Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries: | Sign up for our Newsletter    

Library of Edit deAk

13. Alan Vega, “For Edit I will love you always,” inscription by Vega, in Anna Polerica, Alan Vega: 100,000 Watts of Fat City.. Catalogue, 1998

56 Bleecker Gallery, William Rand, Rene Ricard, Catalogue, 1989


A.I.R. Gallery, Japan Invitational, Women Artists From Japan, Catalogue and Press Release, 1978

Akira Ikeda Gallery (Japan), Painting Now, Basquiat, Chia, Clemente, Cucchi, Salle, Salomé, Schnabel, Catalogue, 1984

Akira Ikeda Gallery, Agnes Martin, Catalogue, 1989

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Akira Ikeda Gallery, Andy Warhol: Multicolored Marilyns Reversal Series (1979/86), Catalogue, 1986

Akira Ikeda Gallery, Richard Serra, Wall Props, Catalogue, 1987

Andy Warhol, Transcript of David Bailey’s ATV Documentary, Original Magazine Version, 1972

Angel Hair Books, Alice Notley, Incidentals in The Day World, Cover by Philip Guston, Poetry Book, 1973

Anthony d’Offay Gallery, Brice Marden, Book, 1988

Anthony d’Offay Gallery, Gerhard Richter, The London Paintings, Catalogue, 1988

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Anthony d’Offay Gallery, Sandro Chia, Draught of Dr. Jekyll, Book, 1981

Anthony d’Offay & Gian Enzo Sperone, Francesco Clemente, Photo portrait by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Folded Card, 1983

Anton Kern Gallery, Andy Warhol, Abstract Paintings, Catalogue, 1998

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ARC, Helene Aylon, Video, Foldout, 1985

Art & Project (Amsterdam, NL), Francesco Clemente, “the loneliness of the frog, or bruno taut in istanbul, 1937, laughing,” Card, 1984/85

Art & Project, “New Works by Francesco Clemente,” Folded Brochure, 1980/1981

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Art & Project, Francesco Clemente, “Emblemi e Colpi Della Pittura di Fortuna,” Folded Brochure, 1978

Art Metropole, Covers by Jenny Holzer, Catalogue No. 13, 1989


Art News, “Francesco Clemente: Odd Man In,” Cover photograph by Ken Probst, Magazine, March 1985.

Art Scribe (Great Britain), Basquiat by Kathy Acker, Lynne Cooke on Neo Primitivism, Magazine, March-April 1985


Artfinder, Andy Warhol, Special Photography Issue, Whitney Biennial, Magazine, April-June 1987

ArtForum, 2 Issues featuring Famous Advertisements by Judy Chicago, Magazine, Oct & Dec 1970

ArtForum, Bullet Space Cover, Magazine, October 1991

ArtForum, Douglas Huebler cover, Ed Ruscha Absolut Vodka Ad, Magazine, November 1988

ArtForum, James Rosenquist, Magazine, June 1972

ArtForum, John Baldessari, Magazine, October 1973

ArtForum, Larry Clark, KIDS, Magazine, May 1995


ArtForum, Sean Landers cover, Keith Haring Absolut ad, Magazine, April 1994

ARTnews, Sue Coe, Soviet Art, Magazine, October 1987

Arts Council of North Ireland, Francesco Clemente in Belfast, Catalogue, 1984

Arts Magazine, Avedon / Warhol Advertisement, September 1975

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Barbara Gladstone Gallery, George Condo, Wilfried Dickhoff, Catalogue, 1986

Basler Kunstvereins, Von Twombly Bis Clemente, Front image by Francesco Clemente, Card, 1985

Between Books, Ray Johnson, John Willenbecher, Book, c. 1978

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BlumHelman Gallery, Andrew Lord, New Work, Catalogue, 1986

Brooke Alexander Inc., Alex Katz, Face of the Poet, Portfolio of Portraits of Poets with Poems, Rene Ricard, Catalogue, 1978

Carl Marcus Gallery, Sculpture As Objects, Mini-Catalogue, 1995

Centre d’Art Contemporain Geneva, Francesco Clemente, Gratis, Catalogue, 1978

Centro per l’arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato, Julian Schnabel, Cheers to an Empty Glass, Catalogue, 1989


Civilian Warfare, Greer Lankton, SIGNED Offset Print Portfolio, 1983


Collection: Peter Brams, Basquiat, Gilbert & George, David McDermott, Peter McGough, Philip Taaffe, Rosemary Trockel, Diego Cortez, Catalogue, 1986


