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Double issue, #5 and #6, 1981

Appearances magazine

Issue No. 3, June/July 1989

Art & Artists


Paint Sprayed On Masterpiece, Mail Art, 1974

Art Gangster (Jerry Dreva)

Volume 1, Number 2, February 1970


Issue No. 11/12, 1975-76



Issue No. 14, 1976-77


Spring 1975: Les Levine cover

The Arts in Ireland


June 1975: Dennis Oppenheim, Andy Warhol, Colette

The Arts in Ireland

International Graffiti Times, Volume 5, 1985; Design by DAVID SCHMIDLAPP


Three issues, 1971–1973 (Nauman, Rainer, Wegman)

Avalanche magazine, winter 1971, Bruce Naumann cover


Lisa Baumgardner, Issue No. 5, Signed and Numbered, 1980

Bikini Girl

Lisa Baumgardner, Issue No. 8, 1981

Bikini Girl

“Your House Is Mine,” tabloid newspaper, 1993

"Your House Is Mine" tabloid for Bullet Space

Bullet Space

“Blast” magazine, October 1987


Tibor Kalman, The Religion Issue, Issue No. 13, 1994

Colors Magazine

Tibor Kalman, The AIDS Issue, Issue No. 7, 1994

Colors Magazine

Complete IGTIMES Portfolio with all 15 Issues; Includes 28 Double-Sided Pages, 1984-1994


Barbara Kruger, David Salle, Tom Otterness; Issue No. 1, May, 1979

Cover Magazine

Colette, James Romberger, Andy Warhol; Issue No. 5, 1991

Cover Magazine


Annie Flanders, Bruce Weber Portfolio, Issue No. 3, Summer, 1982

Details Magazine

Cindy Sherman cover, September 1987


Cover story and photo feature by Baird, 1987

Downtown Magazine


Richard Kern, Issue No. 6, 1983

Dumb Fucker Magazine

Large Selection of Back Issues Available, 1979-1987

East Village Eye

Large Selection of Back Issues Available, 1979-1987

East Village Eye

Issue Number 1 (May 1979). Pristine Condition. James White, Jack Curtis, EV Film

East Village Eye

Issue Number 1 (May 1979). Pristine Condition. James White, Jack Curtis, EV Film Copy

East Village Eye


Walter Robinson, Jenny Holzer, John Ahearn, Fashion

East Village Eye, June 1979

Suicide, Edit DeAk, Taylor Mead CF, Tina L’Hotsky, Seth Tobocman

East Village Eye, Summer 1979

John Lurie, Rosa Von Praunheim, Christof Kohlhofer CF

East Village Eye, September 1979


Richard Hell’s Slum Journal, Nuyorican Poets’ Cafe

East Village Eye, October 1979

Richard Hell’s Slum Journal, Glenn O’Brien’s TV Party, Animal X

East Village Eye, March 1980


Richard Hell’s Slum Journal, John Cale, War & Fashion

East Village Eye, April 13, 1980


Tina L’Hotsky, Gary Indiana

East Village Eye, April 28, 1980


John Holmstrom’s “Death of Punk,” Chris Burden, Slugger Ann

East Village Eye, June 1980

David McDermott, Richard Hell’s Slum Journal, TV Party Manifesto

East Village Eye, Summer 1980


Art or Fashion, Betsy Johnson, World War III

East Village Eye, Sept.–Oct. 1980

Thanksgiving 1980: Fashion Moda, Rudolf, Christy Rupp CF, Edit deAk, Gary Indiana

