Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers alike. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries:

3 Mercer St. Store

To learn more about the 3 Mercer St. Store, visit Gallery 98’s past exhibition, Stefan Eins: the Enigma Behind 3 Mercer Street and Fashion Moda, 1970-80

3 mercer sinage stefan eins

3 Mercer St. Store, A Photostat Sign, c. 1975

3 Mercer St. Store, Angels Ribé, Two Main Subjective Points on an Objective Trajectory, Mailer, 1975

3 Mercer St. Store, Jaime Davidovich, Stuart Sherman, Flyer, c. 1975

3 Mercer St. Store, Michael Malloy, Shelves, Folded Card, c. 1973

mercer bird fyer

3 Mercer St. Store, Stefan Eins, Items under $5, Flyer, 1975

poster for Susan Ensley's haircut project

3 Mercer St. Store, Susan Ensley Money Back Guaranteed, Poster, 1976

Tom Otterness poster for 3 Mercer Store

3 Mercer Street Store Poster, 1972

3 Mercer Street Store, Poster, 1975

3 Mercer Street, Lil Picard, Kathy Acker, Tasting & Spitting, Flyer, 1975

october 20

A poster for an exhibition at 3 Mercer Street Store, c. 1975

Actual Iron Crowbar, 1974

7CologneArtists Back cover

Exhibition Catalogue for “Seven Cologne Artists”, 1975

Hit the Hole Card

Invitation for a participatory art exhibition At 3 Mercer, c. 1977.

Kaleidoscope, 1976

stefan eins pulley

Photographs of Pulleys from exhibition “kro-bar an(d) pul-e sa(a)l,” 1974


Postcard for “Double Take” at 3 Mercer St. Store

Virginia Peirsol poster with horses on it

Postcard for Virginia Piersol Exhibition

Poster for exhibition of Crowbars and Pulleys, 1974

Rope and Pulley, 1974

Stefan Eins, “Eye-Extension,” 1975

Signed poster promoting an early Eins multiple, c. 1970

UFO Poster

Stefan Eins, UFO Sighting Near Rio, Poster, 1976