Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries: | Sign up for our Newsletter    

Mark Kostabi

Mark Kostabi, Name That Painting with Judges Carlo McCormick, Walter Robinson, and Gary Indiana, “Inside Kostabi” on Time Warner Cable, Artforum Advertisement, 2006

Nolo Contendere, Pyramid, Send Lawyers Guns and Money Art Auction, Michael Roman, Martin Wong, Mark Kostabi, Peggy Cyphers, Flyer, 1986

Chronocide Gallery, Martin Wong, Daze, Mark Kostabi, James Romberger, Strange Brew, Card, 1986


Mark Kostabi, Card, Molly Barnes Gallery (Los Angeles), 1982

Fashion Moda, Collaborative Painting by Crash, Daze, Ronnie Cutrone, Mark Kostabi, Card, 1986

The Police Building, Prisoners of Art, Hambleton, Fekner, Kostabi, among others, Card, 1989

Institute of Contemporary Art, East Village Scene, Basquiat, Haring, Futura among others, Folded Poster, 1984


Bess Cutler Gallery, Situation, Dickson, Hambleton, Wong, Robinson, among others, Flyer, 1984


Tunnel, Sexual Humor by Baird Jones, “Cartoon Imagery” with Basquiat, Haring, Kostabi, Scharf, etc, Card, 1988


Mark Kostabi, Climbing: The East Village, Poster, Hal Bromm Gallery, 1984

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Institute of Contemporary Art, UPENN, The East Village Scene, Basquiat, Bidlo, Fekner, Futura, Hambleton, Haring, Kostabi, Scharf, Wojnarowicz, Catalogue, 1984


Mark Kostabi, Two-Gallery Show, Card, Semaphore Gallery, 1985


Mark Kostabi, The Early Years, Card, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, 1990

Mark Kostabi, Climbing, Signed Silkscreen Print, 1985

Mark Kostabi poster for Hal Bromm christmas colleciton

Mark Kostabi, Christmas Collection Flyer, Hal Bromm

Mark Kostabi card

Mark Kostabi, Card, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, 1986

Kostabi for Hal Bromm Gallery - solo show poster

Mark Kostabi, Poster, Hal Bromm, 1984

Kostabi Hal Bromm poster

Mark Kostabi, Climbing: The East Village, Poster, Hal Bromm Gallery, 1984

Semaphore Gallery postcard for Mark Kostabi Painting exhibition - front

Mark Kostabi, Card, Semaphore Gallery, 1984

Semaphore gallery postcard for Mark Kostabi Drawings exhibition - front

Mark Kostabi, Amateurs Imitate, Professionals Steal, Card, Semaphore Gallery, 1985

“Kostabi World,” oversized print handout, c. 1988

Front cover of East Village 85 book with red front

East Village ’85, Book, 1985

Artropoly full poster

“Artropoly” poster (with Carlo McCormick and Mark Kostabi), 1985

Mark Kostabi and the Est Village Scene 1983-1987, Mark Kostabi, Baird Jones, Book and Publisher’s Statement, 2002

Baird Jones Mark Kostabi, Kostabi at a Kosthappenings, 1985

Mark Kostabi at a “Kosthappening,” signed and stamped photo, 1985

NIGHT Magazine cover

Number 32, 1997: Victor Bockris

art and artists front cover

Issue No. 3, June/July 1989

East Village Eye, Vol. 5 No. 41

1984/03, Heroin, George Clinton, Mark Kostabi, Twyla Tharp

Poster by MARK KOSTABI, benefit party of The ARChive of Contemporary Music, with LAURIE ANDERSON

Limelight, Mark Kostabi, Party For The Archive Of Contemporary Music With Laurie Anderson, Poster, 1986

Mark Kostabi, Art for Money, Fashion Moda Benefit Poster, 1986

Fashion Moda, Mark Kostabi, Art for Money, Benefit Poster, 1986