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ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

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Roger Lannes de Montebello

Roger Lannes de Montebello, notebooks and illustrated research notes, 1960s-1970s

Roger Lannes de Montebello, working drawings and illustrated research notes, 1983-86

Detail from the photo transparency for “Man with Camel Cigarettes” showing 50 of its 2,644 exposures. View the final 3D photograph here.

Roger Lannes de Montebello (inventor), CrystalChrome 3D Camera #4, 1985

CrystalChrome Viewing Screen, 1984. When this screen is placed over an Integram transparency a 3D image appears.

1985-1986, photo positive transparencies of Integrated Images photographs

1933, Portrait of Roger de Montebello by Moïse Kisling.

1978, collection of photos including images of Henry de Montebello, Roger de Montebello’s youngest son.

1984-1985, collection of drawings by de Montebello related to the creation and fabrication of the CrystalChrome camera.

1983-1986, Roger de Montebello with CrystalChrome Camera with mirror

1981, A Certain New York (folded announcement card for an exhibition of photos by Roger de Montebello at Bodley Gallery).

Portrait Photograph of Roger Lannes de Montebello with CrystalChrome 3D Camera, 1984

c. 1983, early mock-up of lens arrangement for viewing screens.

Small Portrait of Roger Lannes de Montebello, Integram 3D Photograph mounted by M. Henry Jones on a portable light box, 1990s

Marketing the CrystalChrome Camera. Logo designs (1983/84) by Roger Lannes de Montebello and publicity material produced for the New York Coliseum Photo Show (October 1985)

1974, inventory list and shipment info for the Integram photos marketed by the Integram Corp.

Mid 1970’s, papers and photo negatives for de Montebello’s Synthalyzer, An Invention to Study the Internal Forms of Living Organisms.

1974-83, Technical Record Books

roger de montebello viewing screen mold globus

c. 1983-1986, photo of the mold for viewing screens used with 3D Integram photos.

Photocopies of patents registered by Roger de Montebello, 1970-71

Hand Holding a Hot Dog, Integram 3D Photograph, 1985/86

Clarinet, Integram 3D Photograph, 1985/86

integram photograph fish with plant

1985-1986, Fish with Plant, Integram photo (positive transparency seen through viewing screen).

intagram portrait of a dove with girl

1985-1986, Girl with Dove, Integram photo (positive transparency seen through viewing screen).

Portrait of Gerard, Integram 3D Photograph, 1985/86

Jell-O Box, Integram 3D Photograph, 1985/86

Portrait of Baby Alice Globus, Integram 3D Photograph, 1984

Man with Camel Cigarettes, Integram 3D Photograph, 1985/86

Portrait of M. Henry Jones, Integram 3D Photograph, 1985/86

Integrated Images Inc., a company created to develop and market the CrystalChrome Camera and Integram 3D Photographs, 1983-86

snapshots 1978

Mid 1970’s, collection of photos including images of Roger de Montebello and unidentified model.

technical record book 1985

1985, Technical Record Book (a daily log with text and drawings).

1972, proposed shutter design for Integram camera (typed notes and pencil drawings).

The Integram System. Photo layouts illustrating the Integram process and its component parts, 1977

CrystalChrome logo mockup

c. 1983, logo designs by Roger de Montebello for the CrystalChrome system.

1980, Photographic Comparison of D-Cube and RLM, an 8-page packet prepared for de Montebello’s copyright infringement suit against John Hembre of D-Cube.

Patent Illustrations for “Space Photography,” a predecessor to the Integram system, 1951

Roger Lannes de Montebello (inventor), CrystalChrome 3D Camera, 1984

Large Portrait of Roger Lannes de Montebello, Integram 3D Photograph with new technology developed by M. Henry Jones, 1985-2005

1973, Disclosure of Invention (Casting Procedure for Integram Screens), (folded sheet of graph paper with diagram and attached notes).


Late 1980’s, Integram Photograph, Portrait of Man

1984-85, pencil drawings by de Montebello on graph paper connected to the creation of the CrystalChrome camera.

1951-1986, Roger de Montebello’s lists (things to do, inventory lists, invitation lists, etc.)

Building the CrystalChrome Camera and the CrystalChrome Viewing Screen, 1985

1954-1968, The Integram System of Integral Photography, Appendix A & B (3 binders assembling text and illustrations).

Drafted Diagrams on Vellum Paper, ND

Roger Lannes de Montebello Crystalchrome

Roger Lannes de Montebello, The “Crystalchrome” Process, Pamphlet

roger de montebello a certain new york

Bodley Gallery II, Roger de Montebello, A Certain New York, Folded Card, 1981