Gallery 98

Art Ephemera from the 1970s – 1990s

Times Square Show

Christof KohlhofeR Wallpaper

“25 Billion Dollars,” 1980, wallpaper fragment from the Times Square Show

XY Offer wallpaper fragment

“Gun, Money, Plate,” 1980, art/artifact – Times Square Show

Coleen Fitzgibbin gouache painting of police man

“Polizia”, Gouache, 1979

photocopy of Stefan Eins drawing for Fashion Moda

Enlarged photocopy signed by Eins of Gary Gilmore’s “Nicole,” 1980

Times square show poster

Flyer for Times Square Show, “Are Americans Afraid of Sex?”

TSS reception card

Invitation to Private Reception for Times Square Show, 1980


poster, 1979

Poster, Signed by Rupp, 1980

Christy Rupp, Rat T-Shirt, 1980

Rat T-Shirt, 1980

Hamlet Machine poster

Times Square Show, Announcement for The Hamlet Machine, 1980

Times Square Show Poster by Charlie Ahearn and Jane Dickson

Times Square Show, Jane Dickson and Charlie Ahearn, Poster, 1980

Tom Otterness, Times Square Show Floor Plan & Artists List, 1980

Tom Otterness & John Ahearn, Times Square Show Floor Plan & Artists List, 1980


“Exotic Events,” Times Square Show Poster, 1980

Money Talks pin created by artist Bobby G.

“Money Talks,” Pin, 1980