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“Art Damaged” release party at Danceteria, flyer, 1984

Invitation to Redtape #4 ("Art Damaged") release party at Danceteria

Redtape Magazine

“Double Summer Issue” release party at Danceteria, flyer, 1983

Red tape invite Sold

Redtape Magazine

“White Lies” release party at Danceteria, flyer, 1984

Redtape Magazine presents White Lies. A pre-publication celebration with Certain General (1:00 AM) and Mr. Bubble (11:30PM) (plus surprise guest appearances). Rooftop performances: Doris/Salon Bonton, David White, Christine Hatfull, Pirates of Techno Hell (featuring Julius Klein). Performance video on 3rd floor: Drafan [sic] Ilic, David Life, Julius Klein, C. Hatfull/Amanda Ma, Vindaloo, Arleen Schloss, Bradley Eros/Aline Mare, Victor Poison Tete, Edmund chibeau, Kembra Pfahler, and more... Plus: a preview party for the Redtape benefit art sale.

Redtape Magazine

Danceteria, Are U Mod Or Are U Rock A Beatles-Rolling Stones Extravaganza, Card

mod or rock card front

Danceteria, Lower East Side of the Edge of Night, Card

Danceteria front of card

Danceteria, The East Village Look – Again!, Folded Card, 1984

East Village Look - again front of card

Danceteria, ABC No Rio Dinero Book Party, Postcard, 1985


Danceteria, Benefit Party For Internation Graffiti Times, Card, 1984



Danceteria, Bobby G, Party Invitation, 1984

Bobby G invitation to Danceteria - front

Danceteria, Colette, Art on Stage, Card, 1982


Danceteria, Colette, Beautiful Dreamer, Card, 1980

postcard one of two for Colette

Danceteria, Joey Arias And Ann Magnuson Present Dali & Gala, Card,1985

Danceteria - JOEY ARIAS and ANN MAGNUSON present "Dali & Gala," 1985 Sold


Danceteria, The Family! With Joey Arias (Charlie) & Ann Magnuson (Squeaky), Postcard, 1985

Danceteria - "The Family!" with JOEY ARIAS (Charlie) & ANN MAGNUSON (Squeaky), 1985 Sold


Experienced Movers, Invitation, 1985