Comme des Garcons, Six / Sixth Sense, Number 1, Magazine, 1988

Comme des Garcons, Six / Sixth Sense, Number 2, Magazine, 1988

Corcoran Gallery, Patrick Ireland, The Duchamp Portrait, Catalogue, 1974

Cyrus Gallery, Howardena Pindell: Autobiography, Catalogue and Press Release, 1989


Daad Galerie, Peter Hutchinson, Catalogue, 1988

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DAAD, Charles Simonds, Floating Cities and Other Architectures, Wesfälischer Kunstverein Münster and Bonner Kunstverein, Dual Catalogue, 1978

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Data Magazine, Italy, Michelangelo Pistoletto cover, 1973


De Cordova Museum, Born in Boston, Curated by Jeffrey Deitch, Carl Andre, Buckminster Fuller, Frank Stella, William Wegman, Catalogue, 1979

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Donahue Gallery, The Estate of Andy Warhol, Art in America, Bedri Baykam, 4 Xeroxes, 1988

Emilio Mazzoli, Sandro Chia, Mattinata All’ Opera, text by Achille Bonito Oliva, Book, 1979

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Fabjbasaglia Galleria, Book party for Francesco Clemente’s “Vetta,” Card, 1979

Feigen Incorporated, James Rosenquist, Target Practice, Catalogue, 1996

Festival of Lesbian and Gay Film, Catalogue, 1989

Fischer Gallery, University of Southern California, AFRIKA, Catalogue, 1992

Flash Art (Italian edition,) Cover photo by Moses Forrest, Interview with Clemente by Helena Kontova and Giancarlo Politi, Magazine, Summer 1986

Flash Art (Italy), Keith Haring, Yves Klein, Arte Povera, Magazine, March 1984


Flash Art, #112, Francis Bacon cover & interview, Robert Longo, Magazine, May 1983


Flash Art, #123, Karole Armitage and Joseph Lennon by David Salle cover, Interview with David by Robert Pincus-Witten, Magazine, Summer 1985

Flash Art, #132, Jeff Koons cover & interview, Magazine, February/March 1987

Flash Art, #134, Rosemarie Trockel, Magazine, May 1987

Flash Art, #135, Sherry Levine, John Baldessari, Enzo Cucchi, Magazine, Summer 1987

Flash Art, #138, Magazine, January/February 1988

Flash Art, Julian Schnabel, #130, October/November 1986

Flash Art, Nicholas Moufarrege on the East Village, March 1983, Summer 1984, Two Magazines


Francesco Clemente, Bestiario & Emblema 1978 Rome, 3 Photographs

G. E. Sperone, Francesco Clemente, Card, 1979


Gagosian Gallery, Andy Warhol, Shadow Paintings, Intro by Julian Schnabel, Catalogue, 1989


Gagosian Gallery, Francesco Clemente Evening Raga and Paradiso, Catalogue, 1992

Galerie Ascan Crone (Hamburg Germany), Jörg Immendorff, Catalogue, 1984

Galerie Bischofberger, Francesco Clemente, Folded Card, 1981

Galerie Bruno Bischofberger, Francesco Clemente Watercolors, Photo portrait by Robert Mapplethorpe, Folded Card, 1982/1983

Galerie de France, Alain Jacquet, Alain Robbe-Grillet, Rene Ricard, text by Pierre Restany, Catalogue, 1981

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Galerie d’Art Contemporain des Musees de Nice, Francesco Clemente, Card, 1983

Gallery 56 (Geneva), Keith Haring, Catalogue, 1990


Gelco Corporation, The Gelco Collection, Front image by Francesco Clemente, Undated, 3 fold card

Goethe House, Lil Picard, Lucy Lippard, Folded Card, 1976

HALLWALLS, Figures: Forms and Expressions, Ahearn, Chia, Clemente, Golub, Longo, Mapplethorpe, Salle, Simmons, Catalogue, 1981

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Hallwalls, Jack Goldstein, text by David Salle, Catalogue, 1978


Herbert F. Johnson Museum (Cornell University), May Stevens, Catalogue, 1973

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Holly Solomon Gallery, The First Two Years, Catalogue, 1975

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Institute of Contemporary Art, UPENN, The East Village Scene, Basquiat, Bidlo, Fekner, Futura, Hambleton, Haring, Kostabi, Scharf, Wojnarowicz, Catalogue, 1984


Inverleith House and Edwin A. Ulrich Museum of Art, Theories of the Decorative, Philip Taaffe, Catalogue, 1977

