Gallery 98

Art Ephemera from the 1970s – 1990s


“8-Frag-Ments,” exhibition poster, 1984

Artropoly full poster

“Artropoly” poster (with Carlo McCormick and Mark Kostabi), 1985

Colab Hits the Ritz poster by Becky Howland

“Colab Hits the Ritz,” Poster, 1983

Keith Haring poster white on black

“Drawings” (Poster, 1982)

“One-Year Performance (Outdoor Piece),” poster, summer 1982

“One-Year Performance (Outdoor Piece),” poster, winter 1981

Poster of Basquiat and Warhol

“Paintings” (Poster, 1985)

“Sarabande: A Fashion Divertissement” at Limbo Gallery, flyer, c. 1986

Holzer truism poster in Spanish

“Truisms” in Spanish, 1979


“We, the People,” exhibition poster, designed by John Fekner and Andrew Castrucci, 1991

Guerrilla Girls, "What Do These Men Have in Common?" Offset print

“What Do These Men Have in Common?” Offset print, 1995

Toyo Poster for sculpture garden

1st Anniversary Show, poster, designed and signed by Toyo

Amos Poe, "The Foreigner" - poster 1978

2 Posters/Flyers, 1978

Susan Ensley illustrated poster for haircut project

3 Mercer St. Store, Susan Ensley Money Back Guaranteed, Poster, 1976

poster for Susan Ensley's haircut project

3 Mercer St. Store, Susan Ensley Money Back Guaranteed, Poster, 1976

Tom Otterness poster for 3 Mercer Store

3 Mercer Street Store Poster, 1972

3 Mercer Street Store, Poster, 1975

5 Bleecker St, Jenny Holzer and Coleen FitzGibbon, Manifesto, Posters, 1979

Grommets poster

537 Broadway, Grommets 4, Poster, 1977

David Wojnarowicz poster design

55 Mercer Street Gallery, David Wojnarowicz, #2 Smart Art Too, Poster, 1984

Susan Tremblay poster

8 BC, Susan Tremblay & M. Henry Jones, Film Showing, Flyer, c. 1985

A & P, Day Gleeson and Dennis Thomas Collaborative Work, Silkscreen Poster, 1986

A & P, Fresh Fruit For Rotten Vegetables, Poster by Andrew Castrucci, 1986

A & P, I Love You, Nancy, Poster By Andrew Castrucci, 1985

A & P, Linus Coraggio Backstabbing—Distrust, Poster, 1985

A & P, Tom McGlynn, West Wing, Poster, 1986

Toyo 85 poster no se no

A large poster for an exhibition of Toyo’s “99Nites” photos

october 20

A poster for an exhibition at 3 Mercer Street Store, c. 1975

A’s , Arleen Schloss, News And Calendar, Silkscreen Poster, 1981

poster for Arleen Schloss' N Night at A's Gallery

A’s, Arleen Schloss, N Night, Poster, 1982

Women Chose Men poster for AIR Gallery

A.I.R. Gallery, Women Choose Men, Poster, 1982

Nancy Spero poster for AIR Gallery

A.I.R. Gallery, Nancy Spero, Poster, 1983

Patsy Norvell for AIR Gallery

A.I.R. Gallery, Patsy Norvell, Sculpture, Poster, 1982

Poster for the ABC No Rio Book

ABC No Rio Dinero Poster

getwrecked_getpolitical poster

ABC No Rio Poster, 1980


ABC No Rio Poster, 1981

ABC No Rio, Inaugural Exhibition Artists for Survival, Flyer, 1980


ABC No Rio, Kiki Smith, The Kitchen Presents The Island of Negative Utopia, Poster, 1983

Absurdities poster by Bobby G.

