Gallery 98

Art Ephemera 1963 – 2001

Sonnabend Gallery

robert rauschenberg for sonnabed gallery - spreads and scales - front

Sonnabend and Castelli Gallery, Robert Rauschenberg, Spreads + Scales, Card, 1977

Ashley Bickerton at Sonnabend Gallery

Sonnabend Gallery, Ashley Bickerton, Susie Culturelux, Card, 1988

Gilbert & George show card for The Fundamental Pictures

Sonnabend Gallery, Gilbert & George, The Fundamental Pictures, Folded card, 1997

John baldessari card front for Sonnabend gallery

Sonnabend Gallery, John Baldessari, Card, 1981

baldessari at sonnabend gallery

Sonnabend Gallery, John Baldessari, Poster, 1984

Robert Rauschenberg poster for Sonnabaend gallery, 1981

Sonnabend Gallery, Robert Rauschenberg, Photems, Poster, 1981

vito acconci for sonnabend gallery

Sonnabend Gallery, Vito Acconci, Card, 1976