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From the Exhibition: No Wave and Independent Film

Charlie Ahearn, Wild Style, 4 Photographs, 1982


Charlie Ahearn, Wild Style

Four (4)  publicity photographs for Charlie Ahearn’s Wild Style, 1982; commercially produced contact photo prints made in conjunction with the first New York screening, 10 x 8 in. (each).

1.  Charlie Ahearn (photographer), “Chief Rocker Busy Bee in WILDSTYLE, 1982;”

2.  C. Campbell (photographer), “Lee’ Quinones and Sandra ‘Pink’ Fabara in WILDSTYLE , 1982;”

3.  Martha Cooper (photographer), “Patti Astor and Crazy Legs inWILDSTYLE, 1982;”  This is image contains an ink inscription:  “Patti A. rock the house ’82;”

4. Martha Cooper (photographer), “Break Dancing to Ramelle Z in WILDSTYLE, 1982.”

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Wildstyle, Charle Ahearn, Martha Cooper, Patty Astor, Hip Hop

WildStyle, Chief Rocker BusyBee, Charle Ahearn, Hip Hop

Chief Rocker Busy Bee by Charlie Ahearn


Wildstyle, Lee Quinones, Lady Pink, 80s, Hip Hop Art

Lee Quinones and Sandra “Pink” Fabara by C. Campbell


WildStyle, PattiAstor, Charlie Ahearn, 80s Hip Hop, Crazy Legs, Martha Cooper

Patti Astor and Crazy Legs by Martha Cooper with handwritten inscription


WildStyle, Ramelle Z, Breakdancing, Break Dancing, 80s Hip Hop, Charlie Ahearn

Break Dancing to Ramelle Z



From the Exhibition: No Wave and Independent Film

No Wave and Independent Film