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ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

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Bob Colacello portrait of Andy Warhol

“Andy Warhol, Naples” (1976), Photo by Bob Colacello, Folded Card for the Exhibition Bob Colacello, Mary Boone Gallery, 1990

a lesbian show poster

112 Greene St, Amy Sillman, Harmony Hammond, A Lesbian Show, Folded Card, 1978


292 Gallery, Jesse Tarbox Beals, Bohemian Greenwich Village, Card, 1993

collins & milazzo show at 303 gallery

303 Gallery, A Deer Manger, A Dress Pattern, Farther Sea Water, and A Signature, Folded Card and Insert, 1988

Andreas Gursky 303 Gallery

303 Gallery, Andreas Gursky, Card, 1995

angels saints martyrs postcard for 303 gallery front

303 Gallery, David Lachapelle, Card, 1984

doug Aitken 303 gallery

303 Gallery, Doug Aitken, Card, 1999

Edo postcard front

303 Gallery, Edo Bertoglio, Photographs, Card, 1984

a project gober and wool at 303 gallery

303 Gallery, Robert Gober, Christopher Wool, Gary Indiana, A Project, 4-Page Booklet, 1988

Sue Williams 303 Gallery

303 Gallery, Sue Williams, Card, 1998

407 show with Shapard Fairey

407 Gallery, Shepard Fairey, Giant, Card, 1997

group show package

515 Broadway, Glier, Holzer, Vachon, Flyer and Insert, 1979

clementine greenberg card

55 Mercer Street Gallery, Dana Gordon, Clement Greenberg, Remembering Clem Recently, Card, 1995

David Wojnarowicz poster design

55 Mercer Street Gallery, David Wojnarowicz, #2 Smart Art Too, Poster, 1984

henry chalfant card

55 Mercer Street Gallery, Henry Chalfant, Sculpture, Card, 1978

invite to Stefano Castronovo's exhibition at Patrick Fox Gallery -- front

56 Bleecker Gallery (Patrick Fox Gallery), Stefano Castronovo, Card

56 bleecker street

56 Bleecker Gallery, Dondi White, Matter of Facts, Invitation, 1987

high anxiety kenny schachter

66 Crosby, Kenny Schachter, High Anxiety, Card, 1995


75 Warren Street, Harry Spitz, Gerard Hovagimyan, Chiara Smith (Kiki Smith), John Shaw, Card, 1979

collective keith haring steve mass lower manhattan drawing show

77 White Street Gallery, Mudd Club, Basquiat, Keith Haring, Steve Mass, Lower Manhattan Drawing Show, Press Release, February 1981

semaphore gallery postcard front

8 BC, Party For Nancy Dwyer Following Her Opening At Semaphore Gallery, Postcard,1983

Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup Box Paintings, Card, Michael Kohn Gallery, 1986

Andy Warhol solo exhibition in DC front of card

Andy Warhol: Gerald Ford, Political Portraits, Flowers, and Other Warhol Favorites, and new portfolios of Mick Jagger, Drag Queens, Card, Max Protetch Gallery, 1975

front of andy warhol leo castelli card

Andy Warhol, Card, Leo Castelli Gallery, 1977

heresies card for PPOW

Heresies: Issues That Won’t Go Away, Folded Card, PPOW, 1987

A & P, Day Gleeson and Dennis Thomas Collaborative Work, Silkscreen Poster, 1986

A & P, Linus Coraggio Backstabbing—Distrust, Poster, 1985

A & P, Raymond Pettibon, Gallery Closing Announcement Card, 1986

A & P, Tom McGlynn, West Wing, Poster, 1986

A Gallery for Fine Photography, Robert Doisneau, Open House, Card, 1981

A’s , Arleen Schloss, News And Calendar, Silkscreen Poster, 1981

poster for Arleen Schloss' N Night at A's Gallery

A’s, Arleen Schloss, N Night, Poster, 1982

A's flyer by Arleen Schloss

A’s, Arleen Schloss, Flyer, 1981

A's template invitation

A’s, Phoebe Legere Performance, Acetate Card, 1987

Colab show card front

A. More Store at Brooke Alexander Inc., COLAB, Card, 1990

A. Wauters Gallery, Kate Millett, Premier Exhibition of Brushstroke Drawings and Serigraphs, Folded Card, 1977

A.I.R. Gallery lecture calendar

A.I.R. Gallery, A.I.R. Current Issues, Lecture Series, 1982

Ana Mendieta card for A.I.R. Gallery - front

A.I.R. Gallery, Ana Mendieta, Rupestrian Sculptures, Card, 1981

AIR Atlanta Womens Art Collective poster 1980

A.I.R. Gallery, Atlanta Womens Art Collective, Poster, 1980

A.I.R. Gallery group show card

A.I.R. Gallery, Attie, Edelson, Spero, Card, 1981

A.I.R. Gallery, Dotty Attie, Justine Remembered, Accordion-Fold Booklet, 1983

A.I.R. Gallery show card curated by Lucy Lippard

A.I.R. Gallery, Invitation for exhibition of women artists curated by Lucy Lippard, 1974


A.I.R. Gallery, Japan Invitational, Women Artists From Japan, Catalogue and Press Release, 1978

women artists' books show card for A.I.R. Gallery - front

A.I.R. Gallery, Lucy Lippard, Speaking volumes: Women Artists’ Books, Card, 1980

mary bell edelson card for air gallery - front

A.I.R. Gallery, Mary Beth Edelson, Grapceva Cave Series: Memorial Pilgrimage/See for Yourself, Card, 1977

centerfold image of booklet

A.I.R. Gallery, Mary Beth Edelson, Booklet, 1975

front of Nancy Spero card for A.I.R. Gallery

A.I.R. Gallery, Nancy Spero, Folded Card, 1974

Pat Lasch card for A.I.R. Gallery

A.I.R. Gallery, Pat Lasch, Card, 1973

S. Dienes card for A.I.R. Gallery

A.I.R. Gallery, S. Dienes, Portraits, Card, 1977

Sari Dienes creative reuse postcard front

A.I.R. Gallery, Sari Dienes, Creative Re-use, Card, 1982

sylvia sleigh card

A.I.R. Gallery, Sylvia Sleigh, Folded Card, 1978


ABC No Rio, Inaugural Exhibition Artists for Survival, Flyer, 1980

AC Project Room, Shooter’s Hill, Mary Beth Edelson, Kim Jones, Zoe Leonard, Card, 1991


Access Gallery, Peter Max, Card, 1989

ad reinhardt card front

Ad Reinhardt, Card, Pace Gallery, 1976


Afrique Caribe Gallery, M.L.J. Johnson, “New American ArtArt,” Card, 1990

lontano da dove

Albertopeola, Jeanette Louie, Lontano Da Dove?, Card, 1999

front of postcard for David Wojnarowicz's exhibition at Alexander F Milliken Gallery

Alexander F. Milliken Inc., David Wojnarowicz, Folded Card


Alighiero Boetti, Brescia Italy, Card, Gallery Massimo Minini, 1980


Allan Frumkin Gallery, William Beckman, Figure Paintings, Folded Card, 1985


Allan Stone Gallery, Wayne Thiebaud, Folded Card, 1994

Amanda Feilding, Suydam Gallery, “Heartbeat in the Brain,” Folded Card, 1978

poster for Allan Sekula installation

Amelie A. Wallace Gallery, Allan Sekula, School is a Factory, Flyer, 1984


Amelie A. Wallace Gallery, David Hammons, Charles Abramson, Jorge Rodriguez, Spaces V, Card, 1981

Jenny Holzer Truisms card

Amelie A. Wallace Gallery, Jenny Holzer, Truisms, Folded Card, 1984

ᏄᎪᏢᎠᏙᎧ (We Always Turn Around on Purpose) show card

Amelie A. Wallace Gallery, Native American Artists and Jimmie Durham, ᏄᎪᏢᎠᏙᎧ (We Always Turn Around on Purpose), Card, 1986

American Fine Arts (Colin de Land), Peter Fend, Mapping a Response to MoMA, Card, 1995


André Emmerich Gallery, Jeffrey Deitch, Kenneth Noland, Jules Olitski, The Green Mountain Boys, Tri-fold Brochure, 1998

hockney pools

André Emmerich Project Space, David Hockney, “Pools,” Folded Card, 1994

Deutchland card for Andrea Rosen Gallery

Andrea Rosen Gallery, Cosima von Bonin, Deutschland, Card, 1991

Andrea Rosen Gallery, Group Show, Felix Gonzales-Torres, Jeff Koons, Gerhard Richter, Card, 1991

Andrea Rosen Gallery, Group Show, Michael Ashkin, Andreas Gursky, Fischli & Weiss, Card, 1997

john currin at andrea rosen gallery

Andrea Rosen Gallery, John Currin, Card, 1992

john currin card for andrea rosin gallery

Andrea Rosen Gallery, John Currin, Card, 1997


Andrea Rosen Gallery, Miguel Calderón, Card, 1997

Andrew Castrucci, Fresh Fruit for Rotten Vegetables, Card, A & P, 1986

Andrew Castrucci, Fresh Fruit For Rotten Vegetables, Poster, A & P, 1986

Andrew Castrucci, I Love You, Nancy, A & P, 1985

Andrew Castrucci, I Love You, Nancy, Card, A & P, 1985


Andrew Kreps Gallery, Robert Melee, Card, 1998

andy warhol paintings at Michael Petronko Gallery, 1997

Andy Warhol, “Campbell’s Noodle Soup Box” (1986), 3-Fold Card for the Exhibition Paintings, Michael Petronko Gallery, 1997

Andy Warhol at Brooke Alexander Gallery, John Lennon

Andy Warhol, “John Lennon” (c. 1985-86), Folded Card for the Exhibition Portrait Drawings, Brooke Alexander Inc, 1998

andy warhol reigning queens exhibition card - front

Andy Warhol, “Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom,” Card for the Exhibition Reigning Queens 1985, Cirrus Gallery (Los Angeles), 1985

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Andy Warhol black & white ronald feldman fine arts

Andy Warhol, “Self Portrait” (1978), Card for the Exhibition “Andy Warhol: Black & White,” Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, 1998

andy warhol brooke alexander skull

Andy Warhol, “Skulls” (1976), Folded Card for the Exhibition Eight Portfolios 1972 – 1987, Brooke Alexander Gallery, 1990

