weber’s Chet Baker

DETAILS Magazine, 1988/10 (Oct), Tina L’Hotsky, Keith Haring, The Pyramid, The Mudd Club’s 10-Year Anniversary

DETAILS Magazine, 1988/09 (Sept), Bill Cunningham’s 99 Pages of Fall Fashion