Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers alike. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries:


Advertising Counter Card for DETAILS Magazine, 1985/09 (Sept), Bill Cunningham’s Fall Fashion Portfolio

Advertising Counter Card for DETAILS Magazine, 1986/03 (March), Bill Cunningham’s “Avant Garb”

Advertising Counter Card for DETAILS Magazine, 1986/09 (Sept), Bill Cunningham’s “Couture de Force”

divine card for details magazine launch party

AM-PM, Divine, Details Issue #4 Launch, Card

Details magazine sailor cover

Details Magazine – Annie Flanders, Bruce Weber Portfolio, Issue No. 3, Summer, 1982

Details magazine cover - beauty and the best

Details Magazine – Annie Flanders, Issue No. 9, April, 1986

Details Magazine cover with Debbie Harry

Details Magazine – Debbie Harry, December 1985


DETAILS Magazine, 1986/12 (Dec), Keith Haring as Santa, Anya, Bill Cunningham, Holiday Issue

DETAILS Magazine, 1987/01 (January)

DETAILS Magazine, 1987/03 (March), Bill Cunningham’s 40-Page Spring Collections Special

DETAILS Magazine, 1987/04 (April), Bruce Weber, Johnny Thunders

DETAILS Magazine, 1987/05 (May), Andy Warhol Remembered

DETAILS Magazine, 1987/07 (July), Chrissie Hynde & Iggy Pop, Keith Haring, Bill Cunningham, Antonio Lopez

DETAILS Magazine, 1987/08 (Aug), Debbie Harry

DETAILS Magazine, 1987/09 (Sept), Bill Cunningham’s 40-Page Fall Fashion Reviews

DETAILS Magazine, 1987/10 (Oct), Bill Cunningham’s 16-Page Retour a la Couture

DETAILS Magazine, 1987/11 (Nov), Bruce Weber, Keith Haring, Tom Hachtman

DETAILS Magazine, 1988/02 (Feb), Bill Cunningham’s 5-Page The Future of Costume Exhibits

DETAILS Magazine, 1988/03 (March), Bill Cunningham’s 42-Page Spring Collections Special

DETAILS Magazine, 1988/07 (July), Robert Plant, Andy Warhol’s Estate

DETAILS Magazine, 1988/09 (Sept), Bill Cunningham’s 99 Pages of Fall Fashion

DETAILS Magazine, 1988/10 (Oct), Tina L’Hotsky, Keith Haring, The Pyramid, The Mudd Club’s 10-Year Anniversary

DETAILS Magazine, 1988/11 (Nov), Bill Cunningham’s 17-Page Couturist Class

DETAILS Magazine, 1989/01 (Jan), Melanie Griffith, Bruce Weber, Run-D.M.C., Includes a 33 1/3 Record of Stephen Saban’s Celebrity Interviews

DETAILS Magazine, 1989/03 (March), Bill Cunningham’s 111-Page Spring Collection Special

DETAILS Magazine, 1989/05 (May), Bruce Weber’s Chet Baker

DETAILS Magazine, 1989/07 (July), Stephen Sprouse, Robert Mapplethorpe, Roberta Bayley

DETAILS Magazine, 1989/09 (Sept), Bill Cunningham’s 101-Page Fall Fashion Special

DETAILS Magazine, 1989/10 (Oct), Elizabeth Taylor, Nicolas Roeg’s Sweet Bird

DETAILS Magazine, 1990/03 (Mar), Bill Cunningham’s 123-Page International Fashion Reviews

DETAILS Magazine, 1990/05 (May), Remembering Keith Haring

DETAILS Magazine, Advertising Counter Card for 1985/05 (May), East Village Guide

DETAILS Magazine, Counter Card for 1987/05 (May), Andy Warhol Remembered


Details Magazine, Nocturnal Admissions, Stephen Saban, Russell Joseph Buckingham, Nightclub Board Game, 1984

Details magazine

DETAILS Magazine, November, Vol. II No. 3, 1983


DETAILS Magazine, Vol. 2 No. 1, 1983, Bill Cunningham’s “Fall Collections: New York” and “Plus Paris”


DETAILS Magazine, Vol. I No. 2, 1982, Bill Cunningham’s “Wedding Fantasies”


DETAILS Magazine, Vol. I No. 5, 1982, Bill Cunningham’s “Paris Collections”


DETAILS Magazine, Vol. I No. 6, 1982, Bill Cunningham’s “The New York Collections”


DETAILS Magazine, Vol. I No. 7, 1982, Bill Cunningham’s “Ahead of the Game”