Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers alike. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries:

Music Ephemera

This is only a small selection of the music-related items in Gallery 98’s inventory.  Feel free to contact the gallery for more information.

East Village Eye, Volume 1 Number 1

1979/05, Issue Number 1 (May 1979). Pristine Condition. James White, Jack Curtis, EV Film

East Village Eye, Vol. 1 No. 3

1979/07, Suicide, Edit DeAk, Taylor Mead CF, Tina L’Hotsky, Seth Tobocman

East Village Eye, Vol. 3 No. 20

1982/04, David Byrne, Bob Marley Interview, Mudd Club

East Village Eye, Vol. 5 No. 24

1984/04, Run DMC, John Sex, William Burroughs, Judy Rifka

East Village Eye, Vol. 6 No. 55

1985/06, East Village Map, John Lurie, Survival Research Laboratories

East Village Eye, Vol. 8 No. 71

1986/12, Beastie Boys, Iggy Pop, Nam June Paik, Ruth Kligman


Record Covers Designed by Andy Warhol Inventory

A's Gallery Alan Suicide and Y Pants

A’s Gallery, Alan Suicide, Y Pants, New Years Eve Party, Flyer, 1979

AIR Disband Martha Wilson

AIR, Martha Wilson, Ingrid Sischy, Disband, Card, 1979

Arturo Vega t-shirt

Arturo Vega, Blitz Benefit, CBGB, Silkscreen T-Shirt, 1978

Ramones shirt by Arturo Vega

Arturo Vega, Rock ‘N Roll High School, silkscreen T-Shirt, 1978

BAM Branca program - front

BAM, Glenn Branca, Symphony No. 3, Program, 1983

Black flag sticker

Black Flag, Raymond Pettibone, Vintage Sticker

hollywood babylon poster

Bond International Casino, Chi Chi Valenti, Lounge Lizards, Hollywood Babylon, Poster, 1980

Andy Warhol at Brooke Alexander Gallery, John Lennon

Brooke Alexander Inc, Andy Warhol, Portrait Drawings, Folded Card, 1998

Brooklyn Academy of Music, Next Wave, Laurie Anderson, John Cage, Lou Reed, Catalogue, 1989

Caedmon Records, Cover Art by Andy Warhol, Tennessee Williams Reads from The Glass Menagerie…, 33.3 RPM, 1952

Candace Perich Gallery (CT), Bill King’s photo of Patti Smith…, The Cool and Crazy, Images of Punk, Card, 1996

front of bernie worrell card

Cat Club, Bernie Worrell and Friends, Folded Card

James Howard Eady at The Cat Club

Cat Club, James Howard Eady, Card, 1985

John Kelly Paved Paradise card for The Cat Club - front

Cat Club, John Kelly, Paved Paradise, Folded Card, 1985

cat club paved paradise poster

Cat Club, John Kelly, Paved Paradise, Poster, 1985

tommy gunn party

Cat Club, Tommy Gunn’s Birthday Party, Folded Card

CBGB poster for The Erasers

CBGB, The Erasers, Flyer, 1977


CBGB, Bush Tetras, Postcard, 1997

CBGB - Farewell Festival flyer

CBGB, Farewell Festival, Flyer, 2006

helen wheels band flyer

CBGB, Helen Wheels Band, Flyer, 1985

CBGB, Jon Waine, William Pope.L, Franc Palaia, Flyer, c. 1982

Nation's nightmare andy warhol Record

CBS Radio Network, Cover Art by Andy Warhol, The Nation’s Nightmare, 33.3 RPM, 1951

front of card with lee scratch perry and the terrorists

Club 57 at Irving Plaza, Lee Scratch Perry, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, Card, 1981

The Waitresses club 57 card front

Club 57 at Irving Plaza, The Waitresses, Card, 1981

Colette, Beautiful Dreamer 33rpm Vinyl Record & Cover, 1978

brian eno concord

Concord Gallery, Brian Eno, Installation, Card, 1983

Contact Sheet, Jon Waine, William Pope.L, Brian McCormack, Franc Palaia, Ellen La Forge, c. 1981

