Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries: | Sign up for our Newsletter    


For maria poster by Keith haring

“For Maria, June 1985” (Postcard)

Wojnarowicz apple

“Forbidden Fruit,” postcard for Dianne B. boutique, 1983

Richard Hambleton, "I Only Have Eyes for You"

“I Only Have Eyes for You,” postcard, 1981


“New Paintings,” exhibition announcement, 1987

angels saints martyrs postcard for 303 gallery front

303 Gallery, David Lachapelle, Card, 1984

David La Chapelle card for 56 Bleeker Gallery front

56 Bleeker Gallery, David La Chapelle, Your Needs Met 1988

A & P, Andrew Castrucci, Fresh Fruit for Rotten Vegetables, Card, 1986

front of postcard for David Wojnarowicz's exhibition at Alexander F Milliken Gallery

Alexander F. Milliken Inc., David Wojnarowicz, Folded Card


Anthony d’Offay & Gian Enzo Sperone, Francesco Clemente, Photo portrait by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Folded Card, 1983

American Highway postcard

AREA, American Highway, Postcard, 1986


Art & Project (Amsterdam, NL), Francesco Clemente, “the loneliness of the frog, or bruno taut in istanbul, 1937, laughing,” Card, 1984/85

Ten Years later postcard for Audart Gallery

Audart Gallery, Ten Years After: The Warhol Factory , Card


Barbara Bloom, “The Tip of the Iceberg,” Postcard, 1991

Basler Kunstvereins, Von Twombly Bis Clemente, Front image by Francesco Clemente, Card, 1985

Bess Cutler Gallery, R. Crumb, Drawings 1960s – 1980s, Folded Card, 1995

Bruno Facchetti Gallery, Acceptable Entertainment, 1986

Butterfly, unusual promotional item, 1984

Cat Club - JOHN SEX, New Year's Eve invitation

Cat Club, John Sex, New Year’s Eve Performance, Folded Card, 1986


CBGB, Bush Tetras, Postcard, 1997

Colette card "Ear"

Colette, The Ear, Street Piece I #8, Postcards From the Story of my Life, 1973

Danceteria, Benefit Party For Internation Graffiti Times, Card, 1984


Danceteria, Colette, Art on Stage, Card, 1982

thumbnail david wojnarowicz at PPOW

David Wojnarowicz “In The Shadow of Forward Motion” – P.P.O.W exhibition postcard


Etherton Gallery, Twentieth Century American Photographs, Diane Arbus, Card, 1984

front of Wojnarowicz postcard for Exit Art exhibition

Exit Art, David Wojnarowicz, Tongues Of Flame, Card


Fabjbasaglia Galleria, Book party for Francesco Clemente’s “Vetta,” Card, 1979

Pulsallama flyer

Flyer for concert at the Underground, with John Sex, 1982

Friends of Photography, One Hundred Photographs, Diane Arbus, Card, c. 1970

Fun Gallery invite illustrated by Keith Haring

Fun Gallery, Keith Haring, Card, 1983

Nicolas A. Moufarrege tribute show card

Gabrielle Bryers Gallery, Homage To Nicolas A. Moufarrege, Card, 1986


Galerie Bischofberger, Francesco Clemente, Folded Card, 1981

Galerie Bruno Bischofberger, Francesco Clemente Watercolors, Photo portrait by Robert Mapplethorpe, Folded Card, 1982/1983

Galerie d’Art Contemporain des Musees de Nice, Francesco Clemente, Card, 1983

Galleria Christian Stein, Mario Merz, Postcard, 1980

Gelco Corporation, The Gelco Collection, Front image by Francesco Clemente, Undated, 3 fold card

postcard for Ecstatic Stigmatic

Gorden Stevenson, Ecstatic Stigmatic, Postcard

postcard for Gordon Matta-Clark show front

Gordon Matta-Clark, “Alternatives” To Washington Square Art Show, Card

Gracie Mansion collaborations postcard

Gracie Mansion Gallery, Christof Kohlhofer / Marilyn Minter Collaborations, Card, 1986

fron of greathouse gallery postcard for augeri

Greathouse, Lynne Augeri, Card

wrappings harmony hammond card

Harmony Hammond, Wrappings: Essays on Feminism, Art, and the Martial Arts, Card, 1984

Holiday Card, 1986

postcard for A More Store installation at Jack Tilton Gallery and Printer Matter, front

Jack Tilton Gallery, A More Store, Card

Josef Gallery, Art & Anomie, Donald Baechler, David Salle, Laurie Simmons, Card, 1982

card for kamikaze's Bernarducci show - front

Kamikaze, Frank Bernarducci, The Fine Art Of Commercial Photography, Card

Front of Keith haring poster

Keith Haring at Tony Shafrazi Gallery, 1983

Keith haring postcard with Bill T Joens

Keith Haring at Tony Shafrazi Gallery, 1983

Outer Limits exhibition postcard

Kenkeleba Gallery, Lady Pink, Lee Quinones, Martin Wong, Inner City Outer Limits, Card, 1991

Front of Th Kitchen benefit card

Kitchen Touring U.S.A. I, Staten Island Ferry, Card, 1982

"POLY PORN" Postcard, Xerox on card stock, 6 1/4 x 4 1/4 in., November 3, 1987.

