Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries: | Sign up for our Newsletter    

Artist Portraits

The Hanging Floating and Cantilevered Show, Group Exhibition with Christo, Judd, Smithson, di Suvero, and Others, Card, John Gibson Gallery, 1967

Alain Jacquet, Paddling Materials, Daniel Templon Gallery (Paris), 1968

Alan Shields & Omar Space Corp., Card, Paula Cooper Gallery, 1974

Alan Shields, Card, Paula Cooper Gallery, 1980


Alan Shields, Card, Texas Gallery, 1974


Alice Neel, Photo by Robert Mapplethorpe, Folded Card and Insert, Ron Judish Fine Arts Gallery (Colorado), 2001

Alighiero Boetti, “Portrait of Alighiero Boetti” (1964), Folded Card, Gagosian Gallery, 2001

Ana Mendieta, Silueta and Silence, Alison Jacques Gallery (London), Artforum Advertisement, 2010

White Columns Andrea Callard Dick Miller

Andrea Callard, Dick Miller, Card, White Columns, 1981

Andy Warhol (1986), Photo by Paige Powell, Folded Card for the Exhibition Andy Warhol’s Visual Memory, Bruno Bischofberger Gallery (Zurich), 2001

Andy Warhol with his Liz Paintings (1964), Photo by Evelyn Hofer, Folded Card for the Exhibition Warhol Liz, Gagosian Gallery, 2011

Andy Warhol, “Self Portrait in Drag” (1986), Card for the Exhibition Rrose is a Rrose is a Rrose: Gender Performance in Photography, Guggenhein Uptown, 1997

Andy Warhol, “Self Portrait” (1976-86), Card for the Exhibition Stitched Photographs 1976-86, Anthony d’Offay Gallery (London), 1998

Anh Duong, Folded Card, Tony Shafrazi Gallery, 2000

barboza studio museum

Anthony Barboza, Introspect, Card, Studio Museum in Harlem, 1982


Anton Corbijn, Portrait of Don van Vliet (Captain Beefheart), Card, Torch Onrust Gallery, 1989

Antonio Gaudi Cornet, The Architect of the Expiatory Temple of the Sagrada Familia, Card, Zerkowitz (Barcelona), ND

Arina Malukova & Marianne Edwards, Card, Avenue B Gallery, 1985

Artfinder Special Photography Issue, “Andy Warhol,” Photo by Neil Winokur, Magazine, April-June 1987

Arthur Turner, Card, Moody Gallery (TX), 1980

ARTnews, Andy Warhol cover, Photo by Michael Halsband, Full Magazine, Vol. 79 #9, 1980

ARTnews, Sue Coe, Soviet Art, Magazine, October 1987

ARTnews, Where Are The Great Men Artists?, Cover photo by Neil Slavin, Full Magazine, Vol. 79 #8, 1980

ARTnews, Who Does Cindy Sherman Think She Is?, Full Magazine, Vol. 82 #7, 1983

ARTnews, Women and Art: We’ve Come A Long Way… Maybe, Full Magazine, Vol. 96 #5, 1997

Avalanche Magazine, Fall 1972 (Vito Acconci)

Avalanche Magazine, Summer/Fall 1973 (Robert Smithson)


Barbara Flynn, Alfred Leslie, “The Grisaille Paintings,” Card, 1991

Barnett Newman, Zim Zum II, Folded Card, Gagosian Gallery, 1992

Bernar Venet, Murals/Equations, Folded Card, Jerome de Noirmont Gallery (Paris), 2001

Betsey Johnson, Invitation Card to Valentine’s Day Celebration, Palladium, 1984

Betty Parsons, Paintings, Sculpture & Gouaches, Card, Studio Gallery, 1975


Betty Parsons, Her Last Works In Wood, In Memoriam, Card, Betty Parsons Gallery, 1982

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Bill Traylor and Charles Shannon, Two-Fold Card, Carl Hammer Gallery (Chicago), 1992

Bill Traylor, High Singing Blue, Photo by Charles Shannon, Folded Card, Carl Hammer Gallery (Chicago), 1997

