Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers alike. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries:


Advertising Counter Card for DETAILS Magazine, 1985/09 (Sept), Bill Cunningham’s Fall Fashion Portfolio

Advertising Counter Card for DETAILS Magazine, 1986/03 (March), Bill Cunningham’s “Avant Garb”

Advertising Counter Card for DETAILS Magazine, 1986/09 (Sept), Bill Cunningham’s “Couture de Force”

Bergdorf Goodman, Grey Art Gallery, Claude Montana, Large Card, 1981

DETAILS Magazine, 1986/12 (Dec), Keith Haring, Anya, Bill Cunningham, Holiday Issue

DETAILS Magazine, 1987/01 (January)

DETAILS Magazine, 1987/03 (March), Bill Cunningham’s 40-Page Spring Collections Special

DETAILS Magazine, 1987/04 (April), Bruce Weber, Johnny Thunders

DETAILS Magazine, 1987/05 (May), Andy Warhol Remembered

DETAILS Magazine, 1987/07 (July), Chrissie Hynde & Iggy Pop, Keith Haring, Bill Cunningham, Antonio Lopez

DETAILS Magazine, 1987/08 (Aug), Debbie Harry

DETAILS Magazine, 1987/09 (Sept), Bill Cunningham’s 40-Page Fall Fashion Reviews

DETAILS Magazine, 1987/10 (Oct), Bill Cunningham’s 16-Page Retour a la Couture

DETAILS Magazine, 1987/11 (Nov), Bruce Weber, Keith Haring, Tom Hachtman

DETAILS Magazine, 1988/02 (Feb), Bill Cunningham’s 5-Page The Future of Costume Exhibits

DETAILS Magazine, 1988/03 (March), Bill Cunningham’s 42-Page Spring Collections Special

DETAILS Magazine, 1988/07 (July), Robert Plant, Andy Warhol’s Estate

DETAILS Magazine, 1988/09 (Sept), Bill Cunningham’s 99 Pages of Fall Fashion

DETAILS Magazine, 1988/10 (Oct), Tina L’Hotsky, Keith Haring, The Pyramid, The Mudd Club’s 10-Year Anniversary

DETAILS Magazine, 1988/11 (Nov), Bill Cunningham’s 17-Page Couturist Class

DETAILS Magazine, 1989/01 (Jan), Melanie Griffith, Bruce Weber, Run-D.M.C., Includes a 33 1/3 Record of Stephen Saban’s Celebrity Interviews

DETAILS Magazine, 1989/03 (March), Bill Cunningham’s 111-Page Spring Collection Special

DETAILS Magazine, 1989/05 (May), Bruce Weber’s Chet Baker

DETAILS Magazine, 1989/07 (July), Stephen Sprouse, Robert Mapplethorpe, Roberta Bayley

DETAILS Magazine, 1989/09 (Sept), Bill Cunningham’s 101-Page Fall Fashion Special

DETAILS Magazine, 1989/10 (Oct), Elizabeth Taylor, Nicolas Roeg’s Sweet Bird

DETAILS Magazine, 1990/03 (Mar), Bill Cunningham’s 123-Page International Fashion Reviews

DETAILS Magazine, 1990/05 (May), Remembering Keith Haring

DETAILS Magazine, Advertising Counter Card for 1985/05 (May), East Village Guide

DETAILS Magazine, Counter Card for 1987/05 (May), Andy Warhol Remembered

David Wojnarowicz illustration on a card for Dianne B Sale

Dianne B, David Wojnarowicz, Sale, Card, 1983


Dianne B, Isabelle Dervaux, Bye Bye Sale, Folded Mailer

Peter Hujar photo for Dianne B card, 1986

Dianne B, Peter Hujar, Memorial Day Sale, Card, 1986

Dianne b hujar centerfold card

Dianne B, Spring Line Announcement, 3-Fold Card, 1984

dianne b sale steve doughton

Dianne B, Steve Doughton, Sale Card, 1984

front of Dianne Benson Stores card for Comme des Garçons

Dianne Benson Stores, Comme des Garçons, Mid-Summer Sale, Card, 1985

front of card for comme des garçons sale at Dianne Benson

Dianne Benson Stores, Comme des Garçons, Card, 1983

Peter Hujar, Dianne Benson, Neil Winokur, The Twelve Perfect Christmas Gifts from Dianne B, Postcard Portfolio, 1983

Texas Gallery, Zandra Rhodes Artworks, Card, 1981

Zandra Rhodes, The Painted Lady Collection, Card, 1978