Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers alike. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries:

Exhibition Announcement

John Fekner 1984 postcard

“1984—A Preview,” group exhibition announcement (Ronald Feldman Fine Arts), 1983

keith haring card

“Dance On The Lower East Side,” 1983

Haring Poster

“Heaven and Hell,” Exhibition in Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2002

“Picasso’s Women,” exhibition announcement (Leo Castelli Gallery), 1988

Art Against Aids catalogue

2 Invitations & Sales Catalogue, 1987

3 Mercer St. Store, Michael Malloy, Shelves, Folded Card, c. 1973

Tom Otterness poster for 3 Mercer Store

3 Mercer Street Store Poster, 1972

invite to Stefano Castronovo's exhibition at Patrick Fox Gallery -- front

56 Bleecker Gallery (Patrick Fox Gallery), Stefano Castronovo, Card

semaphore gallery postcard front

8 BC, Party For Nancy Dwyer Following Her Opening At Semaphore Gallery, Postcard,1983

A & P, Raymond Pettibon, Gallery Closing Announcement Card, 1986

A More Store poster by Rifka

A More Store at Jack Tilton Gallery, Judy Rifka, Poster 1983

A's template invitation

A’s, Phoebe Legere Performance, Acetate Card, 1987

Isla Muestra poster by Becky Howland

ABC No Rio, Announcement of The Island Show, 1981

Becky Howland - Invitation to the Island Show

ABC No Rio, Invitation to the Island Show, 1981

Absurdity Show, at ABC No Rio, 1981

ABC No Rio, Invites to Absurdity Show, 1981


Andrew Crispo Gallery, Christopher Makos, White Trash Book Release, Card, 1977

Artists Space, Julia Heyward, My Blue Period, Invitation for Exhibition, 1977

Baird Jones, Party Invitations Featuring Mike Anderson, 1989

Three Geniuses card

Baird Jones, Party Invites, “Three Geniuses,” “Keith Haring vs. Mark Kostabi,” “The Nostalgic Nineties,” 1980s–90s


Baird Jones, Two Nightclub Events Honoring Yippie Pie Man, Cards, 1990


Barbara Braathen Gallery, Surrealismo!, Invitation, 1986

Paintings By Josh poster for Beulah land

Beulah Land, Paintings by Josh, Postcard, 1985

Blue Eyes Club Meeting, Mail Art, 1974


Brownies, Richard Hell and Richard Kern, Card, 1993

Bullet Space, An Act of Resistance, Card, 1989

CHARAS/El Bohio, Livestock, NY2K, Card, 1999

Closing announcement, 1986 (Image by Raymond Pettibon)

Low Budget Luminaries press release

Club 57, Low-Budget Luminary: A Lamp Show, Flyer, 1981

Club 57 - "Mail Art Show" organized by VALERY OISTEANU & RAY JOHNSON, 1981

Club 57, Mail Art Show Organized by Valery Oisteanu & Ray Johnson, Card, 1981

Danceteria - JOEY ARIAS and ANN MAGNUSON present "Dali & Gala," 1985

Danceteria, Joey Arias And Ann Magnuson Present Dali & Gala, Card,1985

Stefan Eins bird card

Exhibition announcement and photograph of flying toy bird, c. 1976

Fashion Moda poster

Fashion Moda at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Invite for Benefit Sale, 1985

Haim Steinbach, Fashion Moda Poster, 1980

Fashion Moda, Haim Steinbach, Poster, 1980


Fashion Moda, John Ahearn, South Bronx Hall of Fame, Card, 1979

Fashion moda poster RV 84

Fashion Moda, R.V., Flyer, c. 1984

Fine Arts Building, Jeffrey Deitch, Lives, Invitation, 1975

Flyer for Opening of 5 & Dime Art Store, 1984

Candace Hill-Montgomery - Teamwork the American Way, Poster for a performance at Franklin Furnace

Franklin Furnace, Candace Hill-Montgomery Performance, Poster, 1981


Fun Gallery – Lee color xerox exhibition announcement

Gracie Mansion ARTFORuM poster

Gracie Mansion Gallery, ARTFOR(u)M, Card

Gracie Mansion collaborations postcard

Gracie Mansion Gallery, Christof Kohlhofer / Marilyn Minter Collaborations, Card, 1986

Fred Wilson exhibition at Gracie Mansion gallery

Gracie Mansion Gallery, Fred Wilson, Card

Jean Lowe card for Gracie Mansion Gallery front

Gracie Mansion Gallery, Jean Lowe, Card

Gracie Mansion Gallery, Video Screening At Private Eyes, Folded Card, 1987

fron of greathouse gallery postcard for augeri

Greathouse, Lynne Augeri, Card

Hit the Hole Card

Invitation for a participatory art exhibition At 3 Mercer, c. 1977.