Andy Warhol, “Untitled” (1964), Folded Card for the Exhibition Flowers, Vrej Baghoomian Inc, 1989

front of warhol card for Castelli Uptown

Andy Warhol, Reigning Queens 1985, Folded Card, Castelli Uptown, 1985

Andy Warhol, Abstract Paintings, Catalogue, Anton Kern Gallery, 1998

front of andy warhol invitation - cambell's tomato soup label

Andy Warhol, Card, Portland Center for the Visual Arts, 1980


Anichini Gallery, African Market, Patrizia Anichini, Card, 1981

Discussions at NYU

Annina Nosei Gallery at NYU, Beuys, Schneemann, Discussions, Flyer, 1977

annina nosei group show card

Annina Nosei Gallery, Basquiat, Glier, Haring, Selected Works, 3-Fold Card, 1983


Annina Nosei Gallery, Drawings & Paintings on Paper, Clemente, Chia, Cucchi, Longo, Salle, Schnabel, Card and Press Release, 1980

Anselm Kiefer, Card, Mary Boone Gallery, 1982

poster for a photo cocktail party

Antonio Lopez, A Photo Cocktail Party, Flyer, Robert Freidus Gallery, 1979

poster for a photo cocktail party

Antonio Lopez, A Photo Cocktail Party, Flyer, Robert Freidus Gallery, 1979


AREA, Annina Nosei, Stephen Mueller, Card, 1984

Art Bar, Nancy Brown, Card, 1983

Art Store Gallery, Frank O. Gehry, Sketches of Recent Projects, Folded Card and Insert, 1989

ArtForum, 2 Issues featuring Famous Advertisements by Judy Chicago, Magazine, Oct & Dec 1970

front of artists space card for group exhibition curated by Walter Robinson

Artists Space, Selected by Walter Robinson, Card, 1981

its just art card front

Artists Space, Adrian Piper, It’s Just Art, Card, 1981


Artists Space, Annette Messager, Les Varietes, Card, 1981

Barbara Kruger photograph for Michael Smith piece at Artists Space

Artists Space, Barbara Kruger, Michael Smith, Down in the Rec Room, Card, 1978

dan graham card for Artists Space

Artists Space, Dam Graham, Card, 1975

Dennis Adams card for Artists Space - front

Artists Space, Dennis Adams, Card, 1979

Donald Newman card front

Artists Space, Donald Newman, The N*gger Drawings, Card, 1979

Artists Drawn group show card for Artists Space

Artists Space, Donald Sultan, Nancy Spero, Patti Smith, Artists Drawn, Card, 1979

front of Group Material card for Artists Space

Artists Space, Group Material, Primer (for Raymond Williams), Card, 1982

Jack Goldstein film screening card from Artists Space

Artists Space, Jack Goldstein, Card, 1976

eating Friends card with Jenny Holzer and Peter Nadin

Artists Space, Jenny Holzer / Peter Nadin, Eating Friends, Card, 1982


Artists Space, Julia Heyward, My Blue Period, Invitation for Exhibition, 1977

Laurie Simmons card for Artists Space

Artists Space, Laurie Simmons, Photographs, Card, 1979

sherman lawler piper group show at Artists Space - front of card

Artists Space, Lawler, Piper, Sherman, Card, 1978

Lawrence Weine card fro Artists Space

Artists Space, Lawrence Weiner, Card, 1976

Hallways group show for Artists Space

Artists Space, Longo, Sherman, Hallwalls, Card, 1976

Artists Space's Performance Series postcard collection

Artists Space, Longo, Taubin, Martha Wilson, Performance Series, Collection of 10 Postcards, 1976

Martha Wilson Rose card front

Artists Space, Martha Wilson, Rose, Card, 1976

Scott Billingsley card for Artists Space

Artists Space, Scott Billingsley, Trespass, Card, 1976

card for vito Acconci film at Artists Space

Artists Space, Vito Acconci, My Word, Card, 1974


Audart Gallery, Ten Years After: The Warhol Factory, Card with Flyer and Press Release, 1997


Aurel Scheibler Gallery, Jack Pierson, Card, c. 1992

Barbara Braathen Gallery, Surrealismo!, Invitation, 1986


Barbara Ess, Visual Paradox, Card, John Michael Kohler Arts Center, 1988

crucifix show basquiat haring lewitt mapplethorpe

Barbara Gladestone Gallery, Basquiat, Haring, Mapplethorpe, The Crucifix Show, Card, December 1982 – January 1983

inside of card for Miriam Shapiro at Barbara Gladstone Gallery. Features "Medusa", a six-panel piece of acrylic on canvas

Barbara Gladestone Gallery, Miriam Schapiro, The Black Paintings, 3-Fold Card, 1981

richard prince jay gorney barbara gladstone

Barbara Gladstone Gallery & Jay Gorney Modern Art, Richard Prince, Folded Card, 1989

Barbara Gladstone sculpture exhibition with Anish Kapoor

Barbara Gladstone Gallery, Anish Kapoor, Sculpture, Card, 1986

Jenny Holzer and Peter Nadin card

Barbara Gladstone Gallery, Jenny Holzer and Peter Nadin, Plaques For Buildings, Card, 1982

Keith Haring lithograph front of card

Barbara Gladstone Gallery, Keith Haring, 6 Lithographs, Card, 1982


Barbara Gladstone Gallery, Matthew Barney, Press Release, 1991

nancy grossman at barbara gladstone gallery

Barbara Gladstone Gallery, Nancy Grossman, Card, 1980

Can We Talk Basilico Fine Arts

Basilico Fine Arts, Carsten Höller, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Can We Talk? A Forum on Dialogue, Card, 1996

Baskerville + Watson Gallery

Baskerville + Watson Gallery, Modern Objects, 4-Fold Card with Essay by Jeffrey Deitch, 1986

Richard Prince card for Baskerville and Watson

Baskerville + Watson, Richard Prince, Folded Card, 1983

Sherrie Levine card front for Baskerville + Watson

Baskerville + Watson, Sherrie Levine, Card, 1985

card for graffiti Group show and Nicolas A. Moufarrege solo show

Ben Shahn Gallery, Moufarrege, Basquiat, Haring, Holzer, Folded Card, 1984


Benefit for International Sex Worker Foundation, Al Goldstein, Annie Sprinkle, Folded Card, Jack Tilton Gallery, 1998

Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, “Let’s Play House,” Poster designed by Miriam Schapiro, 1986

Bess Cutler Gallery, R. Crumb, Drawings 1960s – 1980s, Folded Card, 1995

Ars Ex Machina card

Bette Stoler Gallery, Ars Ex Machina, Card, 1983

alreen schloss betty parsons gallery

Betty Parsons Gallery, Arleen Schloss, A Process Demonstration of Elasticity, Sound + Movement, Handwritten Card, 1976

Betty Parsons Gallery, Betty Parsons, Her Last Works In Wood, In Memoriam, Card, 1982

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Betty Parsons Gallery, Claire Ferguson, Date-Day, Screen-Printed Flyer, 1980

Ray Johnson card for Betty Parsons Gallery

Betty Parsons Gallery, Ray Johnson, History of Betty Parsons Gallery, Card, 1973

bill beckley john gibson gallery

Bill Beckley, Performance, Card, John Gibson Gallery, 1973

BlumHelman card for group show

BlumHelman Gallery, Basquiat, Haring, Salle, Drawings, Folded Card, 1982

robert rauschenberg poster for bmw gallery

BMW Gallery, Rauschenberg, BMW + 5 American Artists, Small Poster, 1986


Bohemia After Dark, The B.A.D. Museum, KONK, Stefano Castronovo, Rugged Vision, Folded Card, 1986


Bond Gallery, Donald Baechler, Stefan Eins, Richard Hambleton, Ana Opitz, Phrenology, Flyer, 1987

Pilip Guston Clark Coolidge

Boston University Art Gallery, Philip Guston & Clark Coolidge, Private and Public Battles, 3-Fold Card, 1994

gracie mantion in st louis card front

Brentwood Gallery, Kim Mosley, Gracie Mansion Meets Lynn Plotkin, Card, 1985

Raymond Pettibon Plots on Loan

Brooke Alexander & David Zwirner Galleries, Raymond Pettibon, Plots on Loan, 6-Fold Card, 2001


Brooke Alexander Gallery, Richard Tuttle, 70’s Drawings, Card, 1990

Jenny Holzer Haring Ahearn Rifka Gleir group show at Brooke Alexander Inc

Brooke Alexander Inc, Ahearn, Glier, Holzer, Haring, Longo, Rifka, Represent Representation Representative, Card, 1981

bruce nauman card

Bruce Nauman, Card, Sperone Westwater Gallery, 1990

Bruce Weber, Gentle Giants, Folded Card, Robert Miller Gallery, 1994

Bruno Facchetti Gallery, Acceptable Entertainment, 1986

Bullet Space, An Act of Resistance, Card, 1989


Bullet Space, Hard Corps, RAMMELLZEE, Rick Rubin, Flyer, 1990

Nan Goldin card for Burden Gallery - front

Burden Gallery, Nan Goldin, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, Card, 1986


Burnett Miller Gallery, Leon Golub, Card, 1989

Burnett Miller Gallery, Ulay/Marina Abramovic, Modus Vivendi, Folded Card, 1986

brice marden bykert gallery card

Bykert Gallery, Brice Marden, Card, 1970


Bykert Gallery, David Novros, Card, 1970


Bykert Gallery, Michael Snow, Set of small cards, 1971

C&M Arts, Cheim & Read, Louise Bourgeois, “The Personages,” Foldout Card, 2001

warhol marilyn monroe, jackie kennedy C&M Arts

C&M Marts, Andy Warhol, Women of Warhol: Marilyn, Liz & Jackie, 3-Fold Card, 2000


Cable Gallery, Arbitrator Koor, Card, 1985


CABLE, Christopher Wool, Card, 1986


Caren Golden Fine Art, Psycho-Morphing, Group Show, Cindy Sherman, Card, 1996

carl tower

Carl Andre, The Clocktower, “Tomb of the Golden Engenderers,” Card, 1976

ana mendieta at carlo lamagna gallery

Carlo Lamagna Gallery, Ana Mendieta, Rupestrian Images / Leaf Drawings, Card, 1989

sillman front

Casey Kaplan Gallery, Amy Sillman, Booklet, 1998

Edward Ruscha front of postcard for Castelli

Castelli Feigen Corcoran, Edward Ruscha, 1960-1970, Card, 1982

james rosenquist for Castelli Feigen Corcoran

Castelli Feigen Corcoran, James Rosenquist, Poster, 1982

julian schnabel cage without bars

Castelli Graphics, Julian Schnabel, TOD: cage without bars, Folded Card, 1983

Castelli Graphics list of artsits

Castelli Graphics, List of artists including Basquiat, Flyer, c.1984/85

richard serra at castelli graphics - front of card

Castelli Graphics, Richard Serra, Card, 1981

Edward Ruscha front of card for Castelli Uptown

Castelli Uptown, Edward Ruscha, New Drawings, Card, 1982

Christo Wrapped Reichstag

Catherine Issert Gallery, Christo, Projects 1965-1978, Card, 1979

Cayman Gallery, Solidarity with Chilean Democracy, A Memorial to Orlando Letelier, Card, 1977