Billy Al Bengston, Card, Texas Gallery, 1981


Bob Yucikas, Paintings, Card, Contract Graphics (Texas), 1972


Bonnie Lucas, New Works, Card, Avenue B Gallery, 1986

brice marden bykert gallery card

Brice Marden, Card, Bykert Gallery, 1970


Bruce Boice, Recent Paintings, Card, Thomas Segal Gallery, 1978

Chris Burden, 747, Card, 1973


Chris Martin, Poster, John Good Gallery, 1990

Christian Boltanski, Card, Seriaal Amsterdam Gallery, 1975

front of Chuck Close Pace/MacGill card

Chuck Close, Photographs, Folded Card, Pace/MacGill, 1985


Chuck Close, Daguerreotypes and Iris prints, Folded Card, Daniel Blau Gallery (Germany), 2000

Chuck Close, Self Portraits 1967-2001, Fraenkel Gallery (San Fransisco), Artforum Advertisement, 2001

Cindy Sherman afterparty card 1985

Cindy Sherman, Card, Metro Pictures at Palladium, 1985

front of Cindy Sherman card

Cindy Sherman, Card, Saman Gallery, 1981


Colette, “Beautiful Dreamer” Justine of the Colette is Dead Co., SIGNED, Mixed Media, 1979

Photograph of Colette from collection

Colette, Portfolio of Oversized Postcards, (4), Signed by the Artist, 1978


Cora Kelley Ward, Clement Greenberg, Memorial Exhibition, Pamphlet, Greenberg Wilson Gallery, 1990


Curt Hoppe, His World, Card, Galerie Select Ltd., 1997

Damien Hirst, Where is God Now?, Folded Card, The House of Donatella & Jay Chiat, 1993

David Diao, Lying 2, Card, Postmasters Gallery, 2000

David Hockney, Recent Editions, Card, Photo by Richard Schmidt, Pace Prints, 1999

David Hodges, Card, Albrecht Gallery (Munich), 1992

David Smith, The Last Nudes, Folded Card, Gagosian Gallery, 2000

front of Wojnarowicz postcard for Exit Art exhibition

David Wojnarowicz, Tongues Of Flame, Card, Exit Art, 1990

deborah kass andy warhol

Deborah Kass, My Andy: A Retrospective, Card, Jose Freire Fine Art,1995


Diego Rivera, “Frida and Diego at Home” (1941) Photo by Emmy Lou Packard, Two-Folded Card, Helsinki City Museum (Finland), 2000

Divine card for Limelight

Divine, Card, Limelight, 1984


Donald Baechler, Card, Ascan Crone Gallery (Germany), 1984

Donald Baechler, Collagen, Card, Photo by Walter Dahn, Gisela Capitain Gallery (Germany), 1991

Donald M. Sheridan, Fine Art Printing Studio Opening, Folded Card and Insert, 1984

Douglas Gordon, Card, Walcheturm Gallery (Switzerland), 1996

East Village Eye, Robert Mapplethorpe, Richard Hambleton, Alan Vega, 1983/04

Ed Moses, Card, Texas Gallery, 1978

Front of Ed Ruscha and Joe Goode card

Ed Ruscha & Joe Goode, Card, Texas Gallery, 1977


Ed Ruscha, Release of CD “I Want to Hang Out with Ed Ruscha,” Card, Institute of Contemporary Arts London, 2000

Ed Shostak, Post Paisley Forest Series, Sculpture and Graphics, Card, Holly Solomon Gallery, 1979

Ed Valentine, Paintings, Card, Avenue B Gallery, 1985


El Anatsui, Jack Shainman Gallery, Artforum Advertisement, 2010

Ellen Gallagher, Photo by Hugo Glendinning, Folded Card, Anthony d’Offay Gallery (London), 1996

Emmanuelle and Jérôme de Noirmont and the gallery wish you the best for 2005, folded card

Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, “Photograph of the artist” (1938), Folded Card, Edward Thorp Gallery, 1990

Eva & Adele, “Futuring,” Card for the Exhibition “End of the World & Principle of Hope,” Kunsthaus Zurich, 1999

Eva & Adele, “Hotel Intercontinental Paris” (2000), Card for the Exhibition “Get On My Wings,” Jerome de Noirmont Gallery (Paris), 2001

Eva Hesse, Transformations, Card, Hauser & Wirth Zurich, 2004

Eve Sonneman, Catalogue, Musee de Toulon, 1983

postcard front for Colette's show at Fiorucci

Fiorucci, Colette, Justine and the Victorian Punks, Card, 1978

Forrest Moses, Recent Paintings, Card, Smither Gallery (Texas), 1974

Francesco Clemente, The Loneliness of the Frog, or Bruno Taut in Istanbul, 1937, Laughing, Card, Art & Project (Amsterdam, NL), 1984/85

