Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries: | Sign up for our Newsletter    


Explore by venue and themes. Grouped by galleries, nightclubs, performers, media, art movements, politics and themes of identity.

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New Items

“Harry Smith: A Re-Creation,” Multi-Projection Light and Sound Explosion Orchestrated by M. Henry Jones, Card, Clemente Solo Velez Cultural Center, 1998

Helmut Newton, Card, Gagosian Gallery, 2004

Franz Getsch, Portraits of Patti Smith, Folded Card, Gagosian Gallery, 2004

The Patchett Collection, Featuring Paul McCarthy, Kiki Smith, Mike Kelley, Two-Fold Card, Phillips Auctioneers, 2001

Duncan Hannah, Portrait from Amos Poe’s film “Unmade Beds”, Photograph by Fernando Natalici, 1976

Johnny Thunders, Portrait From the Rachel Amodeo Film “What About Me,” Card, Provisional (Wyoming), ND

Harry Smith, Think of the Self Speaking, Photo by Joel Haertling (1991), Card, Cityful Press, 1998

Fairfield Porter, “Island Farmhouse” (1969), Card, The Art Museum at Florida International University, 1994

Ida Applebroog, “Moden Olympia (after O’Keefe)” (1997-2001), Card, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, 2002

Andy Warhol, “Christ, $9.98” (1985), Folded Card, Gagosian Gallery, 2002

Andy Warhol, “Skull” (1976), Folded Card, Tony Shafrazi Gallery, 2002

M. Henry Jones, DJ Spooky, Multi-Projection Light and Sound Explosion: A Harry Smith Re-Creation, Flyer, Benefit for Films Charas, 1986

Damien Hirst, The Last Supper, Ikon Ltd/Kay Richards Gallery (California), Card, 1999

Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Instant Gratification, Folded Card, Gagosian Gallery, 2001

Ghada Amer, Card, Gagosian Gallery, 2004

Andy Warhol, “Strictly Personal” (1956), Folded Card, Gagosian Gallery, 2003

Alighiero Boetti, “Portrait of Alighiero Boetti” (1964), Folded Card, Gagosian Gallery, 2001

Raymond Pettibon, “Various Fanzines” (1982), Card, David Zwirner Gallery, 2001

Dan Flavin, “Monument for V. Tatlin” (1966), Folded Card, Serpentine Gallery (London), 2001

Felix Gonzalez-Torres, “Loverboy” (1989), Folded Card, Serpentine Gallery (London), 2000

Duncan Hannah/Walter Robinson exhibition announcement

Semaphore – Walter Robinson and Duncan Hannah, postcard, 1984

Mike Kelley, “Roger Williams Buying Land From the Indians” (1989), Folded Card, Skarstedt Fine Art, 2002

Mike Kelley, “Energy Made Visible” (1979), Folded Card, Institute of Contemporary Arts (London), 2002

“Eye Candy” (Revisiting MoMA’s “The Responsive Eye” Exhibition), Group Exhibition with Alexander Liberman, Frank Stella, and Ad Reinhardt, Folded Card with LENTICULAR Image, Ameringer Howard Gallery, 2000

Bruce Nauman, “Clown Torture” (1987), Card with LENTICULAR Image, The Museum of Modern Art, 1995

Julian Opie, Walking Dancing Undressing Smoking, Card with LENTICULAR Image, With Hand-Written Message by Opie, Alan Cristea Gallery (London), 2006

“Photographs By Painters/Photographs in Painting,” Group Show with Rauschenberg, Hockney, Kruger, and Others, Card, Daniel Wolf Gallery, 1982

Harold Edgerton, “Apple and Bullet” (1979), Card, Daniel Wolf Gallery, 1982

Andreas Feininger, “Mirzel” (1931), Card, Daniel Wolf Gallery, 1982

Dora Marr, Photographer, Two-Fold Card/Brochure with Text and Checklist, Dorsky Gallery, 2004

Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, “Eugene the artist – Self Maid” (c. 1940s), Two-Fold Card with Text and Chronology, Carl Hammer Gallery (Chicago), 1990

Bernar Venet, Folded Card, Champ de Mars (Paris), 1994

Bernar Venet, Murals/Equations, Folded Card, Jerome de Noirmont Gallery (Paris), 2001

Ida Applebroog, Fold-Out Brochure Mailer, Foundation De Appel (Amsterdam), 1992

Annette Lemieux, Fold-Out Brochure Mailer, Foundation De Appel (Amsterdam), 1991

Ben Vautier, Statements with Clocks, Card, John Gibson Gallery, 1998

Co-Mix Art: Fine-Tooning Pop, Group Show with Art Spiegelman, Chris Ware, Gary Panter, Folded Handout, Carl Hammer Gallery (Chicago), 1995

Georg Baselitz, Folded Card, Galleria d’Arte Moderna of Bologna (Italy), 1997

Julian Schnabel, “Patch of the blue Prisoner Calls the Sky” (2000), Folded Card and Card Jacket, Cardi & Co. Gallery (Italy), 2001

Pierre & Giles, “Madman!” (2001), Folded Card for the Exhibition “Ripped Out My Heart,” Jerome de Noirmont Gallery (Paris), 2001

Louise Bourgeois, Cell (Portrait), Folded Card, Akira Ikeda Gallery (Japan), 2004

Paul McCarthy, “Spaghetti Man” (1993), Folded Card, The New Museum, 2001

Martha Rosler, “Barefoot #1” (1981), Card for the Exhibition “Positions in the Life World,” The New Museum, 2000

Tom Sachs, Selector, Folded Card, Cardi & Co. Gallery (Italy), 2001

Christian Marclay, Pictures at an Exhibition, Folded Card, The Whitney Museum, 1997

John Chamberlain, Folded Card, Daniel Weinberg Gallery, 1992

Barney Rosset’s new “Evergreen Review,” Group Exhibition and Silent Auction, Cover Art by Phillip Taffe, Folded Card, 1998

A.R. Penck, “Holzschnitt” (1987), Card, Sabine Knust Gallery (Munich), ND

Peter Schuyff, Overpainted Paintings, Card, Galleria In Arco (Italy), 2002

Adam Fuss, Invitation to Book Signing, Card, Rizzoli Bookstore, 1997