CBGB’s Gallery, Shepard Fairey, GIANT, Card, 1998


Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art, Krzysztof Wodiczko, “49TH PARALLEL,” Card, 1986


CHARAS/El Bohio, Livestock, NY2K, Card, 1999


Chinese Chance, 4th Anniversary, Mickey Ruskin, Halsbland, Scharf, Folded Card, 1982

front of Daze card

Chris “Daze” Ellis, Folded Card, Museum of American Graffiti, 1989


Chris Burden, 747, Card, 1973

Chris Stein card front portrait of Debbie Harry

Chris Stein, Making Tracks: The Rise of Blondie, Card, Daniel Wolf Inc, 1982

close up of candy darling show

Christopher Makos, Recent Photographs, 3 Fold Card, Robert Samuel Gallery, 1982

Christopher Makos, Andrew Crispo Gallery, White Trash Book Release, Card, 1977

Chronocide Galleries, Martin Wong, Strange Brew, Card, 1986

Chuck Close card for Pace/MacGill Gallery

Chuck Close, Maquettes, Card, Pace / MacGill Gallery, 1986

front of Chuck Close Pace/MacGill card

Chuck Close, Photographs, Folded Card, Pace/MacGill, 1985

close inside

Chuck Close, Recent Paintings, Folded Card, The Pace Gallery, 1991

Civilian Warfare Kathleen Thomas

Civilian Warfare Gallery, Kathleen Thomas, Card, c.1980s

Civilian Warfare card

Civilian Warfare, Fit To Be Tied Group Show, Card

COLAB card at concord gallery

Concord, Collaborative Projects, Up with People, Card, 1983

CRASH card front

CRASH, New Work, Card, Jus de pomme Gallery, 1986


CRG Gallery, Architecture and Memory, Julie Mehretu, Card, 2000

CRG, Jessica Bronson, circumfluentsuperfield, Card, 1998


Cultural Resource Center, Miami Florida, Sheila Elias, Home-Less Power-Less, Card, 1994

front of hoppe and frets card for Joy Horwich Gallery

Curt Hoppe, Barbara Frets, Card, Joy Horwich Gallery, 1989


Cusack Gallery, Lawrence Weiner, Two Works, Card, 1974


Dalzell Hatfield Galleries, Françoise Gilot, Booklet, 1969

East Village Look - again front of card

Danceteria, The East Village Look – Again!, Folded Card, 1984

danceteria dondi white card

Danceteria, Dondi White, Fun Gallery Crew Party, Card

Danceteria card for Divine appearance at The New Museum's opening party

Danceteria, The New Museum, Divine, Extended Sensibilities, 3 Cards, 1982

Daniel Weinberg Gallery, Barry Le Va, Card, 1977


Daniel Wolf Inc., Barbara Morgan, Limited Editions, Folded Pamphlet, c. 1980

Daniel Wolf Inc., Mimbres Picture Bowls and Prehistoric Southwestern Indian Pottery, Card, 1983

David La Chapelle card for 56 Bleeker Gallery front

David La Chapelle, Your Needs Met, Card with Envelope and Transparent Invitation, 56 Bleeker Gallery, 1988

David LeChapelle's card for Tomoko Laguori exhibition - front

David LaChapelle, Facility of Movement, Card, Tomoko Liguori Gallery, 1991


David McKee Gallery, Sean Scully, Card, 1983


David Nolan Gallery, Hermann Nitsch, Recent Paintings and Drawings, Card, 1987

David Nolan Gallery, Martin Kippenberger, “Kippenblinkys,” Card, 1991


David Nolan Gallery, William Copley (CPLY), Paintings and Drawings 1956-1991, Card, 1991

stan douglas card

David Zwirner Gallery, Stan Douglas, Two Early Works: ‘Deux Devises’ & ‘Onomatopoeia’, Card, 1997

poster for Daze's exhibition Melée

Daze Presents Melée, Card, Franklin Furnace

jacob lawrence dc moore gallery

DC Moore Gallery, Jacob Lawrence, Drawings: 1945 to 1996, Card, 1996

Delahunty (Dallas, TX), “New York / New Work,” Miriam Schapiro, Card, 1980

Delahunty Gallery, Martin Puryear, Card, 1981

donald baechler for tony shafrazi - front of card

Donald Baechler, Card, Tony Shafrazi Gallery, 1984

Donald Baechler, Card, Tony Shafrazi Gallery, 1989

Dru Astark Gallery, Steve Giovinco, Chuck Close, Lyle Ashton Harris, Hannah Wilke, Me, Card, 1995

Duncan Hannah postcard for semaphore gallery - front

Duncan Hannah, Card, Semaphore Gallery, 1984

New Romantics Duncan Hannah

Duncan Hannah, New Romantics, Card, Bridgewater Gallery, 1986


Edward Thorp Gallery, April Gornik, “Recent Paintings,” Folded Card, 1990

Edward Thorp Gallery, April Gornik, Folded Card, 1986

samo graffiti card

Emily Harvey Gallery, Henry Flynt, The Samo Graffiti, Card, March – April 1991


Exit Art, 1920, Group Show Celebrating Women’s Right to Vote, Card, 1993

exit art la tradicion

Exit Art, La Tradicíon: Performing Painting, Card, 1997

antonin artaud the real drawings exit art

Exit Art, Antonin Artaud, The Real Drawings: An Installation, 2 Cards, 1997

front of Wojnarowicz postcard for Exit Art exhibition

Exit Art, David Wojnarowicz, Tongues Of Flame, Card

auto portraits at Exit Art

Exit Art, Jim Jarmusch, Yoko Ono, Bill T. Jones, Auto Portrait: The Calligraphy of Power, Pamphlet, c. 1996

papo colo exit art comic power

Exit Art, Papo Colo, Carlo McCormick, John Carlin, Comic Power, Multi-Media Invitation, 1994

Tim Rollins K.O.S, South Bronx Show Poster, 1986

Fashion Moda, Longwood Arts Gallery, and Bronx River Gallery, Tim Rollins & K.O.S, South Bronx Show, 1986

fashion moda front

Fashion Moda, Robin VanArsdol, Card, 1992

Fawbush Gallery, Kiki Smith, Card, 1993

Feigen Incorporated, James Rosenquist, Target Practice, Catalogue, 1996

postcard front for Colette's show at Fiorucci

Fiorucci, Colette, Justine and the Victorian Punks, Card, 1978

Fischbach Gallery, Barry Flanagan, Card ,1969

wall front

Foster Goldstrom Gallery, “The Wall,” Kain Karawahn, John Gossage, Card, 1990


Foto Gallery, Arlene Gottfried, Folded Card, 1977


Foundation for Contemporary Art, Netherlands, Jeff Wall, 1994

Francesco Clemente card for Mary Boone Gallery

Francesco Clemente, Card, Mary Boone & Michael Werner Gallery, 1985

james collins milano front of card

Francoise Lambert, James Collins, Card, 1975

martin wong card

Frank Bernarducci Gallery, Martin Wong, Card, 1988

Candace Hill-Montgomery - Teamwork the American Way, Poster for a performance at Franklin Furnace

Franklin Furnace, Candace Hill-Montgomery Performance, Poster, 1981

other words

Franklin Furnace, In Other Words, Sol Lewitt, Louise Lawler, Lawrence Weiner, On Kawara, Poster, 1983

karen finley card front for franklin furnace

Franklin Furnace, Karen Finley, A Woman’s Life Isn’t Worth Much, Card, 1990

jean-paul curtay show at Franklin Furnace - art by Roland Sabatier

Franklin Furnace, Roland Sabatier, Letterism and Hypergraphics: The Unknown Avant-Garde Curated by Jean-Paul Curtay, Card, 1985

Franklin Furnace, William Pope.L, Flyer, 1989

Richard Prince food for thought

Franklin Furnance, Richard Prince & Nancy Spero, Food for Thought Residency Announcement, Folding Card, 1991-92


Fred Hoffman Fine Art, Dennis Hopper, Easy Rider Video Still, “The Sixties, the Eighties, and Now,” Card, 1997

Fred Wilson, Card, Gracie Mansion Gallery, 1990

SCREEN group show television

Friedrich Petzel Gallery, Halley, Ligon, Wool, Screen, Folded Card and Press Release, 1996

Fun Gallery invite illustrated by Keith Haring

Fun Gallery, Keith Haring, Card, 1983


Fun Gallery, Keith Haring, Poster, 1983

Fun Gallery, Lee Quinones, Color Xerox Flyer, 1982

moufarrege card

Fun Gallery, Nicholas A. Moufarrege, Card, 1985

Nicolas A. Moufarrege tribute show card

Gabrielle Bryers Gallery, Homage To Nicolas A. Moufarrege, Card, 1986

basquiat group show card for gabrielle bryers gallery

Gabrielle Bryers Gallery, Basquiat, Condo, Paintings – Drawings, Card, May 1987

front of gabrielle bryers groups show card with basquiat

Gabrielle Bryers Gallery, Basquiat, Haring, Longo, Salle, Card, 1984

colette card - front

Gabrielle Bryers Gallery, Colette, Card, 1982

ramm-ell-zee card for Gabrielle Bryers gallery show

Gabrielle Bryers Gallery, Ramm-Ell-Zee, The Bands of Steel, Card, 1986

subway graffiti exhibition with Gabrielle Bryers Gallery

Gabrielle Bryers, Subway Graffiti Installation, Card, September 18 – October 9, 1982

gabrielle bryers card for basquiat and haring group show

Gabrielle Bryers, Basquiat, Haring, Card, 1984

Seydou Keïta at Gagosian Gallery

Gagosian Gallery, Seydou Keïta, Photographs from Mali, Folded Card, 1997

james collins card from berlin - front

Galerie Folker Skulima, James Collins, Card, 1976

keith haring card

Galerie Nadeau, Keith Haring, A Retrospective, Card, 1990

james collins card from stockholm

Galleri 16, James Collins, Prurient Interests, Card, 1983

Galleria Pieroni, Mario Merz, Folded Card, 1983

gallery international 52 invite

Gallery International 52, Contemporary Japanese Art Created in Other Lands, Card,