Francesco Clemente, Card, G. E. Sperone, 1979


Francesco Clemente, Card, Paul Maenz Gallery (Germany), 1988

Francis Bacon and Others, Artists Self-Portraits, Folded Card, Claude Bernard Gallery, 1986

Frank DiPerna, Palladium Photographs, Card, Diane Brown Gallery (D.C), 1978

Frank Jones, Card and Press Release, Calvin-Morris Inc, 1990

Franz West, “Telephone Sculptures, Seating, and Reclining Opportunities”, Card, Walcheturm Gallery (Switzerland), 1995

frida kahlo photography

Frida’s World, Group Show with Diego Rivera, Bernard Silberstein, and Others, Card, Cavin-Morris Gallery, 2002

Georg Baselitz, “Frau Paganismus” (1993), Card, Anthony d’Offay Gallery (London), 1994

George Schneeman, Fresco Portraits, Card, Holly Solomon Gallery, 1979


Gerard Malanga, “Archives Malanga,” Four Limited Edition SIGNED Booklets to Promote Gerard Malanga’s Poetry and Photography, Published by Key Press, 2011

Gerhard Richter, The London Paintings, Catalogue, Anthony d’Offay Gallery, 1988

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Gertrud Arndt, “Masked Self Portrait #13” (1930), Folded Card for the Exhibition “Women Photographers of the Weimar Republic,” The Jewish Museum, 1995

Gianfranco Gorgoni, “Robert Rauschenberg, Captiva, Florida”, Folded Card, The Penson Gallery, 1988

leo castelli pop phenomenon card

Gianfranco Gorgoni, Leo Castelli and the Pop Phenomenon, Card, Leo Castelli Gallery, 1982


Gilbert & George, New Horny Pictures, Folded Card, White Cube Gallery (London), 2001

Gilbert & George, The Naked Shit Pictures, Card, South London Gallery, 1995

Giorgio de Chirico, Folded Card, Paolo Baldacci Gallery, 1994

Glenn Goldberg, Card, Albrecht Gallery (Munich), 1992

Gordon Matta-Clark, Hair, Card, David Zwirner Gallery, 1999

Gordon Parks, Card, Ulrich Museum of Art (Kansas), 1982

Grace Graupe-Pillard, Urban Life, Card, Hal Bromm Gallery, 1986

Grace Jones, Conan the Destroyer, Card, Limelight, 1984

Greer Lankton, One Woman Show, Civilian Warfare, Artforum Advertisement and Price List, 1984


Greer Lankton, SIGNED Offset Print Portfolio, Civilian Warfare, 1983


Group Exhibition Celebrating Ferus Gallery, Portrait of Irving Blum by William Claxton, Card, Gagosian Gallery, 2002

Günter Tuzina, Card, Gisela Capitain Gallery, 1988

Hal Bromm Group Photo by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, With Rick Prol, Krzystof Wodiczko, and Others, Fold-Out Poster, 1986

Hannah Wilke card for So Help Me Hannah

Hannah Wilke, So Help Me Hannah, Card and Press Release, A.I.R. Gallery, 1982


Hannah Wilke, Support • Foundation • Comfort Card, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, 1984


Hannah Wilke, Art & Ideology, “Dearest Edit what can I say.” Flyer with handwritten note by Wilke, New Museum, 1984

Hannah Wilke, Ponder-r-rosa Series, Card, Ronald Feldman Gallery, 1977

Hannah Wilke, S.O.S. Starification Object Series, Card, c. 1975


Hannah Wilke, So Help Me Hannah, Card, P.S. 1, 1978

Hannah Wilke, So Help Me Hannah, Card, P.S.1, 1978

Hans Namuth, Leo Castelli and Gallery Artists (1982), Publicity Photo for Art Frankfurt, 1992


Hans Namuth, Leo Castelli’s Birthday Party at Palladium (Andy Warhol Seated to Left), Three Fold Card, 1985


Harold Stevenson, Harold in Egypt, Card, Keith Green Gallery, 1986


Harry Smith, String Figures, Organized by Terry Winters, 15-Page Pamphlet and Card, Cabinet, 2012


