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From the Exhibition: No Wave and Independent Film

New Cinema, February Schedule, Poster, 1979

New Cinema

“New Cinema and Ze Records Presents/Programs for the Month of February/12 St. Marks Place,” 1979; photostat poster, 17 x 11 in.

Program includes: Remote in the Third World by Tom Morley; Men in Orbit by John Lurie; Rome ’78 by James Nares; Kidnapped by Eric Mitchell

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One of the few surviving posters from the short lived New Cinema

New Cinema No Wave Film



New Cinema Colab John Lurie James Nares


The newly formed artist group Collaborative Project Inc. (Colab) was an important part of the independent film scene.  At meetings and parties, aspiring filmmakers met and pooled resources; many contributed pages to the Colab publication X Motion Picture Magazine; funds from Colab helped launch the New Cinema, a short-lived screening room on St. Mark’s Place in the East Village; and Colab helped finance the Monday Wednesday Friday Video Club that helped distribute the films in the late 1980s and 1990s.

This poster is included in the Gallery 98 online exhibition, No Wave and Independent Film.



From the Exhibition: No Wave and Independent Film

No Wave and Independent Film