Nature Morte Group Show 1982 Front

Gallery Nature Morte, Group Show, Peter Nagy, Card, 1982

Gallery Nature Morte 1984 Group Show Front

Gallery Nature Morte, Group Show, Stephen Frailey, David Robbins, Ericka Beckman, Card, 1984

Anonymous Design Nature Morte

Gallery Nature Morte, Stephen Greengard, Anonymous Design of the Mid-Century, Card, 1982


Gas Station/Space 2B, A Billboard, Annette Cyr, Card, 1990


Georg Baselitz, “The Zeitgeist Paintings,” Folded Card, Mary Boone Gallery, 1991

Georg Baselitz, Folded Card, Pace Gallery, c. 1991

Goethe House, Lil Picard, Lucy Lippard, Folded Card, 1976

gordon amtta-clark card for john gibson gallery

Gordon Matta-Clark, A Series of Partially Totaled Buildings, Card, John Gibson Gallery, 1974

Marcia Resnick card for Re-visions book release

Gotham Book Mart, Marcia Resnick, Re-visions, Card, 1978

Gracie Mansion ARTFORuM poster

Gracie Mansion Gallery, ARTFOR(u)M, Card

Gracie Mansion collaborations postcard

Gracie Mansion Gallery, Christof Kohlhofer / Marilyn Minter Collaborations, Card, 1986

Gracie Mansion Gallery, Hope Sandrow, “Recent Photographic Work,” Card, 1988

Jean Lowe card for Gracie Mansion Gallery front

Gracie Mansion Gallery, Jean Lowe, Card

Press release for Gracie Mansion Gallery 'Lieu Division'

Gracie Mansion Gallery, Lieu Division At 15 St. Marks, Press Release, 1982


Gracie Mansion Gallery, Video Screening At Private Eyes, Folded Card, 1987

Greathouse Gallery, Lynne Augeri, The Misfortunes of Virtue, Card, 1985


Greathouse Gallery, Myth, Group Show, Lynne Augeri, Card, 1986

fron of greathouse gallery postcard for augeri

Greathouse, Lynne Augeri, Card


Greenberg Wilson Gallery, Cora Kelley Ward, Clement Greenberg, Memorial Exhibition, Pamphlet, 1990


Greene Naftali Gallery, “Broken Home,” Vito Acconci, Isa Genzken, Robert Gober, Gordon Matta-Clark, Foldout Card, 1997

Arleen Schloss poster for Monster mash

Greene Space, Arleen Schloss, MONSTER MASH, Poster

Grey Art Gallery, “Art of the Nigerian Royal Court of Benin: Images of Power,” Folded Card, 1981

Grey Art Gallery, Inverted Odysseys, Cindy Sherman, Claude Cahun, Maya Deren, Foldout Card, 1999

Grey Art Gallery, Jackson Pollock, Lee Krasner, A Working Relationship, Foldout Card, 1981

NYU Grey Art Gallery, Maya Lin: Topologies

Grey Art Gallery, Maya Lin, Maya Lin: Topologies, Card, 1998


Gruenebaum Gallery, Joan Semmel, “A Selection,” Card, 1987

Wojnarowicz exhibition poster for Hal Bromm Gallery

Hal Bromm Gallery, David Wojnarowicz, Poster, 1983


Hal Bromm Gallery, Jody Pinto, “FINGERSPAN,” Card, c. 1987

hal bromm gallery card front

Hal Bromm Gallery, Krzysztof Wodiczko, Card, 1988

Frengella poster

Hal Bromm Gallery, Luis Frangella, Poster, 1985

Hannah Wilke card for So Help Me Hannah

Hannah Wilke, So Help Me Hannah, Card and Press Release, A.I.R. Gallery, 1982

Hannah Wilke exhibition Through The Large Glass posctard

Hannah Wilke, Through The Large Glass (Duchamp), Card, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, 1978

andy warhol harvey stein

Harvey Stein, Andy Warhol (1986), Card for Exhibition at Pittsburgh Filmmakers Media Arts Center, 1987


Hatch-Billops Collection, Marilyn Nance, Card, 1996


Hirschl & Adler Modern, Bill Traylor, “1854-1947,” Folded Card, 1992


Hirschl & Adler Modern, Grace Knowlton, Card, 1995


Hirschl & Adler Modern, Joan Snyder, Paintings 1995 – 1996, Folded Card, 1996

chris burden hoffman borman gallery

Hoffman Borman Gallery, Chris Burden, All the Submarines of the United States of America, Poster, 1987

Richard Serra inaugural exhibition at HoffmanBorman Gallery

HoffmanBorman Gallery, Richard Serra, Major Sculpture, Folded Card, 1987

Fred Brathwaite at Holly Solomon Gallery

Holly Solomon Gallery and Palladium, Fred Brathwaite, Flamenco Girl, Card, 1985

holly solomon show card for east village show

Holly Solomon Gallery, 57th Between A and D: An East Village Exhibition, Folded Card, 1985

holly solomon card for Alexis Smith

Holly Solomon Gallery, Alexis Smith, April Foole, Card, 1978

laurie anderson at holly solomon

Holly Solomon Gallery, Laurie Anderson, Quartets for Four Listeners, Card, 1978

cropped Nicholas Africano card

Holly Solomon Gallery, Nicholas Africano, The Battered Woman, 3-Fold Card, 1979

Hoshour Gallery, Betty Parsons, Card, 1982

Hugo Martinez Gallery, Bodycount Installation – California Meets NYC, Tracy 168, Earsnot, Chaz Bojorquez , Flyer, 1999

ida applebroog card front

Ida Applebroog, Recent Work, Card, Thomas Segal Gallery, 1984

Ida Applebroog, Card, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts Gallery, 1994

nothing under the sun Glenn Ligon at Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia

Institute for Contemporary Art, Glenn Ligon, Noting Under the Sun, Card, 1998

robert mapplethorpe card

Institute of Contemporary Art, Robert Mapplethorpe, The Perfect Moment, Folded Card, 1989


International Center of Photography, Frank Majore, “Between Heaven and Earth,” Folded Brochure, 1985

International With Monument Gallery, Ashley Bickerton, Card, c. 1987

General Idea card for International With Monument

International With Monument, General Idea, Card, 1986

Laurie Simmons card for International With Monument

International With Monument, Laurie Simmons, Card, 1984

Peter Nagy card from international with monument

International With Monument, Peter Nagy, Card, 1986

Richard Prince card for International With Monument

International With Monument, Richard Prince, Card, 1985

Robert Smithson card for International With Monument

International With Monument, Robert Smithson, Card, 1986

sarah charlesworth international with monumemt card

International With Monument, Sarah Charlesworth, Card, 1986

Iolas-Jackson Gallery, Paul Thek, “Some New Work,” Card, 1983


Isidore Ducasse Fine Arts (New York,) Photorealism the Early Years, Catalogue, 1991


Issey Miyake, Ken Hiratsuka, Rock Sculpture, Card, 2002

Kiki Kogelnik Jack Gallery

Jack Gallery, Kiki Kogelnik, Recent Paintings & Drawings, Card, 1979

Jack Shainman Gallery, Kerry James Marshall, “The Garden Project”, Card, 1995

Kerry James Marshall Jack Shainman Gallery

Jack Shainman Gallery, Kerry James Marshall, Card, 1999

postcard for A More Store installation at Jack Tilton Gallery and Printer Matter, front

Jack Tilton Gallery, A More Store, Card


Jack Tilton Gallery, Alvin Lucier, “Music for Pure Waves, Bass Drums and Acoustic Pendulums,” Folded Card, 1984

David Scher Jack Tilton Gallery

Jack Tilton Gallery, David Scher, Card, 1998

Jack Tilton Gallery, Lyle Ashton Harris, The Good Life, Card, 1994

Jack Tilton Gallery, Lyle Ashton Harris, The Watering Hole, Card, 1996

tuttle tilton

Jack Tilton Gallery, Richard Tuttle, “Drawing Works,” Card, 1993

Jack Tilton Roderick Buchanan and Jacqueline Donachie

Jack Tilton Gallery, Roderick Buchanan & Jacqueline Donachie, Card, 1996


Jack Tilton Gallery, Wim Delvoye, “Fallen Heroes,” Card, 1990

Jane Dickson brooke alexander gallery

Jane Dickson, Folded Card, Brooke Alexander Gallery, 1990

Brooke Alexander card for Jane Dickson painting show - front

Jane Dickson, Poetry Reading, Buckets of Music, Card, Brooke Alexander Inc, 1986

Janet Borden, Laurence Miller Gallery, David Levinthal, “Modern Romance 1985 / 1991,” Card, 1991

james welling for jay gorney modern art

Jay Gorney Modern Art, James Welling, Light Sources, Card, 1997

nan goldin tim rollins KOS show card

Jay Gorney Modern Art, Nan Goldin, Tim Rollins & K.O.S., Card, 1986

Jeff Koons Card for International With Monument

Jeff Koons, Card, International With Monument, 1985


Joan Jonas, P.S.1, Memory Corridor, Card, 1982


Joan Mitchell, “…my black paintings… 1964,” Folded Card, Robert Miller Gallery, 1994

mitchell front

Joan Mitchell, “Selected Paintings 1975-1977,” Folded Card, Lennon Weinberg Gallery, 1997

john ahearn at brooke alexander inc - front of card

John Ahearn & Rigoberto Torres, Card, Brooke Alexander Inc, 1983

brooke alexander with john ahearn and rigoberto torres

John Ahearn & Rigoberto Torres, Card, Brooke Alexander Inc, 1986


John Ahearn, South Bronx Hall of Fame, Card, Fashion Moda, 1979

john baldessari card - front

John Baldessari, Card, Locus Solus Gallery, 1980


John De Andrea, Booklet, Carlo Lamagna Gallery, 1987

John Good Gallery, Chris Martin, Poster, 1990

John Good Gallery, Christopher Lucas, “PASSAGE,” Poster, 1989


John Good Gallery, Tina Barney, “Photographs,” Card, 1988

Fred Wilson and Ando sculpture show

John Jay College, Ando & Fred Wilson, Recent Sculptures, Card, 1986

John Post Lee/Jay Gorney/Bob Braine, Alexis Rockman, Card, 1991

John Weber Gallery, Adrian Piper, Pretend, Card, 1990


John Weber Gallery, Fred Sandback, Sculpture and Prints, Poster, 1976

John Weber Gallery, Robert Mangold, New Works, Card, 1977

John Weber Gallery, Stephen Antonakos, Neons, Card, 1977

deborah kass andy warhol

Jose Freire Fine Art, Deborah Kass, My Andy: A Retrospective, Card, 1995

rene block gallery opening

Joseph Beuys, I Like America and America Likes Me, Card, René Block Gallery, 1974