East Village Eye, Thanksgiving 1980


Lee Quinones, Fashion Moda, A More Store Ad by Tom Otterness, Slits

East Village Eye, Christmas 1980

Year in Death, Lester Bangs Letter

East Village Eye, March 1981

Clash, Eno Interview, Cookie Mueller, Y Pants

East Village Eye, Summer 1981

Fab 5 Freddy, Wild Style, Break Dancing, Futura 2000

East Village Eye, January 1982

David Byrne, Bob Marley Interview, Mudd Club

East Village Eye, April 1982

Tim Leary, Gang of Four, Death of Soho News

East Village Eye, May 1982

Afrika Bambaataa, Lenny Kaye, Kathy Acker, Laurie Anderson

East Village Eye, June 1982


Lisa Sliwa interview Marcia Resnick cover

East Village Eye, July 1982


Nina Hagen, Richard Hell, Ellen Berkenblit, Henry Chalfont

East Village Eye, August 1982

Melle Mel, Baird Jones, Gary Indiana, Nazi Art

East Village Eye, September 1982


Keith Haring, Rammellzee interview

East Village Eye, October 1982


Phase 2, Henry Geldzahler, Spalding Gray, Helmut Newton

East Village Eye, November 1982

John Waters, Billy Idol, Joseph Nechvatal, Cookie Mueller

East Village Eye, January 1983


Patti Astor, “Iconoklast Panzerism” at Fashion Moda, The Roxy

East Village Eye, February 1983


Nick Zedd, Jane Dickson, Laurie Anderson, Wim Wenders

East Village Eye, March 1983

Robert Mapplethorpe, Richard Hambleton, Alan Vega

East Village Eye, April 1983

Rainer Fassbinder, Jackie Curtis, Dennis Hopper

East Village Eye, May 1983

Alan Vega, John Zorn, Double Dutch, Ethyl Eichelberger

East Village Eye, June 1983

Tales of Desire, Rudolf, Lynne Tillman, Air Graffiti, Stefan Eins

East Village Eye, July 1983

Ann Magnuson, Kristian Hoffman, Eurythmics

East Village Eye, August 1983

Lady Pink & Jenny Holzer, John Sex, D.A. Pennebaker

East Village Eye, September 1983

E.V. Art, Richard Hambleton, Robert Colescott, Michael Stewart

East Village Eye, October 1983

Steve Mass on Mudd Club, Lizzie Borden, Duncan Hannah

East Village Eye, November 1983


Boy George, Miles Davis

East Village Eye, December/January 1983-84

Glenn Branca, Artists Call, Christof Kohlhofer, James Romberger

East Village Eye, February 1984


Heroin, George Clinton, Mark Kostabi, Twyla Tharp

East Village Eye, March 1984


Run DMC, John Sex, William Burroughs, Judy Rifka

East Village Eye, April 1984

Barbara Kruger, Futura 2000, Bill Rice, Walter Robinson

East Village Eye, May 1984

Tuli Kupferberg, John Cale, Sarah Charlesworth, Eric Bogosian

East Village Eye, June 1984

David Wojnarowicz, Ed Sanders & Tuli Kupferberg, Charles Burns

East Village Eye, July 1984

Lou Reed, Fashion with Wendy Wild and Lydia Lunch

East Village Eye, August 1984

Tama Janowitz, John Lydon, Stephen Sprouse/Stefano Fashion

East Village Eye, September 1984

Sue Coe, Jim Jarmusch, Martin Wong, Steven Parrino, Bill T. Jones

East Village Eye, October 1984

Wim Wenders, Bobby G, Greer Lankton, Dean Johnson Fashion

East Village Eye, November 1984

Fred Schneider, Robin Winters, Rudolf

East Village Eye, December/January 1984-85

Stephen Lack, Mick Farren, Les Levine, Ping Chong

East Village Eye, February 1985

Death of Graffiti artist Michael Stewart

East Village Eye, March 1985

Kurtis Blow, Computer Art, Willoughby Sharp, Cookie Mueller

East Village Eye, April 1985

Susan Seidelman, “Desparately Seeking Susan”

East Village Eye, May 1985

East Village Map, John Lurie, Survival Research Laboratories

East Village Eye, June 1985

Gentrification, Ethyl Erhelberger, Gary Panter, Diamanda Galas

East Village Eye, July 1985

Karen Finley, Allen Ginsberg, Nancy Spero, Patrick McGrath

East Village Eye, August 1985

Sade, Nina Hagen, Krush Groove, Music & Fashion

East Village Eye, September 1985

David Wojnarowicz, Mike Bidlo, Lucy Lippard, Rene Ricard

East Village Eye, October 1985

David Wojnarowicz, Jean-Luc Godard, Webo

East Village Eye, November 1985


Jay McInerney, David Wojnarowicz, Plato’s Retreat, AIDS in E.V.

East Village Eye, December/January 1985-86

David Wojnarowicz, Madonna, Rei Kawakubo

East Village Eye, February 1986

Phoebe Legere, Heroin, Fashion, Roland Hagenberg

East Village Eye, March, 1986

Special E.V. Report, Yuppies, Homesteaders, Best & Worst; Includes E.V. map supplement

East Village Eye, April 1986

Special E.V. Report, Yuppies, Homesteaders, Best & Worst; Includes E.V. map supplement Copy