Absurdities at ABC No Rio Poster, 1981/2014

ABC No Rio book cover

Alan Moore and Marc Miller, ABC No Rio, 1985

Cobal offset print poster with rabbit head on pink

Andrea Evans & Brad Melamed, React To The Madness or Look for the Beauty, Offset Poster, 1984

Andrew Castrucci, “S.O.S.” poster, 1994

Andrew Castrucci, poster for demonstration, 1988

Isla Muestra poster by Becky Howland

Announcement of The Island Show, 1981

Mark Kostabi, Art for Money, Fashion Moda Benefit Poster, 1986

Art for Money, Fashion Moda Benefit Poster, 1986

Otterness poster for Artists Space and Fashion Moda

Artists Space & Fashion Moda, Tom Otterness, Otterness Objects, Poster, 1979

Colette poster Beautiful Dreamer

Beautiful Dreamer, Signed Poster, 1978

Chuck Close for Bykert Gallery, 1973

Bykert Gallery, Chuck Close, Poster, 1973

Disco Death poster

Cat Club, Disco to Death With Wendy Wild, Postcard, 1985

Wise Blood poster

Cat Club, Fingered By Richard Kern Starring Lydia Lunch, Poster, 1986

Cave Girls Go Hunting Poster

International Graffiti Times centerfold for Volume 12

Centerfold, Tight, Volume 12, 1991; Design by PHASE 2

International Graffiti Times centerfold for Volume 15

Centerfold, Tight, Volume 15, 1994; Design by PHASE 2

Jolie Stahl: Christof Kohlhofer offset poster

Christof Kohlhoffer & Jolie Stahl, Untitled, Offset Poster, 1984

Club 57 - The Bloods, Janet Hamill, Xerox handbill, 1981

Club 57, The Bloods, Janet Hamill, Flyer, 1981


Club 57, September Schedule, Flyer, 1981

Tellus poster for COLAB

Colab, TELLUS Audio Cassette Magazine, Poster, 1984

poster for the real estate show entitled "landlord extortion"

Coleen Fitzgibbon, “Landlord Extortion” Poster, 1979 – 1980

poster for Keith Haring Pop Shop

Combination Poster / Catalog for Haring’s “Pop Shop,” 1988

Y Pants (Barbara Ess, Virginia Piersol, Gail Vachon) - Concert poster

Concert poster

Danceteria, ABC No Rio Dinero Book Party, Postcard, 1985

Danceteria - "The Family!" with JOEY ARIAS (Charlie) & ANN MAGNUSON (Squeaky), 1985

Danceteria, The Family! With Joey Arias (Charlie) & Ann Magnuson (Squeaky), Postcard, 1985


Darinka, Best Of Animation: The Late Show, Flyer, c. 1985

Fashion Moda poster by Daze

Daze (Chris Ellis)

Margaret Kilgallen for Deitch Projects

Deitch Projects, Margaret Kilgallen, To Friend + Foe, Poster, 1999

Fashion Moda Disco Dance Poster, C. 1980

Disco Dance Poster, C. 1980

Yellow guerrilla girls poster

Do Women Have to be Naked To Get Into The Met. Museum, 1989

Fashion Moda Jazz poster

Fashion Moda is Jazz: Afrikan American Classical Music, 1987

Fashion Moda poster

Fashion Moda Poster / Flyer, c. 1984

Poster for Afrikan American Classical Music with image by Phase 2

Fashion Moda Poster 1988


Fashion Moda Poster, 1980

Fashion Moda poster with a skull in the center

Fashion Moda Poster, 1980

Fashion Moda poster, 1980

Lady Pink Lady Heart, Fashion Moda Poster, 1983

Fashion Moda Poster, 1983

Stefan Eins Fashion Moda Poster, 1985

Fashion Moda Poster, 1985

Tim Rollins & K.O.S. Fashion Moda Poster, 1986

Fashion Moda Poster, 1986

Fashion moda poster RV 84

Fashion Moda Poster/Flyer fo Exhibition by “R.V.” c. 1984

Johnny CRASH Matos, Fashion Moda Presents GAS (Graffiti Art Success for America), poster flyer

Fashion Moda, Johnny CRASH Matos, Graffiti Exhibition, Poster and Press Release, 1980

Tim Rollins K.O.S, South Bronx Show Poster, 1986

Fashion Moda, Longwood Arts Gallery, and Bronx River Gallery, Tim Rollins & K.O.S, South Bronx Show, 1986

Poster for Party Freaks event

Fashion Moda, Party Freaks…Party Poster, 1982

Fiorucci, Colette, Justine and the Victorian Punks, Poster, 1978

Flyer for Amos Poe's The Foreigner

Flyer for “The Foreigner,” 1978

a lesbian show poster

Flyer for A Lesbian Art Show coordinated by Harmony Hammond, 1978


Flyer for concert at CBGB (original template), c. 1982

The Blank Generation flyer

Flyer for The Blank Generation, 1980

A More Store opening poster

Flyer for the Opening of The A. More Store at 529 Broome, 1980

Candace Hill-Montgomery - Teamwork the American Way, Poster for a performance at Franklin Furnace