Island Magazine, Keith Haring back cover, Cover by Edo, February 1983

James Corcoran Gallery / Brooke Alexander, Tom Otterness, essay by Hayden Herrera, Catalogue, 1990

Jerry Dreva, Death Wish 77 (Razorblade Cross Photocollage), Signed Mail Art, 1977


John Weber Gallery, Dorothea Rockburne, Catalogue, 1978

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Josh Baer Gallery, Nancy Spero, text by Peter Schjeldahl, Catalogue, 1989

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Kestner-Gesellschaft Hannover, Francesco Clemente, Catalogue, 1984

Kestner-Gesellschaft, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Das Zeichnerische Werk, Text by Keith Haring, Catalogue, 1989


La Jolla Museum, Patrick Ireland, Rope Drawings, Catalogue, 1977

Leo Castelli Gallery, Starn Twins, Catalogue, 1988

Lerner-Heller Gallery, May Stevens, BIG DADDY, Lucy Lippard, Booklet, 1975

Louisiana Museum, Enzo Cucchi, Three Catalogues in Slip Cover, SIGNED by Enzo Cucchi, 1985

Lucio Amelio, Francesco Clemente, Card, 1979

Marian Goodman / Sperone Westwater, Gerhard Richter, Catalogue, 1987

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Marian Goodman/Sperone Westwater, Gerhard Richter, Catalogue, 1985

Marisa Del Re Gallery, Arman, The Day After, Catalogue, 1984

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Marlborough Gallery, Richard Avedon, Catalogue, 1975

Mary Boone Gallery, Francesco Clemente, Card and Envelope, 1983

MoMA, “‘Primitivism’ In 20th Century Art,” Press Kit with Photos and Press Releases; also Artforum Nov. 1984 with critical essay by Thomas McEvilley

MoMA, Francesco Clemente, The Departure of the Argonauts, Catalogue, 1986

MoMA, INFORMATION, Kynaston McShine, Hans Haacke, Sol LeWitt, Yoko Ono, Joseph Beuys, Catalogue, 1970

MoMA, Lettering by Modern Artists, Catalogue, 1964

Musee de Toulon, Eve Sonneman, Catalogue, 1983

Museum fur Gegenwartskunsk Basel, Francesco Clemente, Card, 1985

Museum Journaal, No. 1, Netherlands, Lydia Lunch, Magazine, 1981


New Observations (NYC), Adrian Piper (guest editor), “Color” Issue with Lorraine O’Grady, Senga Nengudi, David Hammons, Sam Gilliam, Magazine, 1993


New York Magazine, Andy Warhol, Secrets of My Life, March 1975

New York Post, Andy Warhol, Dead at 58, Newspaper, 1987

New York Times Magazine, The New European Painters by John Russell, April 24 1983

Neworld Magazine, Richmond Barthe, c. 1978

October, No. 24, Beth B and Scott B Interview, No Wave, Magazine, Spring 1983

Pace Gallery, Julian Schnabel, Fox Farm Paintings, Thomas McEviley, Catalogue, 1990

Palladium, Chi Chi Valenti, Edit deAk, Pictorial effects by Francesco Clemente, Card, 1986

PAPER Magazine, Anne Magnuson cover, Warhol Absolut ad, October 1992

PAPER Magazine, Kim Gordon cover, March 1994

PAPER Magazine, RuPaul Cover, June 1993

PAPER Magazine, Spike Lee, November 1992

PAPER Magazine, Susanne Bartsch Cover, Winter 1994

Pasadena Art Museum, Serial Imagery, Text by John Coplans, Book, 1968


Pat Hearn Gallery, Mary Boone Gallery, Philip Taaffe, Catalogue and Card, 1989

Paul Maenz, Hrsg. / Verlag Gerd de Vries, Francesco Clemente, “il viaggiatore napoletano,” text by Rainer Crone, Book, 1983

Performing Arts Journal, Volume 1 Number 1, Magazine, Spring 1976

Performing Arts Journal, Volume 1 Number 3, Magazine, Winter 1977

Powerhouse, a Center for Women Artists in Montreal, Booklet, c. 1970s

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Prestel Verlag, Francesco Clemente, Pastelle 1973 – 1983, text by Rainer Crone and others, Book, 1984

Public Art Fund, Group Material, INSERTS, Card, 1988

Real Life Magazine, editor: Thomas Lawson, Autumn 1994

Reinhard Onnasch Austellungen, William Copley, Post-Raphaelite Paintings, Catalogue, 1983

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Rempire Gallery, Richard Bernstein, Hommages and Icons, Booklet, c. 1990