Harry Spitz, Gerard Hovagimyan, Chiara Smith (Kiki Smith), John Shaw, Card, 75 Warren Street, 1979

andy warhol harvey stein

Harvey Stein, Andy Warhol (1986), Card for Exhibition at Pittsburgh Filmmakers Media Arts Center, 1987


Helmut Newton, Card, Gagosian Gallery, 2004

Outer Limits exhibition postcard

Inner City Outer Limits, Group Show with Lady Pink, Lee Quinones, Martin Wong, Card, Kenkeleba Gallery, 1991

J.K. Potter, Lydia Lunch, Card, Bess Cutler Gallery, 1992


James Nares, Photo by Marcia Resnick, Desirium Probe, Card, The Kitchen, 1978

James Rosenquist, My Thirty Years With Jim, Folded Card, Leo Castelli Gallery, 1994

James Rosenquist, The Early Pictures, Photo by Paul Berg, Folded Card, Gagosian Gallery, 1992

Jannis Kounellis, Conversations with Contemporary Artists, Card, Kunst Heute NR. 15, (Germany), 1995

Jasper Johns, According to What & Watchman, Photo by Mark Lancaster, Folded Card, Gagosian Gallery, 1992

Jawlensky, Father and Son, Folded Card, Leonard Hutton Galleries, 1987

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Exhibition Invitation, Vrej Baghoomian, April – June 1988


Jean-Michel Basquiat: An Intimate Portrait, Photographs by Nick Taylor, Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University, Brochure, 2004

Jeanette Ingberman, Papo Colo, Card, Exit Art, c. 1990

Jeanne-Claude (1935 – November 18, 2009), “Once Upon a Time,” A Pictorial Tribute for Christo’s Partner, Two-Fold Card, 2009

Jeff Koons, Banality, Sonnabend, Artforum Advertisement, 1988


Jeffrey Vallance, “Icelandic Women and the King of Tonga,” Card, Rosamund Felsen Gallery, 1987

Jim Dine, Photo by Jeremy Dine, Card, Sonnabend Gallery, 1973


Joan Jonas, P.S.1, Memory Corridor, Card, 1982

Joan Mitchell exhibition at Robert Miller Gallery

Joan Mitchell, Paintings 1950 to 1955, Folded Card, Robert Miller Gallery, 1998

Joel Fisher, 2 Cards, Max Protetch, c. Mid 1970’s

john ahearn at brooke alexander inc - front of card

John Ahearn & Rigoberto Torres, Card, Brooke Alexander Inc, 1983

John Giorno Franklin Furnace

John Giorno, I Resigned Myself to Being Here, Card, Franklin Furnace, 1980

john sex and danceteria

John Sex, In Concert!, Card, Danceteria, C. 1985

The Cat Club invite to John Sex night - front

John Sex, Card, Cat Club, 1985


Jon Kessler, Card, Gisela Capitain Gallery, 1989

rene block gallery opening

Joseph Beuys, I Like America and America Likes Me, Card, René Block Gallery, 1974

front of Joseph Beuys card for Ronald Feldman exhibition

Joseph Beuys, New Sculpture, Card, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, 1979

Joseph Beuys poster for FIU

Joseph Beuys, Folded Poster, Free International University, 1978


Joseph Beuys, Just Hit The Mark, Card, Gagosian Gallery, 2003

Judy Glantzman, Card, The Gallery, 1989

Karen Kilimnik, Card, Gisela Capitain Gallery (Germany), 1992

Kehinde Wiley, Faux Real, Flyer/Poster, Deitch Projects, 2003

keith haring card front with LA2

Keith Haring and LA2, Card, Tony Shafrazi Gallery, 1982

Keith Haring, Card, Photo by Annie Leibovitz, Lucien Durand Gallery, (Paris), 1997

Keith Haring, Poster, Pop Shop, c. 1983


Kiki Smith, Folded Card, Photo by Stephen Klein, Anthony d’Offay Gallery (London), 1993

Larry Bell, New Works on Paper, Card, Texas Gallery, 1978


Larry Clark, Folded Card, Groninger Museum (NL), 1999

Larry Clark, Punk Picasso, Luhring Augustine Gallery, Artforum Advertisement, 2003

O Super Man / Walk The Dog postcard for Laurie Anderson's EP release - front

Laurie Anderson, O Superman / Walk The Dog, Card, One Ten Records, 1982


Laurie Anderson, Life: Computer Portrait Generated From Verbal Description, Fondazione Prada (Italy), Artforum Advertisement, 1998