front of Joseph Beuys card for Ronald Feldman exhibition

Joseph Beuys, New Sculpture, Card, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, 1979

joseph beuys josh baer gallery

Joseph Beuys, We Are The Revolution, Card, Josh Baer Gallery, c.1990

Joseph Beuys card front

Joseph Beuys, Card, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, 1982

Front of Joseph Beuys card for Sanam Gallery

Joseph Beuys, Card, Saman Gallery, 1977

Joseph Beuys, Is It About A Bicycle?, Card, Marisa Del Re Gallery, 1986

Brooke Alexander card for Joseph Nechvatal - front

Joseph Nechvatal, Card, Brooke Alexander Inc, 1984

joseph nechvatal insert

Joseph Nechvatal, Folded Card and Insert, Brooke Alexander Inc, 1986

dara birnbaum at josh baer gallery

Josh Baer Gallery, Dara Birnbaum, New Work, Card, 1990

josh baer gallery lorna simpson

Josh Baer Gallery, Lorna Simpson, Card, c.1990

Julia Condon portraits

Julia Condon, Donald Baechler, Card, 1996

Julian Pretty Walter Robinson

Julian Pretto Gallery, Walter Robinson, Card, 1987

Just Above Midtown, Cynthia Hawkins, Sandra Payne, Folded Card, 1981


Just Above Midtown, Peter Feldstein, Card, 1981

Just Above Midtown, Undercurrents, Maryam Zafar, Reference Points, Card, 1981

Just Above Midtown/Downtown, Madeleine Keller & Janet Ziff, The Fine Art of Waitressing, Invitation, 1982

Kamikaze, Light Moving, Colette, Flavin, Koons, Nauman, Oppenheim, Sonnier, Vega, Card, 1984

invitation to ronnie cutrone installation - front

Kelly and Ronnie Cutrone, Love Spit Love, Postcard, Simon Watson Gallery, 1991

Poster for Ken Hiratsuka show

Ken Hiratsuka Two-Gallery Exhibition, Flyer, A’s and No Se No, 1984

One line planet by ken hiratsuka

Ken Hiratsuka, One Line Planet, Card and Press Packet, Amuse America, 1994

card for The Black and White show, curated by Lorainne O'Grady

Kenkeleba Gallery, The Black and White Show curated by Lorraine O’Grady, Basquiat, Fekner, Haring, Piper, Card, April – May 1983


Kent Fine Art, Dorothea Tanning, “On Paper 1948 – 1986,” Folded Card, 1987


Kent Fine Art, Richard Prince, Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, Man Ray, “Inside World,” Folded Card, 1989

Kent Gallery, Llyn Foulkes, “The Sixties,” Card, 1987

troy brauntuch at kent gallery

Kent Gallery, Troy Brauntuch, Folded Card, 1988

Kiki Smith, The Kitchen Presents The Island of Negative Utopia, Poster, ABC No Rio, 1983

Klarfeld Perry Gallery, Lady Pink, Daze, Crash, Futura 2000, Lee, Exhibition Card, 1992


Knoedler Gallery, Michael Heizer, Hard Edge Ejecta, Folded Card, 1998

Knoedler Gallery, Michael Heizer, New Sculpture, Folded Card, 1988

stella front

Knoedler, Frank Stella, Folded Card, 1981

Konrad Fischer Gallery, Lawrence Weiner, 3 Works in Relation to Place, Folded Card, 1975

general idea AIDS

Koury Wingate Gallery, General Idea, AIDS, Card, 1988


Krygier/Landau Contemporary Art, “Stained Sheets/Holy Shroud,” Mike Kelley, Kiki Smith, Jeffrey Vallance, Card, 1990


KunstHausWien, Peter Beard, “Stress & Density,” Folded Card, 1999

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front of kwok gallery flyer

KWOK gallery, Self-Portraits Show, Flyer, 1982

kowk gallery shit art show flyer front

KWOK Gallery, Shit Art Show, Flyer, 1982

kyra recent drawings cacrd

Kyra, Recent Drawings, Card, Womanart Gallery, 1977

basquiat gogosian card 1982

Larry Gagosian Gallery, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Paintings, Card, April – May 1982

Barbara Kruger poster

Le Nouveau Musee, Barbara Kruger, Poster, 1984

Jenny Holzer french flyer

Le Nouveau Musee, Jenny Holzer, Flyer, 1984


LedisFlam, Alan Sonfist, “Committed to Nature,” Press Release, 1991


Lee Quinones, b.O.b Gallery, “Ghetto Samurai,” Card, 2001

salle inside

Lehmann Maupin Gallery, David Salle, “Glass and Mirror Paintings,” Folded Card, 1999

David Salle poster for Leo Castelli Gallery and Mary Boone Gallery

Leo Castelli Gallery & Mary Boone Gallery, David Salle, Poster, 1982

Leo Castelli Gallery, 35th Anniversary, Foldout Card, 1992

Douglas Huebler poster for Leo Castelli Gallery

Leo Castelli Gallery, Douglas Huebler, Crocodile Tears, Poster, 1981

leo castelli pop phenomenon card

Leo Castelli Gallery, Gianfranco Gorgoni, Leo Castelli and the Pop Phenomenon, Card, 1982

Richard Serra Slice poster for Leo Castelli Gallery

Leo Castelli Gallery, Richard Serra, Slice, Poster, 1981


Leo Castelli, James Rosenquist, “4E77ST Revisited,” Folded Card, 1996

Lawrence Weiner Leo Castelli

Leo Castelli, Lawrence Weiner, 3 Works, Card, 1979

richard serra card for leo castelli

Leo Castelli, Richard Serra, New Sculpture, Card, 1986

Keith Haring card for Tony Shafrazi and Leo Castelli - front of card features a painting of a cartoon pig, throwing up green capitalist refuse

Leo Castelli, Tony Shafrazi, Keith Haring, Card, 1985


Leslie Tonkonow Gallery, Robert Watts, “Photography Into Sculpture,” Portrait Dress, Folded Card, 2001

Coraggio card for avenue b gallery - front

Linus Coraggio, Cherub With A Pitchfork, Card, Avenue B Gallery, 1984

Flyer for the Gas Station's anti-eviction party, 1995. Part of Gallery 98's

Linus Coraggio, Anti-Eviction Party, Poster, Gas Station (a.k.a. 2B), 1995

Location poster

Linus Coraggio, Available For Film Shoots And Party Rentals, Flyer, Gas Station (a.k.a. 2B)

No Se No poster street art show

Linus Coraggio, Rivington School (II) Exhibition, SIGNED Flyer, No Se No, 1986

Welding studio ad for classes

Linus Coraggio, Welding Classes, Flyer, Gas Station (a.k.a. 2B)

Louis K. Meisel Gallery, Tom Blackwell, Card, 1977

Louise Lawler/Allan McCollum, Friedrich Petzel/Nina Borgmann Gallery, Card, 1994


Luhring Augustine Gallery, Gerhard Richter, Folded Card, 1995

Annie Leibovitz photograph of Lynda Benglis

Lynda Benglis, Metallized Knots, Card, Paula Cooper Gallery, 1974

Lynda Benglis card featuring two sculptures of metal dildos shaped like boomerangs on purple crushed velvet

Lynda Benglis, Sculpture, Card, Texas Gallery, 1975

lynda benglis at paula cooper

Lynda Benglis, Card, Paula Cooper Gallery, 1978


Lynda Benglis, Card, Texas Gallery, 1981


Lynda Benglis, The Clocktower, Card, 1973

Postcard for Eleanor Antin's exhibition The Angel of Mercy

M. L. D’arc Gallery, Eleanor Antin, The Angel of Mercy, Card, 1977

Les Levine at M.L. D'Arc Gallery

M. L. D’Arc Gallery, Les Levine, What Can Your Federal Government Do For You?, Poster, 1976

rock hudson fornt

M.K., Jeanette Friedman, Rock Hudson: The Story of a Giant, Card, 1990

Roger Welch Preliminaries exhibition at M.L. D'Arc Gallery

M.L. D’Arc Gallery, Roger Welch, Preliminaries, Poster, 1976

Paris Graffiti

Maison Française, Paris Graffiti, Jef Aerosol, Bern Boyle, Card, 1987

Marcia Salo card front

Marcia Salo, Photography, Card, A.I.R. Gallery, 1989


Marcuse Pfeifer, Linda Butler, “Inner Light,” Card, c. 1985

marian goodman gallery

Marian Goodman Gallery, Art & Language: Hostages XXIV-XXXV, Card, 1989


Marian Goodman Gallery, Dan Graham, John Baldessari, Louise Lawler, Sigmar Polke, Gerhard Richter, “A Photo Show,” Card, c. 1996

Marian Goodman Gallery, Gus Foster, Panoramic Photographs, Card, 1982


Marian Goodman Gallery, James Turrell, Card, 1986

jean dupuy card front

Marian Goodman Gallery, Jean Dupuy, Card, 1978

wall front

Marian Goodman Gallery, Jeff Wall, Folded Card, 1989


Marian Goodman Gallery, Lawrence Weiner, Drawings, Card, 1990

Marian Goodman Gallery, Steve McQueen, Card, 2000


Marian Goodman Gallery, Thomas Schütte, Card, 1996

Marianne Boesky Gallery, Cindy Sherman, Robert Gober, Cady Noland, Richard Prince, Real Stories, 4-Part Pamphlet, 1998

Semaphore gallery postcard for Mark Kostabi Drawings exhibition - front

Mark Kostabi, Amateurs Imitate, Professionals Steal, Card, Semaphore Gallery, 1985

Mark Kostabi card

Mark Kostabi, Card, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, 1986

Semaphore Gallery postcard for Mark Kostabi Painting exhibition - front

Mark Kostabi, Card, Semaphore Gallery, 1984

Mark Kostabi poster for Hal Bromm christmas colleciton

Mark Kostabi, Christmas Collection Flyer, Hal Bromm


Mark Kostabi, The Early Years, Card, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, 1990