Franklin Furnace, Candace Hill-Montgomery Performance, Poster, 1981

poster for Daze's exhibition Melée

Franklin Furnace, Daze Presents Melée, Card

Joseph Beuys poster 1978

Free International University, Joseph Beuys, Poster, 1978

Joseph Beuys poster for FIU

Free International University, Joseph Beuys, Poster, 1978

Fun Gallery, Keith Haring, Poster, 1983

Girl Bar - Every Wednesday, Dancing for Women, c. 1988

Girl Bar, Every Wednesday Dancing for Women, Card, c. 1988

Fashion Moda poster AONE TOXIC KOOR

Graffiti Exhibition Poster, 1985

Green Door - NYC, 1996 poster

Green Door NYC, Invitation, Card, 1996

Arleen Schloss poster for Monster mash

Greene Space, Arleen Schloss, MONSTER MASH, Poster

Rick Prol poster

Greenwich Auction Room, Rick Prol, Poster, 1986

Rick Prol poster for Ham Bromm

Hal Bromm Gallery & B-Side Gallery, Rick Prol, Poster, 1984

Wojnarowicz exhibition poster for Hal Bromm Gallery

Hal Bromm Gallery, David Wojnarowicz, Flyer

Luis Frangella poster for Hal Bromm Gallery

Hal Bromm Gallery, Luis Frangella, New Sculpture, Poster, 1985

Frengella poster

Hal Bromm Gallery, Luis Frangella, Poster, 1985

Kostabi Hal Bromm poster

Hal Bromm Gallery, Mark Kostabi, Climbing: The East Village, Poster, 1984

Kostabi for Hal Bromm Gallery - solo show poster

Hal Bromm, Mark Kostabi, Poster, 1984

mary Heilmann poster for Holly Solomon Gallery

Holly Solomon Gallery, Mary Heilmann, Poster, 1979

poster for Nicole Eisenman's exhibition at Jack Tilton Gallery

Jack Tilton Gallery, Nicole Eisenman, Poster

Nicole Eisenman poster for Jack Tilton Gallery

Jack Tilton Gallery, Nicole Eisenman, Poster, 1994

Jackson MacLow concert poster

Jackson Mac Low, Retrospective Concert, Poster, 1982

CAUSE DEATH offset poster by COLAB

Jane Dickson, Kiki Smith & Charlie Ahearn, Cause Effect, Offset Poster, 1984

MAZE poster for fashion Moda

Jane Dickson, “City Maze” Poster, 1980

COLAB offset print poster

Janet Stein & Darryl Turner, Portfolio Cover, Offset Poster, 1984

DinosaursofEastVillage poster

Kamikazi, Dinosaurs of the East Village Art Exhibition And Anya Phillips Tribute, Card, 1985

Kitchen, Edit deAk, Dubbed in Glamour, Poster, 1980


Klarfeld Perry Gallery, Lady Pink, Daze, Crash, Futura 2000, Lee, Exhibition Card, 1992

Jerry Kearns, Koochie Koochie

Koochie Koochie, 1984

Neke Carson, Folded invitation for Life Drawing Classes

La Rocka, Neke Carson, Real Life Sketching Party, Card, 1981

Keith Haring poster for Tony Shafrazi and Leo Castelli

Leo Castelli & Tony Shafrazi, Keith Haring, Poster, 1985

Julian Schanebl poster for Leo Castelli Gallery and Mary Boone Gallery

Leo Castelli Gallery & Mary Boone Gallery, Julian Schnabel, Poster, 1981

Leo Castelli Gallery poster for Andy Warhol

Leo Castelli Gallery, Andy Warhol, Hans Namuth, Posters, 1982

james Rosenquist poster for Leo Castelli Gallery

Leo Castelli Gallery, James Rosenquist, Poster, 1981

Poster announcement for Complete Havoc! with "memorial services" and Fear of Ordinary Life

