Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers alike. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries:


This is only a small selection of graffiti-related items in Gallery 98’s inventory.  Feel free to contact the gallery for more information.

East Village Eye, Vol. 3 No. 19

1982/01, Fab 5 Freddy, Wild Style, Break Dancing, Futura 2000

East Village Eye, Vol. 4 No. 24

1982/11, Phase 2, Henry Geldzahler, Spalding Gray, Helmut Newton

East Village Eye, Vol. 8 No. 68

1986/08, The Graffiti Question, Taki, Phase II, Coco 144, Sidney Janis, E.V. Books

407 show with Shapard Fairey

407 Gallery, Shepard Fairey, Giant, Card, 1997

henry chalfant card

55 Mercer Street Gallery, Henry Chalfant, Sculpture, Card, 1978

Annina Nosei Gallery, Rammellzee, A Special Event, Card, 1983


Appearance Press, Crash, Signed Limited Edition Silkscreen Art Book, 1986

Area Calligraffiti Card

AREA, Calligraffiti, Card, 1984

Promotional card for ART/new york's video documentary, "Graffiti / Post-Graffiti," 1984.

ART/new york, Lady Pink, Basquiat, Rammellzee, Keith Haring, Graffiti/Post-Graffiti Announcement, 1984

artists talk on art culture of graffiti

Artists Talk on Art, Winter Program Calendar, 1983


Avanti Galleries, The Usual Suspects with Martin Wong, Crash, Jenny Holzer, Daze and others, Poster, 1996

lee quinones card for barbara gladestone gallery

Barbara Gladstone Gallery, Lee Quinones, Card, 1982


Basquiat, Crash, Daze, Futura, Haring, Post-Graffiti Catalogue, December 1983


Breakdancing, Mr Fresh and the Supreme rockers, Book, 1984

Bullet Space, Hard Corps, RAMMELLZEE, Rick Rubin, Flyer, 1990


CBGB’s Gallery, Shepard Fairey, GIANT, Card, 1998

CHARAS/El Bohio, Livestock, NY2K, Card, 1999

Daily News, “Vandal Sprays Picasso Mural,” Guernica, MoMA, Newspaper, 1974

Tuff City card for Danceteria - front

Danceteria, Tuff City, Card, 1984


Danceteria, Benefit Party For Internation Graffiti Times, Card, 1984

hip hop art explosion daze card

Danceteria, Daze, Hip Hop Art Explosion, Card, 1983

danceteria dondi white card

Danceteria, Dondi White, Fun Gallery Crew Party, Card


Daze & Crash, Club U.S.A., Signed Poster, 1994

Daze, Dinner Party for Daze, Signed Dinner Menu, 1998

Session The Bowl poster

Deitch Projects, Martha Copper, Futura, Shepard Fairey, Session The Bowl, Poster, 2002

samo graffiti card

Emily Harvey Gallery, Henry Flynt, The Samo Graffiti, Card, March – April 1991

Fashion Moda poster by Daze

Fashion Moda, Daze (Chris Ellis), Poster, 1985

Fashion Moda poster AONE TOXIC KOOR

Fashion Moda, Graffiti Exhibition Poster, 1985

Food for Soup Kitchen poster by Jean Michael Basquiat and Catherine Hazard

Fashion Moda, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Food For Soup Kitchens, Poster, October 1983


Fashion Moda, John Fekner, Decay, Signed Photocopy Poster, 1980

Fashion Moda, John Fekner, Broken Promises, El Diario, Signed Xerox Poster, 1980

Johnny CRASH Matos, Fashion Moda Presents GAS (Graffiti Art Success for America), poster flyer

Fashion Moda, Johnny CRASH Matos, Graffiti Exhibition, Poster and Press Release, 1980