Mark Kostabi, Two-Gallery Show, Card, Semaphore Gallery, 1985


Marlborough Gallery, Anthony Caro, “A Guide to the Trojan War Sculptures,” Folded Card, 1998

Marlborough Gallery, Herbert Matter, Selected Photographs 1929-1979, Signed Folded Card, 1979


Marlborough Gallery, Max Kozloff, Statues and Other Creatures, Folded Card, 1982

Mary Boone / Michael Werner, Eric Fischl, Large Card, 1986

Eric Fischl Mary Boone 2000

Mary Boone Gallery (Chelsea), Eric Fischl, Folded Card, 2000

Mary Boone Gallery card inside w Schnabel painting

Mary Boone Gallery, Bleckner, Fetting, Salle, Schnabel, Winters, Folded Card, 1982

armitage ballet show mary boone gallery

Mary Boone Gallery, Bleckner, Lichtenstein, Salle, Armitage Ballet Benefit Show, Folded Card, 1987

David Salle card for Mary Boone Gallery, inside photo

Mary Boone Gallery, David Salle, First Exhibition, Folded Card, 1981

Mary Boone Gallery, Ellen Gallagher, Folded Card, 1996

inside of Mary Boone Gallery card, unfolded

Mary Boone Gallery, Julian Schnabel, Folded Card, 1981

Julian Schnabel invitation card

Mary Boone Gallery, Leo Castelli Gallery, Julian Schnabel, Card, 1981

Matt Mullican card

Mary Boone Gallery, Matt Mullican, Folded Card, 1980

inside photo for Mary Boone Gallery card

Mary Boone Gallery, McClard, Salle, Winters, Bleckner, Schnabel, Newman, Stephan and Mullican, Folded Card, 1981

Mary Boone Gallery card inside photo

Mary Boone Gallery, Rainer Fetting & Helmut Middendorf, Folded Card, 1981


Mary Boone Gallery, Salle, Schnabel, Winters, Folded Card, 1981

group show at Mary Boone Gallery

Mary Boone Gallery, Schnabel, Salle, Drawings, Card, 1980

group show from Mary Boone Gallery, 1978

Mary Boone Gallery, Schnabel, Stephan, Drawing Show, Card, 1978

tim rollins and K.O.S. at Mary Boone Gallery

Mary Boone Gallery, Tim Rollins and K.O.S., Folded Card, 1992

Mary Boone Michael Werner Gallery, Barbara Kruger, Folded Card, 1987


Mary Boone Michael Werner Gallery, Basquiat, Salle, Fischl, Drawings, Oversized 3-Fold Card, June 1984

Eric Fischl card for Mary Boone Gallery

Mary Boone Michael Werner Gallery, Eric Fischl, Card, 1984

Mary Boone Michael Werner Gallery, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Card, March 1985

Sherrie Levine for mary Boone

Mary Boone Michael Werner Gallery, Sherrie Levine, Folded Card, 1987

Sigmar Polke card for Mary Boone Gallery

Mary Boone Michael Werner Gallery, Sigmar Polke, Card, 1985


Mary Boone, Michael Werner, Baselitz, Basquiat, Fischl, Polke, Salle, Schnabel, Foldout Card, 1983


Mary Boone, Richard Tuttle, Folded Card, 1995

massimo mauiello gallery starn twins show card front

Massimo Audiello Gallery, Adam Füss, Mark Morrisroe & The Starn Twins, Photographs, Card, 1987

Chi Chi Show group show card with Jean-Michel Basquiat

Massimo Audiello Gallery, Basquiat, Condo, Schnabel, The Chi-Chi Show, Card and Magazine Advertisement, March 1985


Massimo Audiello Gallery, Collins & Milazzo, Donald Baechler, Candy Ass/Cary Leibowitz, Richard Prince, “The Last Laugh,” Folded Card, 1990

McDermott and McGough card

Massimo Audiello Gallery, MeDermott & McGough, Card, 1985

brice marden card

Matthew Marks Gallery, Brice Marden, Two New Paintings with Five Tang Dynasty Stone Epitaphs, Card, 1997

Matthew Marks Gallery, David Smith, “Medals for Dishonor, 1937-40,” Folded Card, 1994

Jonathan Hammer THE BOOKS

Matthew Marks Gallery, Jonathan Hammer, The Books: Read ’em and Weep, 3-Fold Card, 1994

Nan Goldin Matthew Marks Gallery

Matthew Marks Gallery, Nan Goldin, new photographs, Folded Card, 1998

serra front

Matthew Marks Gallery, Richard Serra, Drawings and Etchings from Iceland, Folded Card, 1992


Matthew Marks Gallery, Roni Horn, Card, 1997

de kooning

Matthew Marks Gallery, Willem de Kooning, “Paintings 1983-84,” Card, 1997

Stories at Max Protetch

Max Protetch, Once Upon a Time…, Card, 1994


Maxwell Davidson Gallery, Tom Wesselmann, Lasers and Lithos, Folded Card, 1996


McKee Gallery, Vija Celmins, Folded Card, 1992

Metro Pictures Gallery, Mike Kelley, Carroll Dunham, Cindy Sherman, Card, 1991

Inaugural reception for Metro Pictures, 1980

Metro Pictures, Inaugural Exhibition, Paper Invitation, 1980


Metro Pictures, Cindy Sherman, Color Photographs, Folded Card, 1981


Metro Pictures, Cindy Sherman, New Work, Card, 1985

Cindy Sherman Metro Pictures

Metro Pictures, Cindy Sherman, Card, 2001

metro pictures card for frank gehry

Metro Pictures, Frank O. Gehry, Fish and Snake Lamps, Card, 1984

Jack Goldstein for Metro Pictures

Metro Pictures, Jack Goldstein, Card, 1983

jack goldstein card for metro pictures - inside

Metro Pictures, Jack Goldstein, Folded Card, 1981

jim shaw

Metro Pictures, Jim Shaw, “Thrift Store Paintings,” Card, 1991


Metro Pictures, Laurie Simmons, Card, 1991

Louise Lawler card for Metro Pictures

Metro Pictures, Louise Lawler, Card, 1982

louise lawler cinder sherman laurie simmons at metro pictures

Metro Pictures, Louise Lawler, Cindy Sherman, Laurie Simmons, Card, 1990

Louise Lawler, Laurie Simmons, James Welling at Metro Pictures

Metro Pictures, Louise Lawler, Laurie Simmons, James Welling, Card, 1984

michael zwack metro pictures

Metro Pictures, Michael Zwack, Paintings, Folded Card, 1982

Metro Pictures, Richard Prince, Folded Card, 1982

Walter Robinson card for Metro Pictures

Metro Pictures, Walter Robinson, Paintings of Antonia Smith, Card, 1984

Metro Pictures, Walter Robinson, Spin Paintings, Card, 1986

Miami-Dade Community College, “Three Contemporary American Women Realists,” June Blum, Audrey Flack, Alice Neel, Catalogue, 1978

Michael Kelley card for Metro Pictures

Michael Kelley, Monkey Island and Confusion, Card, Metro Pictures, 1982


Michael Kohn Gallery, Alex Katz, New Paintings, Folded Card, 1989


Michael Kohn Gallery, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Nancy Spero, “The Great Drawing Show 1587 – 1987,” Card, 1987

Mike Bidlo, Brancusi exhibition announcement

Mike Bidlo, Brancusi, Card, Semaphore, 1985


Mike Bidlo, The Fountain Drawings, Folded Card, Tony Shafrazi Gallery, 1998

Mike Glier, White Male Power, Poster, Annina Nosei Gallery, 1981

mike kelley beat of the traps card

Mike Kelley, Beat of the Traps, Card, Rosamund Felsen Gallery, 1992

Mike Kelley, Card, Metro Pictures, 1986

mike kelley at rosamund felsen gallery

Mike Kelley, Folded Card, Rosamund Felsen Gallery, 1990

pablo picasso in his studio, 1908, MOMA

MOMA, ‘Primitivism’ in 20th Century Art, Folded Card, 1984

louise lawler enough handout MOMA

MOMA, Louise Lawler, Enough., Two Folded Pamphlets, 1987

MoMA, Roy DeCarava, A Retrospective, 4-Fold Pamphlet, 1996


Monique Knowlton Gallery, Alison Saar, ‘New Icons’, Card, 1986


Monique Knowlton Gallery, Alison Saar, Relief Paintings and Sculpture, Card, 1984

Monique Knowlton Gallery, Group Exhibition, Betye Saar, Card, 1977

Tom Sachs Morris Healy Cultural Prosthetics

Morris Healy, Tom Sachs, Cultural Prosthetics, Card, 1995

ceres gallery with joan arbeiter

N.Y. Feminist Art Institute, Ceres Gallery, Joan Arbeiter, CAA Job Search Documentation, Card, 1985


NADA Gallery, “The Whore of Babylon,” Daze, Ronnie Cutrone, Nick Zedd, Card, 1986

Nada Gallery flyer for Sallie Aycock and Marc Zero

Nada Gallery, Sallie Aycock & Marc Zero, Flyer

James Brown Tutu Nature Morte Front

Nature Morte, James Brown, Card, 1983

front of nature morte richard milani card

Nature Morte, Madelynn Gingold, October, Card, 1982

Nature Morte Not Vital

Nature Morte, Not Vital, Card, 1986

Richard Milani Nature Morte polaroid invitation

Nature Morte, Richard Milani, October, Polaroid, 1982

Neke Carson, Twenty Year Survey, Card, Helander Gallery, 1994

Miles Davis exhibition booklet - front

Nerlino Gallery, Miles Davis, Paintings, 3 Fold Brochure, 1991

Fever: The Art of David Wojnarowicz New Museum

New Museum, David Wojnarowicz, Fever: The Art of David Wojnarowicz, Exhibition Pamphlet, 1999

New Waterfront Museum, Mike Cockrill, Dial 1-800-HE TOUCHED ME!, Flyer, 1988

Front of invite to Judy Chicago lecture with the New York Feminist Art Institute

New York Feminist Art Institute, Judy Chicago, Folded Card, 1979


Nicholas Wilder Gallery, Helen Frankenthaler, Card, c. 1980s


Nina Feudenheim Gallery, “Intimate Universe,” Michael Walls, Katherine Bradford, Mary Hambleton, Joan Snyder, Folded Card, 1993

Nirvana, Fun Gallery, Alan Rish, ERO, “Day Glo, Indian Style!” Card, 1984

No Se No , Flyer designed by Toyo Tsuchiya, 1980s


No Se No Gallery, Exchange Show Japan, Flyer, 1987

Arleen Schloss invite for No Se No show

No Se No, Arleen Schloss, Performance Invite, c.1980’s

No Se No poster for Exchange Show Japan

No Se No, Exchange Show Japan with Art Unidentified, Flyer, 1987

Jackie Curtis poster of James Dean

No Se No, In “James Dean,” part of the 99 Nights series

linda-austin-wild-west no se no poster

No Se No, Post-Opening Party For The Piezo Electric Exhibition Wild West , Flyer, 1983

Poster for Rivington School exhibition

No Se No, Rivington School Exhibition, Xerox flyer signed by Toyo, 1985

don celender show card for ok harris

OK Harris, Don Celender, Conceptual Documentation, Card, 1997

john salt at OK Harris

OK Harris, John Salt, Card, 1991

lee wexler at OK Harris

OK Harris, Lee Wexler, Card, 1991

OK Harris Ralph Goings 1996

OK Harris, Ralph Goings, Card, 1996


Onetwentyeight, 128 Rivington, Kurt Novak, “HEAD,” Card, 1989

6 photog

Onetwentyeight, 6 Photographers, Mako Tanaka, Card, 1990


Onetwentyeight, Krzysztof Zarebski, Card, 1989


P.P.O.W, Jed Jackson, Card, 1985


P.P.O.W, Paul Marcus, Yvonne’s Story, AIDS, Card, 1991


P.P.O.W., Erika Rothenberg, “Suicide Notes”, Card, 1993

P.S. 1, Amanda Feilding, Trepanation for the National Health, Exhibition Booklet, 1978


P.S. 1, Amanda Feilding, Trepanation for the National Health, Exhibition Booklet, 1978

hannah Wilke card for so help me hannah P.S. 1

P.S. 1, Hannah Wilke, so help me hannah, Card, 1978

postcard for Jenny Holzer's exhibition at P.S. 1 called Painted Rooms

P.S. 1, Jenny Holzer, Painted Room, Card, 1978


P.S. 1, Judith Schwarz, “Cella,” Card, 1982


P.S.1, Pattern Painting, John Perreault, Joyce Kozloff, Robert Kushner, Miriam Shapiro, Card, 1977

Julian Schnabel at The Pace Gallery

Pace Gallery, Julian Schnabel, Fox Farm Paintings, Folded Card, 1990

julian schnabel at the pace gallery, 1990

Pace Gallery, Julian Schnabel, Sculpture, Card, 1990

samaras front

Pace Gallery, Lucas Samaras, “Slices of Abstraction,” Accordion Folded Card, 1991

Pace Gallery, Lucas Samaras, Photo-Transformations, Mini Book, 1974

PACE Gallery, Robert Ryman, New Paintings, Poster, 1990


PACE/MacGill Gallery, Irving Penn, Other Ways of Being, Folded Card, 1990

samaras dual

PaceWildenstein, Lucas Samaras, Card, 1996

Anthony Hayden-Guest card for Palladium exhibition front

Palladium, Anthony Haden-Guest, Folded Card, 1986

Pat Hearn Gallery, Gretchen Faust, Kevin Warren, “NO RADIO,” Press Release, 1992

Pat Hearn Gallery, Mary Boone Gallery, Philip Taaffe, Catalogue and Card, 1989

tishan hsu social security card for pat hearn

Pat Hearn Gallery, Tishan Hsu, Social Security, Card, c. Late 1980’s

Paul Kasmin Gallery, Seton Smith, Card, 1994

funny art show at concord gallery - front of card

Paul McMahon, Funny Art, Card, Concord, 1985

Paula Cooper Gallery, Dara Birnbaum, RAF Hostage, Card, 1994

elizabeth murray card

Paula Cooper Gallery, Elizabeth Murray, Card

The Next wave postcard with Paula Cooper Gallery front

Paula Cooper Gallery, Glenn Branca, The Next Wave with BAM, Card,1982


Paula Cooper Gallery, Jennifer Bartlett, “Fire Paintings,” Card, 1990

jennifer bartlett card for paula cooper gallery

Paula Cooper Gallery, Jennifer Bartlett, New Paintings, Card

jonathan borofsky card front

Paula Cooper Gallery, Jonathan Borofsky, Recent Prints, Card, 1986

jonathan borofsky card front

Paula Cooper Gallery, Jonathan Borofsky, Card, 1980

Robert Gober Slides of A Changing Painting card front

Paula Cooper Gallery, Robert Gober, Slides of a Changing Painting, Card, 1984

Robert Gober at Paula Cooper Gallery

Paula Cooper Gallery, Robert Gober, Card, 1987

Paula Cooper Gallery, Robert Gober, Card, 1994

Robert Wilson at Paula Cooper

Paula Cooper Gallery, Robert Wilson, Drawings, Furniture, and Props, Card, 1987

Paula Cooper Gallery, Yayoi Kusama, Card, 1996

Paulette Nenner card

Paulette Nenner, Road Kills, Card, Fashion Moda, 1980

David Lynch

Payne Gallery, Moravian College, David Lynch, “Strange Magic,” Folded Card, 1991

Peter Halley card for International With Monument

Peter Halley, Card, International With Monument, 1985

Peter Hujar card for New York POrtraits - front

Peter Hujar, New York Portraits, Card and Price List, Marcuse Pfeifer Gallery, 1977

inside Peter Hujar exhibition card

Peter Hujar, Recent Photographs, Folded Card, Robert Samuel Gallery, 1981

Rene Ricard poster for Petersburg Gallery 1990

Petersburg, Rene Ricard, Mal de Fin, Poster, Press Release and 2 Cards, 1990

gagosian gallery philip taaffe

Philip Taaffe, Recent Paintings, Photo by Jean Kallina, Folded Card, Gagosian Gallery, 1992


Photofind Gallery, Cas Oorthuys, “Photographs and Collages,” Folded Card, 1990

Photograph Gallery, W. Eugene Smith, John Reuter, Folded Card, 1982

Alison Saar at Phyllis Kind Gallery

Phyllis Kind Gallery, Alison Saar, Hairesies, Card, 1997

mark lombardi silent partners

Pierogi 2000, Mark Lombardi, Silent Partners, Card, 1998

5 Painters Piezo Electric

Piezo Electric, 5 Painters, Group Show, Card, 1983

Piezo Electric, First Show: 5 Painters, Brochure, 1983

Piezo Electric Wild West card - front

Piezo Electric, Group Show The Wild West, Card, 1983


Piezo Electric, Keiko Bonk, Card, 1984

Louis Renzoni Piezo Electric Card

Piezo Electric, Louis Renzoni, Card, 1985

Walter Robinson, Conceptual Art, Announcement Card, Piezo Electric

Piezo Electric, Walter Robinson, Card, 1985

Brett Cook-Dizney PPOW

PPOW, Brett Cook-Dizney, Multifaceted, Folded Card, 2001

ppow carrie mae weems

PPOW, Carrie Mae Weems, Recent Work, Card, 1990

Carrie Mae Weems PPOW Show card

PPOW, Carrie Mae Weems, Sea Island, 3-Fold Card, 1992

david wojnarowicz ppow 1990

PPOW, David Wojnarowicz, Early and Recent Work, Card, 1990

PPOW, Martin Wong, Chinatown USA, Card, 1993


Procter Art Center, Bard College, High Density Abstraction, Allyson Grey, Card, 1991

Proctor Art Center, Bard College, “FIGURES,” Keith Haring, Judy Rifka, David Salle, Card, 1981


Pyramid Arts Center, Photomaton, Bern Boyle, Jef Aerosol Herman Costa, Carol Taback, Card, 1988


Queensborough Community College, The Politics of Gender, Lenore Malen, Ida Applebroog, Louise Bourgeois, Miriam Schapiro, Nancy Spero, Catalogue, 1988

Rebecca M. Camhi Gallery (Athens), Philip Taaffe, Folded Card, 1998

Richard Feigen Gallery Chicago, John Willenbecher, Card, 1970

Richard Hambleton, Brochure/Folded Poster, Galerie Barbara Farber, 1984

Richard Hambleton, STORM, 1983

Richard Hambleton, Card, Salvatore Ala Gallery, 1984


Richard Hambleton, Card, Salvatore Ala Gallery, 1985

Richard Hambleton September Milford Gallery

Richard Hambleton, September, Original Mini Screen Print, Milford Gallery, 1988

nonas 2

Richard Nonas, Jack Tilton Gallery, Small Sculpture/Some Drawing, Small Poster, 1983

New Used and Improved Holzer Bidlo Haring Kruger

Robert Berman Gallery, Bidlo, Crash, Daze, Haring, Holzer, Kruger, New, Used & Improved, Card, 1988

Robert Colescott postcard for Semaphore exhibition - front

Robert Colescott, Card, Semaphore Gallery, 1980

Robert Colescott postcard for Semaphore Gallery exhibition - front

Robert Colescott, Card, Semaphore Gallery, 1983

robert colescott booklet for Semaphore exhibition - front

Robert Colescott, Exhibition Booklet, Semaphore Gallery, 1983


Robert Colescott, Les Demoiselles D’Alabama, Card, Semaphore East, 1986

Robert Freidus Gallery, Fall Newsletter, Larry Clark, Booklet, 1980

Robert Freidus Gallery showcard for Larry clark

Robert Freidus Gallery, Larry Clark, 42nd St., Card, 1980


Robert Freidus Gallery, Nina Howell Starr, Contemporary Roadside Folk Art, Tri-Fold Card, 1981

Ruth Marten and Neke Carson performance at Robert Freidus Gallery

Robert Freidus Gallery, Ruth Marten, Neke Carson, Laying on Hands, Flyer, 1978


Robert Freidus Gallery, Saul Ostrow, “Icons and Columns,” Poster, 1983

Robert Freidus Gallery, Summer Newsletter, Small Scale Sculpture, Booklet, 1980

Robert Longo invite for Metro Pictures

Robert Longo, Men in Cities, Paper Invite, Metro Pictures, 1981

Robert Longo Dorfman Projects

Robert Longo, New Multiples & Photographs, Card, Dorfman Projects, 1999

Robert Long card for Metro Pictures exhibition

Robert Longo, Card, Metro Pictures, 1984

Robert Longo poster for Leo Castelli and Metro Pictures

Robert Longo, Poster, Leo Castelli Gallery & Metro Pictures, 1983

Robert Loncgo cover for Paula Cooper Gallery card

Robert Longo, Tenth Anniversary Benefit for the Kitchen, Card, Paula Cooper Gallery, 1981

front of Robert Mapplethorpe's Pictures exhibtion card

Robert Mapplethorpe, Pictures, Card, Holly Solomon Gallery / The Kitchen, 1977

mapplethorpe for fraenkel gallery

Robert Mapplethorpe, Recent Work in Platinum, Folded Card, Fraenkel Gallery, 1985

Robert Mapplethorpe card for Fraenkel Gallery

Robert Mapplethorpe, Folded Card, Fraenkel Gallery, 1987


Robert Miller Gallery, Edward Ruscha, “Stains 1971-1975,” Card, 1992

john cheim show at robert miller gallery

Robert Miller Gallery, James Ensor, Bacon, Basquiat, Card, 1990


Robert Miller Gallery, Lee Krasner, Collages 1939 – 1984, Folded Card, 1986

Robert Miller Gallery, Louise Fishman, Folded Card, 1993

mcdermott & mcdough robert miller gallery

Robert Miller Gallery, McDermott & McGough, Mammoth Photographs, Folded Card, 1992

roger cutforth for john gibson gallery

Roger Cutforth, Card, John Gibson Gallery, 1974

the erotic impusle show card for roger litz gallery - front

Roger Litz Gallery, Colescott, Hockney, Mapplethorpe, Warhol, The Erotic Impulse, Folded Card, 1982

the fiction of place akawara at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Arakawa, The Fiction of Place, Card, 1987

tetrascroll announcement for buckminster fuller at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Buckminster Fuller, Edwin Schlossberg, Tetrascroll, Foldout Card, 1977

edwin schlossberg at ronald feldman

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Edwin Schlossberg, Visual Presence / Pretense, Card, 1978

loves of a ballerina show card for Eleanor antin - front

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Eleanor Antin, Loves of a Ballerina: A Filmic Installation, Card, 1986

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts filmic installation eleanor Antin

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Eleanor Antin, Minetta Lane – A Ghost Story, Card, 1995

Eleanor Antin's exhibition card for The Nurse and the Hijackers at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Eleanor Antin, The Nurse and the Hijackers, Card, 1977

front of Eleanora Antinova card

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Eleanora Antinova, Recollections of My Life with Diaghiliv, Card, 1980

hannah wilke ronald feldman intra-venus

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Hannah Wilke, Intra-Venus, Card, 1994

ronald feldman with helen mayer and newton harrison

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Helen Mayer & Newton Harrison, A Tale of Three Cities, Card, 1982

Leon Golub Ronald Feldman Fine Arts

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Leon Golub, Dead Certainties + The Blue Tattoo, Card, 1998

Rosa Esman Gallery, Patricia Johanson, Card, 1978


Rosa Esman Gallery, Richard Mock, “Illustrations for Opinion and Editorial Pages of The New York Times, 1980-1986,” Card, c. 1986


Rosamund Felsen Gallery, Jeffrey Vallance, “Icelandic Women and the King of Tonga,” Card, 1987


Rosamund Felsen Gallery, Lari Pittman, Card, 1990

Rosamund Felsen Gallery, Lari Pittman, LPRFG, Card, 1993

Rüdiger Schöttle, Eine Ausstellung, Dan Graham, Jean-Luc Godard, Small Booklet, 1982

Jenny Holzer and Peter Nadin front of card for München gallery

Rüdiger Schöttle, Jenny Holzer and Peter Nadin, Living, Card, 1980

at Rüdiger Schöttle, a gallery in München, Germany, Lawrence Weiner

Rüdiger Schöttle, Lawrence Weiner, Card, 1979

front of On Kawara card

Rüdiger Schöttle, On Kawara, Date Paintings, Folded Card, 1981

andy warhol pop body catherine liu

Sally Hawkins 2nd Floor Gallery, cathine Liu, Pop Body, Card, 1992

Ricahrd Hambleton Marlboro Country

Salvatore Ala, Richard Hambleton, Card, 1984

front of Cindy Sherman card

Saman Gallery, Cindy Sherman, Card, 1981


Sandra Gering Gallery, Janine Antoni, Lick & Lather, Folded Card, 1994

John Sex card

Second Wave Gallery, John Sex, Card

Cockrill's postcard for Family Life exhibition at semaphore gallery - front

Semaphore – Mike Cockrill “Family Life: The Post War Years,” postcard


Semaphore Gallery, Martin Wong, Folded Flyer, 1986

Portrait of Tom Warren used for the front of Semaphore Gallery postcard

Semaphore Gallery, Tom Warren, New Portraits, Card

postcard for Semaphore show

Semaphore West – “Paintings, Sculpture, & Installations” , 1985

Bobby G card for Semaphore -front

Semaphore, Bobby G, Card, 1984

Futura 2000 exhibition 1986

Semaphore, Futura 2000, Card, 1986


Semaphore, Judge Hughes, Mike Cockrill, Card, 1986

Front Cover of Mike Cockrill's Semaphore walk out zine

Semaphore, Semaphore Walkout! Artist Statement By Mike Cockrill, 1986

Semaphore, Walter Robinson, Card, 1986

Sena Galleries, Hachivi Edgar Heap of Birds, Folded Card, 1992


Sharpe Gallery, Cheryl Laemmle, Folded Car, 1984

andrews front

Sid Deutsch Gallery, Benny Andrews, “People Places Predators,” Folded Card, 1990

Basquiat group show at Sidney Janis Gallery

Sidney Janis Gallery, Basquiat, Group Show, Card, May 1983

duane front

Sidney Janis Gallery, Duane Michals, “Paris Stories and Other Follies,” Booklet, 1992

poetry front

Sidney Janis Gallery, Duane Michals, “Poetry and Tales,” Booklet, 1991

sculpture parallels sidney janis gallery holzer koons

Sidney Janis Gallery, Warhol, Holzer, Koons, ’60s / ’80s Sculpture Parallels, Card, 1988

Sidney Janis, Graffiti Party, Panache on Broadway, Card, 1983


Siegeltuch Gallery, “BLACK,” Louise Bourgeois, Franz Kline, Louise Nevelson, Robert Rauschenberg, Ad Reinhardt, Milton Resnick, Card, 1987

silence=death at simon watson

Simon Watson Gallery, Looking at a Revolution: Documenting the AIDS Activist Movement, Card, 1987


Simon Watson Gallery, Reconnaissance, Lorna Simpson, Peter Fend, Nancy Spero, Jeff Koons, Group Material, Vito Acconci, Press Materials, 1990


Slander-O’Reilly Gallery, Alexander Brook, A Retrospective, Folded Card, 1980

Sol LeWitt, Drawings & Prints, Card, John Weber Gallery, 1978

sol lewitt card

Sol LeWitt, Structures & Wall Drawings, Card, Texas Gallery, 1980

sol lewitt card for wall drawings

Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawings, Card, 1982

Sol LeWitt wall drawings at John Weber Gallery

Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawings, Card, John Weber Gallery, 1974

sol lewitt card front

Sol LeWitt, Folded Card, Musée d’Art Contemporain de Bordeaux, 1983

rammellzee articats from the future

Solaridad Humana, DefunkT, Rammellzee, Artifacts From The Future, Card, 1988

Ashley Bickerton at Sonnabend Gallery

Sonnabend Gallery, Ashley Bickerton, Susie Culturelux, Card, 1988


Sonnabend Gallery, Ashley Bickerton, Card, 1991

Gilbert & George show card for The Fundamental Pictures

Sonnabend Gallery, Gilbert & George, The Fundamental Pictures, Folded card, 1997

Haim Steinbach at Sonnabend Gallery

Sonnabend Gallery, Haim Steinbach, American Still Life and other stories, Card, 1997

Sonnabend Gallery, Mel Bochner, Card, 1982

Sonnabend Gallery, Terry Winters, Card, 1982

vito acconci for sonnabend gallery

Sonnabend Gallery, Vito Acconci, Card, 1976

Sperone Westwater Emblems and Contours

Sperone Westwater, Basquiat, Lichtenstein, Rauschenberg, Twombly, Warhol, Enblems and Contours, Card, January – February 1995


Sperone Westwater, Richard Long, Card, 1991


Sperone Westwater, Richard Tuttle, Card, 2000

Peter Nadin card for Spiritual America show

Spiritual America, Peter Nadin, Still Life Paintings Book, Card, 1983

front of richard prince spiritual america card

Spiritual America, Richard Prince, Spiritual America, Card, 1983

Stefanotti, Jimmy De Sana, Color Photographs, Folded Card, 1982

Steinbaum Krauss Gallery, Miriam Schapiro, Collaboration Series: Mother Russia, Card, 1994

blade card for stellweg séguy gallery

Stellweg Séguy Gallery, Blade, Card, 1984

front of Rammellzee card

Stellweg Séguy Gallery, Rammellzee, Card

Seen postcard

Stellweg Séguy Gallery, Seen, Card, 1983

sam gilliam front of card

Studio Museum in Harlem, Sam Gilliam, Red & Black to ‘D’, Folded Card, 1982

Stux Gallery, Starn Twins, The Horses, Oversized promotional brochure, 1987

sylvia sleigh front of card

Sylvia Sleigh, Card, A.I.R. Gallery, 1976


Sylvia Whitman, Susan Weil, P.S.1, “Two Notebooks” Untitled Press, Card, 1977

Texas Gallery, Barry Le Va, Card, 1975

Texas Gallery, Dorothea Rockburne, Folded Card, 1981

Front of Ed Ruscha and Joe Goode card

Texas Gallery, Ed Ruscha & Joe Goode, Card, 1977


The “Water Closet” Gallery at Novecento, Elizabeth Peyton, Card, 1992


The Burton Gallery, Garry Winogrand, Felix Bonfils, Toronto, Card, 1981


The Clocktower Gallery, Afrika, Andrei Khlobistin, Card, 1991

The Clocktower, Eleanor Antin R.N., Folded Card, 1976


The Cork Gallery, Drawing on Dance, Card, 1982


The Kitchen, Tony Oursler, Video Works, Card, 1987

new math

The New Math Gallery, Just Appearances, Lynne Augeri, Marcus Leatherdale, Tom Warren, Zoe Leonard, Card, 1984

The Saint, Nan Goldin, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, Folded Card, 1986


Thomas Healy Gallery, Helen Marden, Card, 1998

front of Miriam Schapiro card

Thomas Segal Gallery, Miriam Schapiro, Geometry and Flowers, Card, 1983

Thread Waxing Space The Family of Men Barbara Pollack

Thread Waxing Space, Barbara Pollack, The Family of Men, