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ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

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David Wojnarowicz

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Group Show with Wojnarowicz, Hambleton, Lankton, Brezinski, and others, Dry Ireland, Cover by Holly Anderson, Card, Danceteria, 1984


Group Exhibition, with Wojnarowicz, Longo, Sherman, Richter, and Others, Card, Tricia Collins Contemporary Art Gallery, 1999

Press Portfolio for “The Missing Children Show: Six Artists from the East Village,” Curated by Potter Coe, Includes Six-Page Publication with Flyer, Pin, Sticker, Louisville, Kentucky, 1985


3 Teens Kill 4, Konk, Card, Danceteria, 1983

Heads: Modern – Ancient, Group Show with Basquiat, Haring, Wojnarowicz, Card, Mokotoff Gallery, 986

Keith Haring Double Page Centerfold, Also David Wojnarowicz, Juliet Art Magazine (FR), 1983

“Products and Promotions,” Group Show with Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, Richard Prince, Wojnarowicz and Others, 17 Page Catalog, SF Camerawork, 1986


Wojnarowicz, Messages to the Public, Card, Times Square, 1985


Wojnarowicz, Sounds In The Distance, Card, Limbo Theater, c. Late 1980s


Wojnarowicz, The Boys Go Off To War, Card, Gracie Mansion Gallery, 1999

Wojnarowicz, The Four Elements, Folded Card, Gracie Mansion Gallery, 1987

Wojnarowicz, An Exploration of the History of Collisions in Reverse, Folded Card, Gracie Mansion Gallery, 1986

Wojnarowicz, Christof Kohlhofer/Marilyn Minter, Folded Card, Gracie Mansion Gallery, 1985

Indigestion, Group Show with Chris Case, Mike Bidlo, Walter Robinson, Wojnarowicz, Andres Serrano, Card, P.P.O.W, 1985

America, Group Show with David Wojnarowicz, Mary Cassatt, Edward Curtis, Card, Albert Totah Gallery, 1986


Ulteriors, Group Show with Mike Kelley, David Wojnarowicz, Alexis Rockman, Card, Elizabeth McDonald Gallery, 1989


Stilltrauma, Group Show with David Wojnarowicz, Ronald Jones, Cady Noland, Card, Milford Gallery, 1988


Group Show, Fred Brathwaite, Richard Hambleton, David Wojnarowicz, Card, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 1984


Hard Cold Facts, Group Show with Lady Pink, Martin Wong, Wojnarowicz, Michael Roman, Card, B-Side Gallery, 1985

Shift Magazine, David Wojnarowicz, Matthew Barney, 1992

New York New 26 Artists, Group Show with Wojnarowicz, Robinson, Wong, Nares, Frangella, among others, Card, Studio of Corrado Levi Corso, 1984


East Village Scene, Group Show with Basquiat, Haring, Futura among others, Folded Poster, Institute of Contemporary Art (University of Pennsylvania), 1984


Art and the Rosenberg Era, Group Show with Wojnarovicz, Alice Neel, Arian Piper, Alex Grey, Sue Coe, Folded Card, Hilllwood Gallery, 1988

Stephen Lack & David Wojnarowicz, Folded Card, Gracie Mansion Gallery, 1984

Climbing: The East Village, Group Show, Poster (Mark Kostabi), Hal Bromm Gallery, 1984

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Wojnarowicz exhibition poster for Hal Bromm Gallery

David Wojnarowicz, Poster, Hal Bromm Gallery, 1983


Institute of Contemporary Art, UPENN, The East Village Scene, Basquiat, Bidlo, Fekner, Futura, Hambleton, Haring, Kostabi, Scharf, Wojnarowicz, Catalogue, 1984

wojarowicz illinois

David Wojnarowicz, Tongues of Flame, Poster, University Galleries (Illinois State University), 1990

wojarowicz temple

David Wojnarowicz, Tongues of Flame, Poster, Tyler Gallery (Temple University), 1991

wojnarowicz jersey

David Wojnarowicz, Jersey City Museum, Card, 1998

Wojnarowicz & others, National & International Studio Program Exhibition: Artists Currently in Residence, Card, Clocktower, 1985