Lawrence Weiner, Silver Anniversary, Card, Leo Castelli Gallery, 1995

Leigh Bowery, Photo by Cindy Palmano, Card, Anthony d’Offay Gallery, c. 1986


Lenora Champagne, From The Red Light District, Card, Performance Space 122, 1984

Llyn Foulkes, “The Sixties,” Card, Kent Gallery, 1987

Luc Tuymans, A Room for Bremerhaven, Card, Kunstmuseum Bremerhaven, 2012

Lucy Gunning, Card, Greene/Naftali Gallery, 1996


Lynda Benglis, Famous Advertisement in Artforum, Card for the Group Exhibition “New York ca. 1975,” David Zwirner Gallery, 2001

Lynda Benglis, The Clocktower, Card, 1973


Man Ray, “Marcel Duchamp (Distortion)” (ca. 1925-28), Folded Card, Fraenkel Gallery, 2000

Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp (1930), Poster, Yves Arman Gallery and others, c. 1984

Marcel Just, Card, David Ebony Gallery & Fine Arts Building, 1977


Maria Brunner, Card, Gisela Capitain Gallery, 1992

Marie, Raymond Saunders, Stephen Wirtz Gallery (San Fransisco), Artforum Advertisement, 2010

Mario Merz, Two-Fold Card, Walker Art Center, 1972

Mark Di Suvero, Folded Card, Photograph by Peter Bellamy, Gagosian Gallery, 1993

Martha Rosler, Grater, Photograph from “Semiotics of the Kitchen”, Christmas Card, c. 1975


Martin Kippenberger, 3 X 3, Card, Nolan/Eckman Gallery, 1997

Martin Kippenberger, Card, MAMCO Genève (Switzerland), 1997

Matthew Barney, Cremaster 5, Barbara Gladstone Gallery, Artforum Advertisement, 1997


Maya Lin and Daniel Wolf, From Photographer Mariana Cook’s exhibition “Couples,” Folded Card, Mitchell-Innes & Nash Gallery, 2001

inside photo for Mary Boone Gallery card

McClard, Salle, Winters, Bleckner, Schnabel, Newman, Stephan and Mullican, Folded Card, Mary Boone Gallery, 1981


McDermott & McGough, Europe: The Lust That Comes From Nothing, Folded Card, Jerome de Noirmont Gallery (Paris), 1998

McDermott & McGough, Schnabel, Baechler, Magazine, The Cottage, 1990

Meret Oppenheim, Card, Daniel Blau Gallery (Germany), 1996

Michael Tetherow, Card, Bykert Gallery, 1975

front of Miriam Schapiro card

Miriam Schapiro, Geometry and Flowers, Card, Thomas Segal Gallery, 1983

Miss Interpreted (Marlene Dumas), promotional card for a film by Rudolf Evenhuis and Joost Verhey, MM Produkties, 1997.

Nan Goldin (Nude Couple in Shower), Peter Hujar (With Self-Portrait), Oversized Folded Card, Fraenkel Gallery, 2002

New York Magazine, Andy Warhol, “Secrets of My Life,” March 1975

New York Times Magazine, The New European Painters by John Russell, April 24 1983

Nick Zedd, Flyer, Anthology Film Archives, Mid 1980s

NY Talk Magazine cover featuring Keith Haring

NY Talk Magazine, June 1986


Paul Andriesse, “Marlene Dumas and Helena,” card, Art Unlimited Amsterdam, NL, 1989.

Paul Cadmus, The Artist as Subject, 3-Fold Card, Midtown Payson Galleries, 1993

Peter Halley, Folded Card, Gagosian Gallery, 1992


Peter Max, Card, Access Gallery, 1989

Pierre Molinier, Self Portrait With Glove And Mask, Folded Card, Tony Shafrazi Gallery, 2000

Wojnarowicz apple

Portrait of David Wojnarowicz by Peter Hujar, Forbidden Fruit, Card, Dianne B. boutique, 1983


R. Crumb, Drawings 1960s – 1980s, Folded Card, Bess Cutler Gallery, 1995

Raoul Hague, Folded Card, Lennon Weinberg Gallery, 2000

Ray Johnson, A Memorial Exhibition, 16-Page Catalogue, Richard L. Feigen & Co., 1995

Richard Artschwager, Card, Photo by Katrin Schilling, Kunstforum Munchen (Germany), 1993