East Village Eye, April 1986

Tom Waits, Alex Grey, Alan Vega

East Village Eye, May 1986

Move Bombing In Philly, Eric Mitchell, Julie Wachtel

East Village Eye, June 1986


John Lydon, David Wojnarowicz, Ira Cohen, Fela Kuti

East Village Eye, July 1986

The Graffiti Question, Taki, Phase II, Coco 144, Sidney Janis, E.V. Books

East Village Eye, August 1986

Brett Easton Ellis, Computer Art, 8 B.C., Semiotics

East Village Eye, September 1986

Vito Acconci, Richard Kern, Sid & Nancy, TV & Contemporary Art

East Village Eye, October 1986


Beastie Boys, Iggy Pop, Nam June Paik, Ruth Kligman

East Village Eye, December 1986

Highlights From Past Issues; Best Of The Eye 1979-86

East Village Eye, January 1987

Fine Art Network Preliminary Issue Release Flyer


Nine issues of “Flue,” 1980–1987

Franklin Furnace

Issue #30, 1985

High Performance

#6 (“Sweat Is Best”), 1981


#8 (“Head-to-Toe Guide”), 1982


#7 (“In Future a Future”), 1982


International Graffiti Times, Volume 5, 1985; Design by DAVID SCHMIDLAPP

IG Times

Complete Set of Posters, 1984 -1994

IG Times

Andy Warhol’s Interview, Issue No. 30, 1973


United States Olympic Special, Issue No. 1, 1983


Photocopied press clips, 1982–2007

Baird the gossip


Beth B, David Wajnarowicz, Mary Boone, Issue No. 11, 1984

New York Beat

New York Post, “ANDY WARHOL DEAD AT 58,” 1987

New York Post

Cicciolina Cover and Interview, Anton Perich, Issue No. 23, 1994

Night Magazine

Number 32, 1997: Victor Bockris

Night Magazine


Blondie, Talking Heads, Heartbreakers; Issue No. 9, Sept. – Oct. 1977

NY Rocker

Richard Hell, Iggy Pop, Blondie; Issue No. 7, June, 1977

NY Rocker

Magazine, October, 1980

NY Rocker

Volume 1, Issue 8; October 1984

NY Talk

Issue No. 11, February, 1985

NY Talk

Issue No. 8, September, 1985

NY Talk

Issue No. 10, November, 1985

NY Talk

Keith Haring Feature, June, 1986

NY Talk


Kim Hastreiter & David Hershkovits’ Stylish Event Guide, Issue No. 1, June, 1984

Paper Magazine

John Waters, October 1986

Paper Magazine

Joey Arias, John Kelly, Terry Gilliam; Issue No. 8, March, 1989

Paper Magazine

Marisa Tomei, June 1995

Paper Magazine

Issue 87 (with Basquiat portfolio), spring 1983

Paris Review—Basquiat portfolio

Magazine, 1977

Amos Poe's Autograph #2

Issue #12, Night Life Publication by MICHAEL ALIG, JULIE JEWELS & RUDOLF, Late 80s Early 90s


Issue #13, Night Life Publication by MICHAEL ALIG, JULIE JEWELS & RUDOLF, Late 80s Early 90s


Newsletter about Richard Serra’s Tilted Arc, 1985

Public Art Fund

Issue No. 16, March/April, 1979

Punk Magazine

Tuli Kupferberg, 1981

Questionable Cartoons plus Signed Xerox Handout

Issue No. 10, Summer, 1983

Real Life Magazine

Thomas Lawson, Ed.; Issue No. 16, Autumn, 1986

Real Life Magazine

Issue #1, “For the Left Side of Your Brain,” 1982

Redtape Magazine

Issue 5, “White Lies,” Summer 1984

Redtape Magazine

Number 6 (“The Cracked Mirror”), 1985–86

Redtape Magazine

#7 (final issue), “Tragicomix,” 1992

Redtape Magazine

“Double Summer Issue” release party at Danceteria, flyer, 1983

Redtape Magazine

“White Lies” release party at Danceteria, flyer, 1984

Redtape Magazine

“Little White Lies” exhibition at Magic Gallery, flyer, 1984

Redtape Magazine

Benefit Art Sale at Sensory Evolution, announcement, 1985

Redtape Magazine

“Art Damaged” release party at Danceteria, flyer, 1984

Redtape Magazine

Tragicomix/Day of the Dead party at Skep, announcement, 1992

Redtape Magazine

“D.U.M.B.O. Direct,” newsprint, 1999

Pedro Rosenblueth, ed.

Yoko Ono; Issue No. 10, December, 1980

Soho News

John Lennon Assassination, Break Dancer Crazy Legs; Issue No. 9, December, 1981

Soho News

Teri Slotkin & Dick Miller, ed., First 3 Issues, 1978-1980

Spanner NYC

Volume 1, Issue 1, Spring 1983

TV Magazine


X Collective, Vol. 2, 1978

X Magazine

X Collective, Issues No. 2 & 3, 1978

X Magazine

Magazine, February 1978

X Motion Picture Magazine


Robert Longo Cover, Jack Goldstein; Issue No. 3, 1981

ZG Magazine