Knitting Factory, Political Satire, Legs McNeil, Flo Kennedy, Victor Bockris, Card, 1987

front of Erotica invitation featuring original Kwok artwork

Kwok, Epoxy Art Group at Red Spot Outdoor Slideshow, Card, 1981


Leo Castelli Gallery, Bruce Nauman, Large Folded Card

fron of Life cafe Ann Magnuson's holiday show postcard

Life Cafe holiday performance invitation – Ann Magnuson ‘Life Crusade,’ 1982

Safe Sex is Hot Sex, Celebration to Benefit Red Hot + Blue invitation

Limelight, Celebration To Benefit Red Hot & Blue, Folded Card, 1991

invitation for White Trash, At Limelight

Limelight, White Trash Leaves London With Performance by Marilyn, Folded Card, 1985

invitation for High Times Magazine Christmas Party, At Lismar Lounge

Lismar Lounge, High Times Magazine Christmas Party, Card, 1988

Lucio Amelio, Francesco Clemente, Card, 1979

Mary Boone Gallery, Ellen Gallagher, Folded Card, 1996

Mary Boone Gallery, Francesco Clemente, Card and Envelope, 1983

Max Protetch Gallery, Glenn Ligon, Photos & Notes, Card, 1995


Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Touch Sanitation Show, Performance Announcement, 1984

Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Narratives, Eleanor Antin, Card, 1982

Museum fur Gegenwartskunsk Basel, Francesco Clemente, Card, 1985

Palladium, Chi Chi Valenti, Edit deAk, Pictorial effects by Francesco Clemente, Card, 1986

LLBB postcard

Paradise Garage, Keith Haring, Birthday Party for DJ Larry Levan, 1986


Pat Hearn Gallery, Sam Doyle, Large 3-Folded Card, 1986

Paula Cooper Gallery, Yayoi Kusama, Card, 1996

Robert Colescott's postcard for Phyllis Kind Gallery exhibition - front

Phyllis Kind Gallery, Robert Colescott, Recent Paintings, Card, 1989

Hambleton's nightlife postcard

Postcard by Franc Palaia – Richard Hambleton’s Urban Painting

Squat Theater poster

Postcard for Squat Theatre, 1983

Virginia Peirsol poster with horses on it

Postcard for Virginia Piersol Exhibition

nvitation to "Wrestlesex" party at the Prism

Prism, Wrestlesex,Card, 1991

front of Kruger's PSA: Public Service Art installation

Public Art Fund, Barbara Kruger, Card, 1991


Public Art Fund, David Hammons, Higher Goals, Card, 1986

PSA: Public Service Art postcard front

Public Art Fund, Gran Fury, Women Don’t Get AIDS They Just Die From It, Card, 1991

Jenny Holzer Benches postcard front

Public Art Fund, Jenny Holzer, Benches, Card, 1989

Jerri Allyn postcard for Public Art Fund front

Public Art Fund, Spectacolor Lightboard in Times Square, Jerri Allyn, Card, 1987

Robin Winters installation for Public Art Fund card front

Public Art Fund, Spectacolor Lightboard, Robin Winters, Card, 1988

Pittu front for Public Art Fund postcard

Public Art Fund, Spectracolor Lightboard in Times Square, Jeffery Pittu, Card, 1988

Becky Howland's Electric City for Public Art Fund card, front

Public Art Fund, Sprectacolor Lightboard in Times Square, Becky Howland, Card, 1987

Pyramid invite to Wendy Wild cancer benefit event - front

Pyramid, Wendy Wild Cancer Benefit, Card

Richard Hambleton's postcard with Mass Murder image on front

Richard Hambleton’s ‘Mass Murder’ – Postcard, 1979


Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Hannah Wilke, Support • Foundation • Comfort Card, 1984


Rosa Esman Gallery, Photoportraits, Roland Hagenberg, Card, 1984

Saint, Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, Card, 1986

Ricahrd Hambleton Marlboro Country

Salvatore Ala, Richard Hambleton, Card, 1984

Cockrill's postcard for Family Life exhibition at semaphore gallery - front

Semaphore – Mike Cockrill “Family Life: The Post War Years,” postcard

Semaphore gallery postcard for Mark Kostabi Drawings exhibition - front

Semaphore Gallery – Mark Kostabi Drawings, postcard

Semaphore Gallery postcard for Mark Kostabi Painting exhibition - front

Semaphore Gallery – Mark Kostabi Paintings, postcard, 1984

Duncan Hannah postcard for semaphore gallery - front

Semaphore Gallery, Duncan Hannah, Card, 1984

Robert Colescott postcard for Semaphore exhibition - front

Semaphore Gallery, Robert Colescott, Card, 1980

Robert Colescott postcard for Semaphore Gallery exhibition - front

Semaphore Gallery, Robert Colescott, Card, 1983

Portrait of Tom Warren used for the front of Semaphore Gallery postcard

Semaphore Gallery, Tom Warren, New Portraits, Card

Bobby G card for Semaphore -front

Semaphore, Bobby G, Card, 1984

invitation to ronnie cutrone installation - front

Simon Watson Gallery – Kelly and Ronnie Cutrone ‘Love Spit Love’, postcard


SoHo News, Greetings From SoHo, Summer, Card, c. 1980s

Stephen Sprouse benefit invitation, underlay

Speed metal AIDS benefit, invitation, 1988


Sperone Westwater/Mary Boone Gallery, Francesco Clemente, Oversized Card, 1983

Seen postcard

Stellweg Séguy Gallery, Seen, Card, 1983


Tunnel, Rudolf’s New Year’s card, Card, 1986


Video Data Bank, The Science of Fiction/The Fiction of Science, Folded Card, 1984

WAC, Women’s Action Coalition, 4 Postcards and Mission Statement, 1992

Willoughby Sharp Gallery, Twelve Nudes and a Gargoyle, Mark Sink, Card, 1989

Yoko Ono postcard

Yoko Ono, Gun Control Billboard, Card, 2000