Dance Theater Workshop, Robert Ashley, Perfect Lives (Private Parts), Card, 1979

mod or rock card front

Danceteria, Are U Mod Or Are U Rock A Beatles-Rolling Stones Extravaganza, Card

Danceteria, R.T. Firefly, Inroads, Jon Waine, William Pope.L, Franc Palaia, Flyer, 1982

Chris Stein card front portrait of Debbie Harry

Daniel Wolf Inc, Chris Stein, Making Tracks: The Rise of Blondie, Card, 1982

GALLERY 98 Artist's Name, Title, etc. Dee Dee Ramone & Barbara Zampini - Taking Dope #3, Xeroxed zine

Dee Dee Ramone, Taking Dope #3, Xeroxed zine, October 1996

drawing of the Chelsea Hotel by Dee Dee ramone

Dee Dee Ramone, The Chelsea Hotel, Drawing, c. 2000

Dia Art Foundation, La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela, Poster, 1981

Y Pants (Barbara Ess, Virginia Piersol, Gail Vachon) - Concert poster

E.S.G. and Y Pants, Concert Poster, 1980


Fact Sheet, Jon Waine, William Pope.L, Franc Palaia, c. 1980

green door nyc club card

Green Door NYC, Sid Vicious, Nancy Spungen, Card, 1996

roy dacarava jazz photographs

Hunter College Art Gallery, Roy DeCarava, The Sound I Saw, Card, 1984

Grace Jones of the cover of Interview Magazine

Interview Magazine, Grace Jones, October Issue, 1984


John Fekner City Squad, “Rock Steady” b/w “2·4·5·7·9·11,” 12″ record in signed sleeve, 1983

John Fekner City Squad, Concrete People, 12″ single in signed sleeve, 1986

John Fekner City Squad Album cover

John Fekner, Idioblast, 33 RPM Record, 1983-86

John Morton – “The Electric Eels” 45 rpm Record With Picture Sleeve, 1981

Cover art by John Morten for The Syrenes

John Morton – “The Syrenes with Bobby Meyers” 45 rpm Record With Picture Sleeve, 1981

dirt club

Jon Waine, William Pope.L, “Original Afro-Nuwave Music,” Franc Palaia, Dirt Club, Flyer, 1981


Jon Waine, William Pope.L, Brian McCormack, Franc Palaia, Steve Davison, Ellen La Forge, “Do the Tic”/”Boogie Down the Congo,” Flexi disc, 1982

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Jon Waine, William Pope.L, Brian McCormack, Franc Palaia, Steve Davison, Ellen La Forge, Band Bio’s, 1982

Jon Waine, William Pope.L, Brian McCormack, Lyric Sheet, 1982


Jon Waine, William Pope.L, Live Performance Photograph, 1982

chant a capella flyer

Judson Church, Laurie Anderson, Jean Dupuy, Nam June Paik, Chant A Capella, Flyer, 1977


Keith Haring, BIPO, “Life is Fresh, Crack is Whack,” 33rpm Vinyl Record, 1987


Keith Haring, David Bowie’s Without You, 45rpm Vinyl Record, 1983


Keith Haring, Emanon, The Baby Beat Box, 33rpm Vinyl Record, 1986

Keith Haring, Malcolm McLaren, Duck Rock, 45rpm Vinyl Record, 1983


Keith Haring, Sylvester, Someone Like You, 33rpm Vinyl Maxi-Single, 1986


Keith Haring, William Burroughs, Various Artists, A Diamond Hidden in the Mouth of a Corpse LP, 1985

L’attico Sala Borromini, India – America Musica E Danza, Joan Jonas, Charlemagne Palestine, La Monte Young, Magazine, 1977

Limelight, Ann Magnuson, Vulcan Death Grip, Card, 1984

Poster announcement for Complete Havoc! with "memorial services" and Fear of Ordinary Life

Limelight, Complete Havoc!, Poster, 1986

gary glitter limelight

Limelight, Gary Glitter, Card, 1984

Jayne County, at Limelight invitation

Limelight, Jayne County Performance, Card, 1992

Jon Waine Maxwell's flyer

Maxwell’s, Jon Waine, Franc Palaia, Afro-Newave Dance Music, Flyer, 1982

Miller & Ringma, Bettie Visits CBGB, Debbie Harry, Photograph, 1977/78

Miller & Ringma, Bettie Visits CBGB, Richard Hell & The Voidoids, Photograph, 1977/78