Ringling Museum of Art, Francesco Clemente, Catalogue, 1985

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Robert Miller Gallery, Jedd Garet, Ronald Kuspit, Catalogue, 1989

Robert Miller Gallery, Lee Krasner, Catalogue, 1982

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Robert Miller Gallery, Louise Bourgeois, Jerry Gorovoy, Catalogue, 1986

Robert Miller Gallery, Louise Bourgeois, Truth, essay by Robert Pincus-Witten, Catalogue, 1982

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Salvatore Ala Gallery, Antony Gormley, Catalogue, 1984

San Francisco Art Institute, Newton Harrison, Helen Mayer Harrison, From the Lagoon Cycle/Meditations, Signed Catalogue, 1977

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Semaphore Gallery, Sots Art, Russian Mock-Heroic Style, Komar/Melamid, Eric Bulatov, Alexander Kosopolov, Catalogue, 1984

Semiotext(e), Intervention Series 1, Italy: Autonomia, Designed/Co-edited by Diego Cortez, 1980/2007

Semiotext(e), Vol. 2 No. 2, Georges Bataille, Magazine, 1976


SF MoMA, Christopher Wool, New Work, Catalogue, 1989


Sidney Janis Gallery, Robert Ryman, Catalogue, 1979

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SIGNED, Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol from A to B & Back Again, First Edition, Book, 1975


Soft Need #9, Udo Breger, Diego Cortez, Bonn Germany, Spring 1976

Sperone Westwater/Mary Boone Gallery, Francesco Clemente, Oversized Card, 1983

Städtische Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Marcel Broodthaers, Catalogue, 1972

Städtisches Kunstmuseum Bonn, Sigmar Polke, Original+Faelschung, Catalogue, 1974


Studio Alchymia, Il Mobile Infinito, Francesco Clemente, Ettore Sottsass, Mauro Panzeri, Catalogue – Press Release – Card, 1981

Stux Gallery, Starn Twins, essay by Joseph Masheck, Catalogue, 1990

Suzanne Biederberg Gallery/The October Gallery, William S. Burroughs, Catalogue, 1988

The Chase Manhattan Bank Art Collection, cover by Gilbert & George, Catalogue, 1981

The Cottage, McDermott & McGough, Schnabel, Baechler, Magazine, 1990

The Feminist Art Journal, Lee Krasner, Zelda Fitzgerald, Viveca Lindfors, Magazine, Spring 1975


The Missing House, Christian Boltanski, Christine Büchner, Andreas Fischer, text by Michael Glasmeier, Catalogue, 1992

The New Museum, “Bad” Painting, curated by Marcia Tucker, Catalogue, 1978

Trylon & Perisphere, Gregory Battcock, Jimmy de Sana, Newsprint Magazine, February 1978


Tunnel, John Sex, Haoui Montaug, David Burns, “Club She,” Folded Card, 1987

University of Iowa Museum of Art, Robert Longo, “Dis-Illusions,” Catalogue, 1985

View, Francesco Clemente (Interview by Robin White,) Notations by art critic Edit deAk, Booklet, 1981

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Black Art Ancestral Legacy: The African Impulse in African-American Art, Press Kit with Photo, Handout, and Object List, 1991

Vrej Baghoomian Gallery, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Catalogue, 1989

Vrej Baghoomian Inc., Andy Warhol, Genesis of an Installation, Gerard Malanga, Catalogue, 1988

Whitechapel Art Gallery, Francesco Clemente, The Fourteen Stations, Catalogue, 1983

Whitechapel Art Gallery, Julian Schnabel, essay by Thomas McEviley, Book, 1987

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Whitney Museum, Alice Neel, Exhibition Booklet, 1974


Whitney Museum, Contemporary Black Artists In America, Barkley Hendricks, Betye Saar, Raymond Saunders, Charles White, Al Loving, Text by Robert M. Doty, Catalogue, 1971


Whitney Museum, Joan Mitchell, Marcia Tucker, Catalogue, 1974

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Whitney Museum, Lee Krasner, Large Paintings, Marcia Tucker, Catalogue, 1972

Whitney Museum, Robert Kushner, Paintings on Paper, Catalogue, 1984

Whitney Museum, Sacred Images in Secular Art, Keith Haring, Mapplethorpe, Cutrone, Flack, Catalogue, 1986

William Paterson College, Ben Shahn Gallery, Altered Subjects: Photography, Catalogue, 1980

Womanart, Gertrude Stein, Magazine, Summer 1976