Poster for Party Freaks event

Fashion Moda, Phase 2, Party Freaks…Party, Poster, 1982

Poster for Afrikan American Classical Music with image by Phase 2

Fashion Moda, Phase 2, Poster 1988

fashion moda front

Fashion Moda, Robin VanArsdol, Card, 1992

poster for Daze's exhibition Melée

Franklin Furnace, Daze Presents Melée, Card


Fun Gallery – Lee color xerox exhibition announcement


Fun Gallery, Keith Haring, Poster, 1983

ramm-ell-zee card for Gabrielle Bryers gallery show

Gabrielle Bryers Gallery, Ramm-Ell-Zee, The Bands of Steel, Card, 1986

subway graffiti exhibition with Gabrielle Bryers Gallery

Gabrielle Bryers, Subway Graffiti Installation, Card, September 18 – October 9, 1982

keith haring card

Galerie Nadeau, Keith Haring, A Retrospective, Card, 1990

Gallerie Michel Gillet, Daze, Drawings from 1982 to 1992, Exhibition Catalogue, 1993

postcard for Gordon Matta-Clark show front

Gordon Matta-Clark, “Alternatives” To Washington Square Art Show, Card


Harmony Books, Art in Transit: Subway Drawings, Keith Haring, Tseng Kwong Chi & Henry Geldzahler, Poster, 1984

Haze and Wildgirl, Happy Holidays, Signed Card and Envelope, c. Late 1980s

Hip Hip written by author Steven Hagar

Hip Hop: The Illustrated History of Break Dancing, Rap Music, and Graffiti


Hugo Martinez Gallery, Bodycount Installation – California Meets NYC, Tracy 168, Earsnot, Chaz Bojorquez , Flyer, 1999

International Graffiti Times centerfold for Volume 12

International Graffiti Times, Centerfold, Tight, Volume 12, 1991; Design by PHASE 2

International Graffiti Times centerfold for Volume 15

International Graffiti Times, Centerfold, Tight, Volume 15, 1994; Design by PHASE 2

Complete IGTIMES Portfolio with all 15 Issues

International Graffiti Times, Complete Portfolio with all 15 Issues; Includes 28 Double-Sided Pages, 1984-1994

IGT Blue poster

International Graffiti Times, Volume 5, 1985; Design by DAVID SCHMIDLAPP

IGHT Issue 6

International Graffiti Times, Volume 6, 1985

John Fekner, Fall 1968, Stencil, Late 1970s


John Fekner, June 1900, Stencil, Late 1970s

John Fekner, June 1970, Stencil, Late 1970s


John Fekner, Nov 1940, Stencil, Late 1970s

John Fekner, The Past, Spray Paint Stencil on C.V., signed, 1981

CRASH card front

Jus de pomme Gallery, CRASH, New Work, Card, 1986


Keith Haring, Crawling Baby, Pinback, 1986

Keith Haring, BIPO, “Life is Fresh, Crack is Whack,” 33rpm Vinyl Record, 1987


Keith Haring, Harmony Books, Tseng Kwong Chi, Art In Transit, Book, 1984

black and white Keith Haring poster

Keith Haring, Poster, 1982

Outer Limits exhibition postcard

Kenkeleba Gallery, Lady Pink, Lee Quinones, Martin Wong, Inner City Outer Limits, Card, 1991

Front of Th Kitchen benefit card

Kitchen Touring U.S.A. I, Staten Island Ferry, Card, 1982

Klarfeld Perry Gallery, Lady Pink, Daze, Crash, Futura 2000, Lee, Exhibition Card, 1992


La Mama’s La Galleria, Chico and Score, Card

Lady Pink, Under the Brooklyn Bridge, Silkscreen Print from Your House Is Mine, 1990

Lee Quiñones and Eduardo Galeano, Century of the Wind, Silkscreen Print, from Your House Is Mine, 1990


Lee Quinones, b.O.b Gallery, “Ghetto Samurai,” Card, 2001


Livestock Gallery, Futura 2000, Card, 1996

Martinez, Inaugural Gallery Exhibition, Richard Admiral, Phase Two & others, Card, 1991