Limelight, Complete Havoc!, Poster, 1986

Limelight Poster/ mailer, Two color offset print

Limelight, Deb Parker & Jean Caffeine Present Baci Italiani, With Joey Arias, Poster, 1986

Poster by MARK KOSTABI, benefit party of The ARChive of Contemporary Music, with LAURIE ANDERSON

Limelight, Mark Kostabi, Party For The Archive Of Contemporary Music With Laurie Anderson, Poster, 1986

Queer Nation Presents Voguing Superstars of Paris is Burning, At Limelight invitation

Limelight, Queer Nation Presents Voguing Superstars Of Paris is Burning, Card, 1991

Fashion Moda, poster for “Street Style VIPS;” Limelight

Limelight, Street Style VIPS With Walter Steading, Poster, 1984

Party for the NY Debut of Serial Killers by Richard Kern, At Madam Rosa's invitation

Madam Rosa’s, Serial Killers by Richard Kern, Flyer, 1987

Party in honor of Derek Jarman, Mars

Mars, Party In Honor Of Filmmaker Derek Jarman, Card, 1989

Phoebe Legere in Concert, at Mike's American Bar & Grill

Mike’s American Bar & Grill, Phoebe Legere Performance, Card, late 1980’s

Poster by Mitch Corber. All text.

Mitch Corber & Sally White, Jean-Paul Sartre, Offset Poster, 1984

Richard Avedon poster for MTSU of Andy Warhol

MTSU Photography Gallery, Richard Avedon, Andy Warhol, Poster

Just Another Asshole benefit party and film screening, at  Mudd Club

Mudd Club, Just Another Asshole Benefit Party, Flyer, 1979


New City Court Park, Tehching (Sam) Hsieh, One Year Performance, Poster, 1982


New School, Carnival Knowledge Exhibition, Poster, 1981


New York Film Festival Downtown, Tessa Hughes-Freeland & Ela Troyano, Poster, 1985 & 1986

Seton Smith offset poster

Orshi Drozdik & Seton Smith, Heart Columns, Offset Poster, 1984

P.S. 1 , Inaugural Exhibition Rooms, Poster, 1976


Palladium, Guerrilla Girls/Jenny Holzer, Poster, 1985

Paul Castrucci, “Bullet: An Act of Resistance,” exhibition poster, 1989

Rene Ricard poster for Petersburg Gallery 1990

Petersburg, Rene Ricard, 1989 PAINTINGS 1990, Poster, 1990

black and white Keith Haring poster

Poster (1982)

fashion moda poster by Stefan Eins

Poster featuring a sculpture by John Ahearn, 1980


Poster for “Artists for Survival”, 1980

The Bogus Man poster

Poster for “The Bogus Man,” 1980’s

Poster for "Twins" by Charlie Ahearn

Poster for “TWINS,” 1980

Smart Art poster

Poster for #2 Smart Art Too

Long Island Four poster no wave film

Poster for Anders Grafstrom’s “Long Island Four” & MWF Catalogue, 1986

Poster for Anti-Warehousing Coalition, c. 1988

death and taxes poster

Poster for Demonstrations Against Using Taxes for War,1981

Poster for exhibition of Crowbars and Pulleys, 1974

Wanted Poster featuring artist Bill Beirne

Poster for Interactive Cable Television Performance, Signed by the Artist, 1975

Kidnapped film poster

Poster for Kidnapped, 1978

De Sana poster for Motive

Poster for Michael McClard’s Motive, Starring Jimmy De Sana, 1979

Keith Haring poster black on white

Poster for the Kutztown Connection Benefit Performances, 1984

Harry Spitz, poster for "The Positive Show, " 1981.

