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ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

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Fashion Moda

East Village Eye, Vol. 2 No. 15

1980/11, Thanksgiving 1980: Fashion Moda, Rudolf, Christy Rupp CF, Edit deAk, Gary Indiana

East Village Eye, Vol. 2 No. 16

1980/12, Lee Quinones, Fashion Moda, A More Store Ad by Tom Otterness, Slits

Otterness poster for Artists Space and Fashion Moda

Artists Space & Fashion Moda, Tom Otterness, Otterness Objects, Poster, 1979

fashion moda at danceteria

Danceteria, Fashion Moda, Art For Someone Else’s Home, Card, 1984

New Museum, Fashion Moda Exhibition Catalogue, 1981

Fashion Moda Exhibition Catalogue, 1981

Fashion Moda poster

Fashion Moda at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Invite for Benefit Sale, 1985

Fashion Moda - White long

Fashion Moda Newsletter May/June 1979

baird Jones South Bronx Fantasies card

Fashion Moda, Baird Jones, South Bronx Fantasies, Card, 1987

Catherine hazard flyer for exhibition

Fashion Moda, Catherine Hazard, Flyer, 1984

Christy Rupp, “Animals Living In Cities,” Fashion Moda Poster, 1979

Fashion Moda, Christy Rupp, Animals Living In Cities, Poster, 1979

Fashion Moda, Collaborative Painting by Crash, Daze, Ronnie Cutrone, Mark Kostabi, Card, 1986

Fashion Moda poster by Daze

Fashion Moda, Daze (Chris Ellis), Poster, 1985

Fashion Moda Disco Dance Poster, C. 1980

Fashion Moda, Disco Dance Poster, C. 1980


Fashion Moda, Documenta 7, Press Release, 1982

Fashion Moda poster AONE TOXIC KOOR

Fashion Moda, Graffiti Exhibition Poster, 1985

Haim Steinbach, Fashion Moda Poster, 1980

Fashion Moda, Haim Steinbach, Poster, 1980

City Maze fashion moda poster

Fashion Moda, Jane Dickson, City Maze, 1980

Food for Soup Kitchen poster by Jean Michael Basquiat and Catherine Hazard

Fashion Moda, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Food For Soup Kitchens, Poster, October 1983

Fashion Moda poster

Fashion Moda, Jehnifer Stein, Poster / Flyer, c. 1984

Joe Lewis, “Recent Drawings,” Fashion Moda Poster, 1983

Fashion Moda, Joe Lewis, Recent Drawings, Poster, 1983

Fashion Moda, John Ahearn, South Bronx Hall of Fame, Card, 1979

Fashion Moda, John Fekner, Decay, Signed Photocopy Poster, 1980


Fashion Moda, John Fekner, From the Monkey to the Monitor, Flyer, 1982

Fashion Moda, John Fekner, Broken Promises, El Diario, Signed Xerox Poster, 1980

Johnny CRASH Matos, Fashion Moda Presents GAS (Graffiti Art Success for America), poster flyer

Fashion Moda, Johnny CRASH Matos, Graffiti Exhibition, Poster and Press Release, 1980

Tim Rollins K.O.S, South Bronx Show Poster, 1986

Fashion Moda, Longwood Arts Gallery, and Bronx River Gallery, Tim Rollins & K.O.S, South Bronx Show, 1986

Mark Kostabi, Art for Money, Fashion Moda Benefit Poster, 1986

Fashion Moda, Mark Kostabi, Art for Money, Benefit Poster, 1986

Fashion Moda, Optima Studio (New Orleans), Keith Haring, Lady Pink, Flyer, 1981

Paulette Nenner card

Fashion Moda, Paulette Nenner, Road Kills, Card, 1980

Poster for Party Freaks event

Fashion Moda, Phase 2, Party Freaks…Party, Poster, 1982

Poster for Afrikan American Classical Music with image by Phase 2

Fashion Moda, Phase 2, Poster 1988


Fashion Moda, Printed Matter, Jenny Holzer, Flyer, c. 1977-1979

Fashion moda poster RV 84

Fashion Moda, R.V., Flyer, c. 1984

fashion moda front

Fashion Moda, Robin VanArsdol, Card, 1992

Fashion Moda, Stefan Eins, Flying Saucer, SIGNED, Poster, 1980

Gilmore Poster for Fashion Moda

Fashion Moda, Stefan Eins, Gary Gilmore’s drawing of Nicole, 1980

fashion moda poster by Stefan Eins

Fashion Moda, Stefan Eins, John Ahearn, SIGNED, Poster, 1980

FashionModa poster photostat White Variation

Fashion Moda, Stefan Eins, Photostat Poster, 1980


Fashion Moda, Stefan Eins, Poster, 1980

Stefan Eins Fashion Moda Poster, 1985

Fashion Moda, Stefan Eins, Poster, 1985

Fashion Moda poster with a skull in the center

Fashion Moda, Stefan Eins, SIGNED, Poster, 1980

Fashion Moda Jazz poster

Fashion Moda, Thom Corn, Fashion Moda is Jazz: Afrikan American Classical Music, Poster, 1987

Thom Corn, “Expressions Afrikan ’87…Art Against Apartheid,” Fashion Moda Poster, 1987

Fashion Moda, Thom Corn, Expressions Afrikan ’87…Art Against Apartheid, Poster, 1987

Tim Rollins & K.O.S. Fashion Moda Poster, 1986

Fashion Moda, Tim Rollins & K.O.S., Poster, 1986

MAZE poster for fashion Moda

Jane Dickson, “City Maze” Poster, 1980

red shirt with black lettering on the front for Fashion Moda Documenta 7 exhibition

Jenny Holzer & Stefan Eins, T-Shirt created for the Fashion Moda Store, Documenta 7, 1982


Jenny Holzer, “Truisms” in English and Spanish, 1979

John Ahearn, “Portrait of Stefan Eins,” Cast Plaster Sculpture, 1979

John Ahearn, Portrait of Stefan Eins, Cast Plaster Sculpture, 1979

Yellow tshirt by John Fekner that says 'Danger Live Artist ' in black lettering

John Fekner, T-Shirt created for the Fashion Moda Store, Documenta 7, 1982

Lehman College Art Gallery, Lisa Kahane, A Partial View of Fashion Moda, Press Release, Card and Flyer, 1996

Lehman College Art Gallery, The Bronx Celebrates: Alternative Spaces, Poster, 1987

kahane portrait of Stefan Eins

Lisa Kahane, Portrait of Stefan Eins, photograph, c. 1987

Fashion Moda sign for Documenta 7

Sign created for the Fashion Moda Store, Documenta 7, 1982

Tom Warren, Sandra Fabara (Lady Pink), signed photograph, 1982

New Museum press release

What is Fashion Moda? New Museum Exhibition Press Release and Poem by Joe Lewis

David Wojnarowicz, Wojnarowicz Wall Drawing at Pier 34, Photograph, 1983

Wojnarowicz Wall Drawing at Pier 34, Photograph, 1983