Miller & Ringma, Bettie Visits CBGB, Talking Heads, Photograph, 1977/78

Miller & Ringma, Bettie Visits CBGB, The Ramones, Photograph, 1977

Miller & Ringma, Bettie Visits CBGB, Punk Portfolio, 10 Photographs, 1977/78

mudd club may calendar

Mudd Club, 3 Teens Kill 4, File Magazine, May Schedule, Flyer, 1981

mudd club flyer for the fuzztones

Mudd Club, The Fuzztones and The Chesterfield Kings, Flyer

mudd club february 1982 lineup

Mudd Club, Glen Branca, Card, 1982


Negril, Jon Waine, William Pope.L, Franc Palaia, Flyer, 1982

NY Rocker Magazine featuring Patti Smith

New York Rocker Magazine, Patti Smith

NY Rocker magazine cover - no new york

NY Rocker Magazine, October, 1980

O Super Man / Walk The Dog postcard for Laurie Anderson's EP release - front

One Ten Records, Laurie Anderson, O Superman / Walk The Dog, Card, 1982

Laurie Anderson poster with Love of Life Orchestra

One Ten Records, Laurie Anderson, Love of Life Orchestra, Poster, 1980

P.S.1 & A.I.R., Disband, Barbara Kruger, Ingrid Sichy, Martha Wilson, Diane Torr, Cards (2), 1979

boy george party at palladium

Palladium, Boy George Birthday Party, Card, 1985

Palladium, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Post-Concert Party Invite, Card, 1986

Palladium Grace Jones card front

Palladium, Grace Jones and Deee-Lite, New Years’s Eve Party, Card, 1990

Liberace at Palladium, 1986

Palladium, Liberace, Card, 1986

front of madonna homecoming party card

Palladium, Madonna, Homecoming Party, Card, 1985

rike bard card for palladium show

Palladium, Rick Bard, Carly Simon, Folded Card, 1987

Paula Cooper Gallery, Jennifer Bartlett, The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center in Soho, Flyer, c. 1980’s

at privates the stranglers

Privates, The Stranglers, Card, 1981

Real Art Ways (Connecticut), Hip Hop Nation, Card, 1991

Solo Press, Roz Chast, “Tea Will Be Served,” Baroque Chamber Music, Card, 1981

madonna party at studio 54 - front

Studio 54, Desperately Seeking Madonna, Card, 1985

studio 54 east 13th street band, front of card

Studio 54, Larry Rivers and The East 13th St Band, Franklin Furnace Benefit, Card, 1982

Studio 54, - Village People

Studio 54, Village People, Card, 1985

Susan Cooper Gallery, Bob Gruen, Sex & Rock & Roll, Card and Price List, 1991


Ten Eighteen, Happy Birthday Vito and Roman, 3-Fold Card, 1987

The Kitchen, 10th Anniversary, David Byrne, Philip Glass Ensemble, Laurie Anderson, Bush Tetras, Fab Five Freddy, Steve Reich, Brian Eno, Nam June Paik, Poster, 1981

The Wallets album Body Talk front

The Wallets album ‘Body Language’, 1988 – Steven Kramer

The Wallets take it album

The Wallets album ‘Take It’, 1986 – Steven Kramer

the Wallets album catch star

The Wallets, Steven Kramer, EP Catch a Falling Star, 1983

andy warhol time magazine cover of michael jackson, 1984

TIME Magazine, Andy Warhol, Michael Jackson, March 19 Issue, 1984

photograph of the band by Michael Halsband

TR3, Lydia Lunch’s Eight Eyed Spy, Flyer, c. 1980’s

Bob Gruen photography exhibtion at Tunnel - front

Tunnel, Bob Gruen, Rockers, Folded Card, 1988

The Show Show at The Underground with Chase Roe and DJ Afrika Bambaataa

Underground, Chase Roe & DJ Afrika Bambaataa, The Slow Show, Card and Press Release, 1983

David Bowie card for The Underground dance party

Underground, David Bowie, Let’s Dance, Card, 1983

Nina Hagen card front

Webster Hall, Nina Hagen in Concert, Card

x magazine benefit poster

X Magazine Benefit Concert Poster, 1978


Youthanasia, ESG, Liquid Liquid, Card