Rosa Von Praunheim & Phil Zwickler, David Wojnarowicz, Silence = Death and Positive, Film Poster, 1990


Intermedia Arts (Minnesota), David Wojnarowicz, In The Garden, 3-Fold Exhibition Brochure, 1991


Kim Keever, Guy Augeri, Wojnarowicz…, Inaugural Exhibition North by Northwest, 4-Fold Card, Frank Bernaducci Gallery, 1984

franklin furnace products and promotion

Franklin Furnace, Holzer, Wojnarowcz, Prince, Kruger and others, Products and Promotion, Mailer, 1987

New Used and Improved Holzer Bidlo Haring Kruger

New, Used & Improved, Group Show with Bidlo, Crash, Daze, Haring, Holzer, Kruger, Card, Robert Berman Gallery, 1988

Fever: The Art of David Wojnarowicz New Museum

David Wojnarowicz, Fever: The Art of David Wojnarowicz, Exhibition Pamphlet, New Museum, 1999

david wojnarowicz ppow 1990

David Wojnarowicz, Early and Recent Work, Card, PPOW, 1990

David Wojnarowicz illustration on a card for Dianne B Sale

David Wojnarowicz, Sale, Card, Dianne B, 1983

David Wojnarowicz poster design

David Wojnarowicz, #2 Smart Art Too, Poster, 55 Mercer Street Gallery, 1984

front of Wojnarowicz postcard for Exit Art exhibition

David Wojnarowicz, Tongues Of Flame, Card, Exit Art, 1990

front of postcard for David Wojnarowicz's exhibition at Alexander F Milliken Gallery

David Wojnarowicz, Folded Card, Alexander F. Milliken Inc, 1982

thumbnail david wojnarowicz at PPOW

David Wojnarowicz “In The Shadow of Forward Motion” – P.P.O.W exhibition postcard

Redtape 3 front cover

Redtape #3 1983 – cover by Michael Rheingold with Greer Langton & others

Wojnarowicz apple

Portrait of David Wojnarowicz by Peter Hujar, Forbidden Fruit, Card, Dianne B. boutique, 1983


“Democracy,” black & white silkscreen print, from Your House Is Mine, 1990

“Democracy,” color silkscreen print, from Your House Is Mine, 1990

Andrew Castrucci & Nadia Coen, Your House Is Mine, Oversized Artists’ Book with 33 Signed Silkscreen Prints, 1992

Tension Film Festival poster

“New York Tension Film Festival,” Flyer, 1993

Manhattan Suicide still

Richard Kern, Manhattan Love Suicides, Photograph of David Wojnarowicz, 1985

East Village Eye, Vol. 8 No. 67

1986/07, John Lydon, David Wojnarowicz, Ira Cohen, Fela Kuti

East Village Eye, Vol. 8 No. 62

1986/02, David Wojnarowicz, Madonna, Rei Kawakubo

East Village Eye, Vol. 7 No. 61

1985/12, Jay McInerney, David Wojnarowicz, Plato’s Retreat, AIDS in E.V.

East Village Eye, Vol. 7 No. 60

1985/11, David Wojnarowicz, Jean-Luc Godard, Webo

East Village Eye, Vol. 7 No. 59

1985/10, David Wojnarowicz, Mike Bidlo, Lucy Lippard, Rene Ricard

1984/07, David Wojnarowicz, Ed Sanders & Tuli Kupferberg, Charles Burns

Art Against Aids, Sales Catalogue with Prices, 1987


Beth B, David Wojnarowicz, Mary Boone, Issue No. 11, 1984

The Art Of John Heartfield And His Influence, Card, Kamikazi, 1985

David Wojnarowicz, Wojnarowicz Wall Drawing at Pier 34, Photograph, 1983

Wojnarowicz Wall Drawing at Pier 34, Photograph, 1983

Smart Art poster

Poster for #2 Smart Art Too