Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries: | Sign up for our Newsletter    


Over the years Gallery 98 has featured online exhibitions exploring artists, themes and special collections connected to New York’s downtown art scene from the 1970s – 1990s.

Marlene Dumas: Fifty Years of Art Ephemera

A Survey of Jean-Michel Basquiat Ephemera: Announcement Cards, Posters and Publications 1981-88

Posthumous Basquiat (After August 12, 1988) Gallery Cards, Posters, Catalogues, Other Art Ephemera

Light Gallery: Fine Arts Photography, 1971 – 1987

Roger Lannes de Montebello (1908-1986)
An Artist’s 40-Year Quest for 3-D Photography

Bill Cunningham & DETAILS Magazine, 1982-90
Street Photography and Fashion

BLADE: King of Graffiti
Photographs, Cards, Drawings, Publications

Anton Perich’s NIGHT Magazine
Studio 54, Club Culture and Art, 1978-79

Mary Boone Gallery: A Fabled History in Art Ephemera

Dianne Benson photographed by Peter Hujar

12 Christmas Gifts From Dianne B, Postcard Set 1983, Peter Hujar, David Wojnarowicz, Greer Lankton

Linus Coraggio, Toyo Tsuchiya, and the Rivington School, 1983–95

Bullet Space exhibition thumbnail, a poster created by Paul Castrucci

Andrew Castrucci & Bullet Space: An Art Squat in the 1980s & ’90s

Watergate Courtroom Sketches by Freda L. Reiter, 1973–75

A closeup of an announcement for artist Basquiat's exhibition

40 Top Art Events of the Downtown Era: A Timeline, 1974–1992

Harvey Wong drawing of Baird Jones

The Anomalous Baird Jones (1955–2008)

portrait of artist Cara Perlman in front of her finger painting portraits

Cara Perlman: Finger-Paint Portraits, Tin Pan Alley, 1981-82

Christy Rupp rat poster thumbnail

Christy Rupp: Rats and Other Early Works, 1979 – 1983

Collection of three issues of the East Village Eye

East Village Eye, 1979-1987

M. Jones cutout thumbnail

Photo Cut-Outs: From M. Henry Jones’ Animated Film Soul City, 1977-79

close-up of Keith Haring invitation printed on shorts

The Night Time Is The Right Time – N.Y.C. Nightclub Ephemera, 1980s

International Graffiti Times closeup of volume 5

IGTimes: Urban Street Culture, 1984-1994

Colab Packet collection of posters

Talk is Cheap: A Street Poster Exhibition, 1984

Stefan Eins profile picture

Stefan Eins: the Enigma Behind 3 Mercer Street and Fashion Moda, 1970-80

a close-up of a Guerilla Girls poster

Guerrilla Girls: Feminist Street Posters, 1985-1991

close-up of the NYTalk cover with artist Keith Haring

Keith Haring Ephemera, 1979 -1990

A collection of photographer Tom Warren's portraits of COLAB members

Collecting COLAB: Ephemera, Photography & Multiples, 1978-1985

Photograph of Debbie Harris from Amos Poe's film The Foreigner

No Wave and Independent Film

Anton Perich with Painting Machine

Anton Perich: Electric Brushstrokes, 1978 – 1989

Taken Away by Police - Colette Justine

Colette: On the Streets and in the Clubs, 1972 – 1985

Neke Carson profile picture

The Strange World of Neke Carson: Early Works, 1970-85

collection of three of sculptor Tom Otterness's Zodiac Love sculptures

Tom Otterness, “Zodiac Love” Plaster Sculptures, 1982-87