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Art Ephemera from the 1970s – 1990s


Colab publication of Blast Mag cover

“Blast” magazine, October 1987

Colab Hits the Ritz poster by Becky Howland

“Colab Hits the Ritz,” Poster, 1983

Portfolio of portraits by Tom Warren of COLAB

“Portrait Studio: COLAB Artists, 1981–84,” digital print, 2016

“Portrait Studio: No Rio Locals, 1981,” digital print, 2016

“Sarabande: A Fashion Divertissement” at Limbo Gallery, flyer, c. 1986

Greeting from NYC book of postcards by COLAB

A Book of Postcards, Colab, 1985

Colab show card front

A. More Store at Brooke Alexander Inc., COLAB, Card, 1990

ABC No Rio book cover

Alan Moore and Marc Miller, ABC No Rio, 1985

Cobal offset print poster with rabbit head on pink

Andrea Evans & Brad Melamed, React To The Madness or Look for the Beauty, Offset Poster, 1984

Art Direct

Becky Howland, Real Estate Show, Flyer, 1980

Jolie Stahl: Christof Kohlhofer offset poster

Christof Kohlhoffer & Jolie Stahl, Untitled, Offset Poster, 1984

Berlin-New York Exhibition Catalogue - Colab, 1987

Colab, 1987

poster for the real estate show entitled "landlord extortion"

Coleen Fitzgibbon, “Landlord Extortion” Poster, 1979 – 1980

Shaving poster with shaving how to diagram

Doug Mulaire & Larry Mulaire, Shaving, Offset Poster, 1984

Johnny CRASH Matos, Fashion Moda Presents GAS (Graffiti Art Success for America), poster flyer

Fashion Moda, Johnny CRASH Matos, Graffiti Exhibition, Poster and Press Release, 1980

Colab Meeting poster

Flyer for a COLAB Meeting, 1980

Real Estate poster at Mudd club

Flyer for Real Estate Show Celebration, 1980

A More Store opening poster

Flyer for the Opening of The A. More Store at 529 Broome, 1980

Times square show poster

Flyer for Times Square Show, “Are Americans Afraid of Sex?”

front of invite to COLAB benefit auction

Invitation to COLAB’s Benefit Auction

TSS reception card

Invitation to Private Reception for Times Square Show, 1980

CAUSE DEATH offset poster by COLAB

Jane Dickson, Kiki Smith & Charlie Ahearn, Cause Effect, Offset Poster, 1984

COLAB offset print poster

Janet Stein & Darryl Turner, Portfolio Cover, Offset Poster, 1984

Tom Warren picture of Kiki Smith

Kiki Smith (Colab Artists Series), Signed Photograph, 1981

Uterus poster by Kiki Smith and Jolie Stahl

Kiki Smith and Jolie Stahl, Notepad With Uterus Drawings, 1983

Colab, Colab Exhibition Catalogue, Philadephia, 1983

Landslides and A. More Store, Exhibition Catalogue, Philadephia, 1983

Tom Warren, “Leonard Abrams” (from the Colab Artist Series)

Leonard Abrams (Colab Artists Series), Signed Photograph, 1981

Offset Poster

Mary McFerran, I. Kolakowski & Village Voice, Changes Cannot, Offset Poster, 1984

baird Jones' COLAB All Women exhibition

Milk Bar, Baird Jones, COLAB—All Women’s Exhibition, Card, 1987

Poster by Mitch Corber. All text.

Mitch Corber & Sally White, Jean-Paul Sartre, Offset Poster, 1984

Poster offset print corber

Mitch Corber, Johann Gutenberg, Offset Poster, 1984

Seton Smith offset poster

Orshi Drozdik & Seton Smith, Heart Columns, Offset Poster, 1984

Colab, Colab Members Contact List, Large Photostat Enlargement, c. 1980.

Photostat Enlargement of COLAB Members Contact List, c. 1984

Long Island Four poster no wave film

Poster for Anders Grafstrom’s “Long Island Four” & MWF Catalogue, 1986

real estate poster

Poster for the Real Estate Show building relocation, 1980

real estate color poster

Poster for the Real Estate Show building relocation,1980

Ludacer/Davis, 1984: two color offset print poster on newsprint

Randy Ludacer & Debbie Davis, Randy Wearing Debbie Mask, Offset Poster, 1984

poster for COLAB's Real Estate Show by artist Robin Winters

Robin Winters, “Landlords Do Not…” Poster/ Circular, 1980

Times Square Show Poster by Charlie Ahearn and Jane Dickson

Times Square Show, Jane Dickson and Charlie Ahearn, Poster, 1980

Tom Otterness, Times Square Show Floor Plan & Artists List, 1980

Tom Otterness & John Ahearn, Times Square Show Floor Plan & Artists List, 1980

Portfolio of 14 photographs by Ton Warren of the COLAB collective

Tom Warren, Photo Portfolio COLAB Artists Portraits, 1981-1984

x magazine benefit poster

X Magazine Benefit Concert Poster, 1978


“Exotic Events,” Times Square Show Poster, 1980

Alan W. Moore, “Monday/Wednesday/Friday Video Club,” Catalogue & Promotional Postcards C. 1986

“Monday/Wednesday/Friday Video Club,” Catalogue & Promotional Poster C. 1990

Tom Warren, “Robin Winters” (from the Colab Artist Series)

“Robin Winters” (Colab Artists Series), Signed Photograph, 1981

Tom Warren, “Sandy Seymour” (Colab Artists Series), Signed Photograph, 1981

“Sandy Seymour” (Colab Artists Series), Signed Photograph, 1981