Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries: | Sign up for our Newsletter    


BLADE and Comet, Hand with Knife, Signed, Drawing on Offset Print, 1992

Blade, “Feelin Fine at 49 and Still Tryin”, Drawing with Color Xerox on back, Signed, 2006

BLADE, Backspin “Hip Hop Magazine”, Signed, Magazine, 1999

Blade, Blade in Front of Abstagraf, Inscription on back, Photograph, 1994

BLADE, BLADE in front of Jointman, Signed, Photograph, c. 1982-1983

Blade, Blade in Front of Subway, Color Xerox, c. 1975

Blade, Blade In Front of Subway, Photograph, Signed on back, 1976

Blade, Blade in Front of Tribute Mural painted by RIME and designed by Freedom for MoCA’s Art in the streets, Photograph, 2011

Blade, Blade The King, Photograph, Signed on back, c. 1976

Blade, Blade Train, Photograph, c. 1974-1976

Blade, Blade Wall Mural, Photograph, c. 1974-1976

Blade, Blade with Pamela Anderson, Provocative Inscription on back, Photograph, 2011

Blade, Blade’s 72 Thunderbird Car, Inscription on back, Photograph, 1972

Blade, Book Signing + Artist Talk at the Museum of the City of New York, Signed with Inscription on back, Flyer, 2014

Blade, Bronx Museum of the Arts “Urban Mythologies: The Bronx Represented Since the 1960s”, Signed, Card, 1999


Blade, Burke Ave Layups in the Bronx, Photograph, 1975

Blade, Duro CIA & Marcoart Gallery Proudly Presents King of Graff, Signed, Card, 2004

BLADE, I’m Home, Signed, Drawing, 1986


BLADE, If Something Happens To Me, Signed, Hand Written Will, 2001


Blade, Martinez Gallery, Signed, Card, 1998

BLADE, Not Dollar, Drawing, ND

Blade, RIP Blade, Drawing, ND

BLADE, Sneaker Fantasy, Signed, Color Xerox, 2012

Blade, The Day I Became King!, Photograph, 1975, For Art Lovers For Bronx Lovers For Graffiti Lovers, Signed, Flyer, ND

C-NEWS (China), BLADE & Zhang Dali, Signed, Newspaper Publication, 2010


Chris Pape, BLADE King of Graffiti, Book, 2014

De Gemeente Helmond, BLADE & Quick, Folded Card, 1993


Eric Firestone Gallery, BLADE, Down By Law, Signed, Card and Price List, 2010

Groninger Museum, BLADE, Press Release, 1992

Groninger Museum, BLADE, Sky’s the Limit, Signed by Quik, Brochure, 1993

Groninger Museum, New York Graffiti Art: Coming from the Subway, BLADE, QUIK, PHASE 2, Lady Pink, Keith Haring, Exhibition Catalog, Text in Dutch, 1992


Guernsey’s, Graffiti Art, BLADE, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Lady Pink, Martha Cooper, Henry Chalfant, Auction Catalog, 2000


Helenbeck Gallery, BLADE, Space Edge, Signed, Card, 2012

Henk Pijnenburg & BLADE, BLADE King of Kings, Signed, Book, 2009


Henk Pijnenburg, BLADE & QUIK, BLADE “Swirls of Love From My Inner Passions”, QUIK “Be Grateful That You Are an Artist”, Signed by BLADE, Catalog, 1992


Juxtaposition Arts & House of Daskarone, Blade One & Kase 2, Signed, Flyer, 1998

Martha Cooper, Blade, Henry Chalfant, Photo/Graff, Photos of Subway Art 1970s – 1980s, Book, 008/100, Signed, 2010


Martha Cooper, Tag Town, Signed by BLADE, Book, 2008


Martinez Gallery, BLADE ONE & CASE 2, Return To Burn, Signed, Press Release, 1998

Martinez Gallery, Blade One, Case 2, Card, 1998

Sotheby’s Amsterdam, The Writing on the Wall, Graffiti auction catalog, 2003

blade card for stellweg séguy gallery

Stellweg Séguy Gallery, Blade, Card, 1984


Steve Ogburn (BLADE), BLADE tag, black marker, ND

The Sugar Factory, BLADE, BLADE’s TC5 50th, Flyer, 2007

Vibes Groningen, Blade, Flyer, 1997

¡Mira! “The Magazine of the South Bronx”, BLADE, Magazine, 1985