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ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

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Blade – Photographs

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Blade, Blade in Front of Abstagraf, Inscription on back, Photograph, 1994

BLADE, BLADE in front of Jointman, Signed, Photograph, c. 1982-1983

Blade, Blade In Front of Subway, Photograph, Signed on back, 1976

Blade, Blade in Front of Tribute Mural painted by RIME and designed by Freedom for MoCA’s Art in the streets, Photograph, 2011

Blade, Blade The King, Photograph, Signed on back, c. 1976

Blade, Blade Train, Photograph, c. 1974-1976

Blade, Blade Wall Mural, Photograph, c. 1974-1976

Blade, Blade with Pamela Anderson, Provocative Inscription on back, Photograph, 2011

Blade, Blade’s 72 Thunderbird Car, Inscription on back, Photograph, 1972

Blade, Burke Ave Layups in the Bronx, Photograph, 1975

Blade, The Day I Became King!, Photograph, 1975