Poster for the Positive Show, 1980

real estate poster

Poster for the Real Estate Show building relocation, 1980

real estate color poster

Poster for the Real Estate Show building relocation,1980

poster, 1979

New Cinema poster

Poster, 1979

Poster, Signed by Rupp, 1980

schmidlapp slideshow flyer

Poster/circular for David Schmidlapp’s slide shows, 1980

ShackWacky poster

Pyramid, Shackwacky, Invitation, 1988

invitation for The Wild Party, Benefit for Wendy Wild, At Pyramid

Pyramid, Wild Party Benefit For Wendy Wild, Card, 1993

Real estate show poster

Real Estate Show Poster, 1980

Guerrilla Girls poster female officer

Risking Her Life For Governments that Enslave Women, 1991

larry Clark poster for Robert Freidus Gallery

Robert Freidus Gallery, Larry Clark, Tulsa, Poster, 1979

poster for Coctails for peace

Roxy, Artist Call, Cocktails for Peace, Video By Martha Rosler, Card, 1984

flyer for James White's Sardonic Sincopators, at Save the Robots

Save The Robots, James White’s Sardonic Sincopators, Card,1986

martin wong exhibition poster for Semaphore Gallery

Semaphore – Martin Wong exhibition poster

Stefan Eins, “Eye-Extension,” 1975

Signed poster promoting an early Eins multiple, c. 1970

Rivington School poster

Silkscreen poster printed at the Lower East Side Print Shop; writing by Ray Kelly

Charlie Ahearn, “Deadly Art of Survival,” Silkscreen Poster, 1979

Silkscreen Poster, 1979

FashionModa poster photostat White Variation

Singular photostat made for a Fashion Moda poster, 1980

Robert Rauschenberg poster for Sonnabaend gallery, 1981

Sonnabend Gallery, Robert Rauschenberg, Photems, Poster, 1981

UFO Poster

Stefan Eins, UFO Sighting Near Rio, Poster, 1976

Ban The Klan poster

Stop Killer Cops! poster for Rock Against Racism, 1980

Street poster for Sex at Midnight, 1978

Faith Ringgold poster for Studio Museum in Harlem

Studio Museum in Harlem, Faith Ringgold, Poster, 1984

Anton Van Dalen, "The Shooting Gallery," silkscreen on paper

The Shooting Gallery, Signed Silkscreen Poster, 1982

Times Square Show Poster by Charlie Ahearn and Jane Dickson

Times Square Show, Jane Dickson and Charlie Ahearn, Poster, 1980

Keith Haring Shafrazi poster

Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Keith Haring: Into 84, Poster, 1983

Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Keith Haring, Poster, 1988

poster for Police State, the World Premier of at New Film by Nick Zedd  at Tunnel

Tunnel, Premier Of Nick Zedd’s Film Police State, Card, 1987

Anton Van Dalen, East Village street poster, 1981

Two Headed Monster, Street Poster, 1981

Potato Wolf poster

V-Effect Party announcement poster, 1982

Ida Applebroog poster for the Whitney Museum

Whitney Museum, Ida Applebroog, Poster, 1978

Wigstock poster for Lady Bunny

Wigstock Festival Poster, 1989

Poster for Lady Bunny

Wigstock Festival Poster, 1993

Neke Carson winner poster

Win $100, 1977, Poster

x magazine benefit poster

X Magazine Benefit Concert Poster, 1978

Blood Suckers from Outer Space with Karen Black, at Zone DK

Zone DK, Blood Suckers From Outer Space With Karen Black, Card, 1990

“15 Inflammatory Essays,” Poster Set, 1979-82

no rio animals

“Animals Living In Cities,” ABC No Rio Poster, 1980


“Exotic Events,” Times Square Show Poster, 1980

Thom Corn, “Expressions Afrikan ’87…Art Against Apartheid,” Fashion Moda Poster, 1987

“Expressions Afrikan ’87…Art Against Apartheid,” Fashion Moda Poster, 1987

Food for Soup Kitchen poster by Jean Michael Basquiat and Catherine Hazard

“Food For Soup Kitchens,” Fashion Moda Poster, 1983


“Internationalist Art,” ABC No Rio Poster, 1980

Kiki Smith, “Isle of Negative Utopia,” Silkscreen on Cloth, Signed & Numbered, 1984

“Island of Negative Utopia,” Silkscreen on Cloth, Signed & Numbered, 1984

Alan W. Moore, “Monday/Wednesday/Friday Video Club,” Catalogue & Promotional Postcards C. 1986

“Monday/Wednesday/Friday Video Club,” Catalogue & Promotional Poster C. 1990

Joe Lewis, “Recent Drawings,” Fashion Moda Poster, 1983

“Recent Drawings,” Fashion Moda Poster, 1983

Jen Holzer truism poster

“Truisms,” Poster, 1978

White Male Power poster portfolio

“White Male Power,” 10 Poster Portfolio, 1981