Mary Anthony Galleries, Crash, The Villians, Poster, 1995

Mary Anthony Galleries, Synaesthesia, Ronnie Cutrone, SIGNED Catalogue, 1992

mudd club card for futura 2000 exhibition

Mudd Club, Futura 2000, Basquiat, Rammellzee…, Beyond Words, Card, April 1981

front of Daze card

Museum of American Graffiti, Chris “Daze” Ellis, Folded Card, 1989


New York Post, “Dung Ho!”, Chris Ofili, Brooklyn Museum, Newspaper, 1999

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p.s. 1 poster for New York / New Wave

P.S. 1, New York / New Wave, Poster, February – April 1981

Art Gangster, "Paint Sprayed on Masterpiece," 1974

Paint Sprayed On Masterpiece, Mail Art, 1974

crash at palladium

Palladium, Crash, Card, 1986

postcard for Palladium party for Futura 2000 and Martin Wong

Palladium, Futura 2000 & Martin Wong, Card, 1986

From portfolio by Jean-Michel Basquiat

Paris Review, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Issue 87, Spring 1983


Procter Art Center (Bard College), Represent: Underground Streetwear Graphics curated by Carlo McCormick, Card, 1995

Projects United DAZE

Projects United, DAZE , Card, 2001

Public Art Fund, Guerrilla Girls, Billboard Project card, 1991

crash at sidney janis gallery - front

Sidney Janis Gallery, CRASH, New Paintings, Exhibition Catalogue, 1986


Sidney Janis Gallery, Crash, New Paintings, Exhibition Catalogue, 1992


Sidney Janis, Graffiti Party, Panache on Broadway, Card, 1983

rammellzee articats from the future

Solaridad Humana, DefunkT, Rammellzee, Artifacts From The Future, Card, 1988

Squat Theater, Iconoklast Panzerism Versus Tricnology, Jean-Michel Basquiat, RAMMELLZEE, Stephen Torton, 1982

Stash Two, Subway Map, Spray Paint on Subway Map, from Your House Is Mine, 1990

blade card for stellweg séguy gallery

Stellweg Séguy Gallery, Blade, Card, 1984

quik stellweg seguy

Stellweg Séguy Gallery, Quik, Card, 1984

front of Rammellzee card

Stellweg Séguy Gallery, Rammellzee, Card

Seen postcard

Stellweg Séguy Gallery, Seen, Card, 1983

IGT issue 7

The Subway Sun, Volume 7, 1986; Design by DAVID SCHMIDLAPP

shepard fairey cash for chaos tin man ally

Tin Man Alley, Shepard Fairey, Cash for Chaos, Card, 2001

Tom Warren, Sandra Fabara (Lady Pink), signed photograph, 1982

Tony Shafrazi Gallery & Fun Gallery, Kenny Scharf, Poster, 1984

Keith Haring Shafrazi poster

Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Keith Haring: Into 84, Bill T. Jones, Poster, 1983

futura 2000 tony shafrazi

Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Futura 2000, Folded Card, 1984

keith haring card front with LA2

Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Keith Haring and LA2, Card, 1982


Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Keith Haring, Fertility Suite Complete Promotional Postcard Set, 1983

kenny scharf card for tony shafrazi

Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Kenny Scharf, Ann Magnuson, Folded Card and Insert, 1985

kenny scharf

Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Kenny Scharf, Card, 1983

Kenny Sharff image

Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Kenny Scharf, Catalogue, 1983


Vrej Baghoomian, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Exhibition Invitation, April – June 1988

keith haring whitney museum

Whitney Museum, Keith Haring, Card, 1997

Bear photograph

Whole Car by Raz, a tribute to Bear 167 color photograph,1986

Graffiti photo

Whole Car by UA, MBT & Sak, color photograph,1986