Nachtclub card from Baird Jones exhibition

Invitation to ‘Nachtklub Art” at Baja, 1988

TSS reception card

Invitation to Private Reception for Times Square Show, 1980


John Gibson Gallery, James Collins, Card, 1975

Joseph Nechvatal presents issue #13 launch party, 1986

Joseph Nechvatal presents issue #13 launch party, 1986

Just Above Midtown/Downtown, Madeleine Keller & Janet Ziff, The Fine Art of Waitressing, Invitation, 1982

Kamikazi, The Art Of John Heartfield And His Influence, Card, 1985

Photo of Keith Haring and William S Burroughs

Keith Haring & William S. Burroughs at Charles Lucien Gallery, 1990

Robert Loncgo cover for Paula Cooper Gallery card

Kitchen, Robert Longo, Tenth Anniversary Benefit for the Kitchen, Card, 1981

Neke Carson, Underwear for India, LaRocka Nightclub. Ganesha

La Rocka, Neke Carson, Underwear For India Benefit Party,” Folded Card, 1980

LaRocka Nightclub invitation, Neke Carson

LaRocka, Neke Carson, Card Invitation, 1980

Leo Castelli Gallery, Andy Warhol, First Posthumous Exhibition Recent Works, Invitation, 1987

Jayne County, at Limelight invitation

Limelight, Jayne County Performance, Card, 1992

Livestock Gallery, Futura 2000, Card, 1996

Baird Jones Mark Kostabi, Kostabi at a Kosthappenings, 1985

Mark Kostabi at a “Kosthappening,” signed and stamped photo, 1985

Max Protetch Gallery, Glenn Ligon, Photos & Notes, Card, 1995


Metro Pictures, Cindy Sherman, New Work, Card, 1981

Cockrill's Little Girls front

Mike Cockrill – Little Girls U-Can Live With – Exhibition Pamphlet

War games poster

Mudd Club, Legs McNeil, Arturo Vega and Tina L’Hotsky, War Games, Flyer 1979

P.S. 1, Amanda Feilding, Trepanation for the National Health, Exhibition Booklet, 1978

Drag Aid front of poster

Palladium, Drag-Aid, Folded Card, 1986


Postcard for “Double Take” at 3 Mercer St. Store

invitation for The Taylor Mead Show, at Pyramid Club

Pyramid Cocktail Lounge, Taylor Mead, John Giorno & Richard Hell, Card, 1982

poster for Carson's lottery drawing

Robert Freidus Gallery, Neke Carson, Lottery Drawing, Poster, 1979

Christopher Makos card for Andy exhibition - front

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Christopher Makos, Photography of Andy, Folded Card, 1984


Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Joseph Beuys, Invitation, 1974

Roxy, Grand Opening Celebration of Burn Baby Burn, Folded Card, 1985

Futura 2000 exhibition 1986

Semaphore – Futura 2000, postcard, 1986

Duncan Hannah/Walter Robinson exhibition announcement

Semaphore – Walter Robinson and Duncan Hannah, postcard, 1984


Semaphore Gallery, Martin Wong, Exhibition Poster, 1986

postcard for Semaphore show

Semaphore West – “Paintings, Sculpture, & Installations” , 1985

Mike Bidlo, Brancusi exhibition announcement

Semaphore, Mike Bidlo’s Brancusi Exhibition, Card, 1985

Sonnabend, Carroll Dunham, Paintings, Card, 1994

Steinbaum Krauss Gallery, Miriam Schapiro, Collaboration Series: Mother Russia, Card, 1994

Susan Cooper Gallery, Bob Gruen, Sex & Rock & Roll, Card and Price List, 1991

invitation for Giorno Poetry Systems, Record Release Party for Smake My Crack

Tunnel, Giorno Poetry Systems Record Release Party For Smack My Crack, Card, 1987

Jimmy DeSana for Art-Uncensored at Tunnel, curated by Baird Jones

Tunnel, Jimmy De Sana, Invitation for “Art Un-Censored”, 1987

Michael Alig invititation to  A New Year's Tradition, The Third Annual Filthy Mouth Contest, at Tunnel

Tunnel, Michael Alig Presents Third Annual Filthy Mouth Contest” with Judge Michael Musto, Card, 1988

Press release for Tunnel opening

Tunnel, Private Opening For Basement, Flyer, 1986

Tunnel Invitation, Two color offset print on card stock

Tunnel, Salvador Dali In Person! An Exhibition Of Forgeries; A Performance By Joey Arias, Card,1988

Twilight Zone - MICHAEL ALIG and JAMES ST. JAMES Invite

Twilight Zone, Michael Alig And James St. James Invite The Chosen Few, Flyer, 1988

Pop Art card

Two invitations to Milk Bar exhibitions, 1988

Vrej Baghoomian, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Exhibition Invitation, April – June 1988


Washington Project for the Arts, Miller Ringma and Hoppe, Punk Art, Invitation, 1978