Richard Hambleton, I Only Have Eyes For You, Photograph by John Kenny, Card, 1981

Manhattan Suicide still

Richard Kern, Manhattan Love Suicides, Photograph of David Wojnarowicz, 1985


Richard Stankiewicz, Card, Zabriskie Gallery, 1981


Robert Kushner, Holly (1984), Invitation Card to Birthday Party for Holly Solomon, Palladium, 1986

Robert Mapplethorpe, Card, Lille Palace of Fine Arts (France), 1993

Robert Rauschenberg, Hoarfrost Series, Poster, Castelli Gallery & Sonnabend Gallery, 1974

Roger Cutforth, Kim Gordon, Card, Hal Bromm Gallery, 1986

Roman Opalka, Folded Card, Städtische Gallery (Germany), 1993

Ron Mueck, Card, Photograph by Gautier Deblonde, Anthony d’Offay Gallery (London), 2000

Roy Lichtenstein, My Thirty Years With Roy: A Celebration and An Exhibition of His “Interiors,” Large Folded Card, Leo Castelli Gallery, 1992

Rudi Stern and Jackie Cassen, Card, Let There Be Neon, c. Late 1970s

Ruth Asawa, “Ruth Asawa with hanging sculpture” (1952), Card, David Zwirner Gallery, 2017

Sam Francis, Folded Card, Gagosian Gallery, 1997

Sam Francis, In Memoriam: Selected Works, Folded Card, Andre Emmerich Gallery, 1995

Sarah Lucas, Self Portraits 1990-98, Card, Tomio Koyama Gallery, 2000

Shepard Fairey, Mayday: Basquiat and other Portraits, Flyer/Poster, Deitch Projects, 2010


Show of Strength, with Bourgeois, Schapiro, Dickson, among others, Poster, Anne Plumb Gallery, 1991

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Sterling Ruby, Killing The Recondite, Metro Pictures, Artforum Advertisement (2 Pages), 2007

Stuart Chernoff, Leon Golub Portrait On Cover, Card, Neo Persona, c. Mid 1980s

Stuart Davis, Scapes, Folded Card, Salander-O’Reilly Galleries, 1990

sturtevant card back for white columns

Sturtevant, Card, White Columns, 1986


Sylvia Whitman, Susan Weil, P.S.1, “Two Notebooks” Untitled Press, Card, 1977

Danceteria - "The Family!" with JOEY ARIAS (Charlie) & ANN MAGNUSON (Squeaky), 1985

The Family! With Joey Arias (Charlie) & Ann Magnuson (Squeaky), Postcard, Danceteria, 1985


The Feminist Art Journal, Lee Krasner, Zelda Fitzgerald, Viveca Lindfors, Magazine, Spring 1975


Thornton Willis, Folded Card, Oscarsson Hood Gallery, 1984

Tim Linn, Stephen Lapthisophon, 3-Fold Card and Insert, Nancy Lurie Gallery (Chicago), 1980

Timothy Greenfield Sanders, Art World: 700 Portraits, Folded Card, Mary Boone Gallery, 1999

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Portrait of Cindy Sherman, Card, Ludwig Köln Museum (Germany), 1996


Tracey Emin, Ten Years, Card, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (NL), 2002

Tseng Kwong Chi, Canadian Rockies Series, Card, Gallery Casas Toledo Oosterom, 1987

Tseng Kwong Chi, Card, Philadelphia Art Alliance, 2002

Tseng Kwong Chi, East Meets West, Card, Semaphore Gallery, 1984


Ute Arleff, “the do”, Card, 1986

Duncan Hannah/Walter Robinson exhibition announcement

Walter Robinson and Duncan Hannah, Postcard, Semaphore Gallery, 1984

de kooning

Willem de Kooning, “Paintings 1983-84,” Card, Matthew Marks Gallery, 1997

William S. Burroughs, Folded Card, Tony Shafrazi Gallery, 1988

William Wegman, Selected Works 1970-1979, Card, University of Colorado Art Galleries, 1980


Wim Delvoye, Labour of Love, Card, Antonio Tucci Russo Gallery (Italy), 1993

soho news cover with yoko ono on front

Yoko Ono; Issue No. 10, December, 1980


Yoshimoto Nara, Ceramic Works, Tomio Koyama Gallery (Japan), Artforum Advertisement, 2010

Yves Klein, Fire Paintings, Folded Card, Gagosian Gallery, 1993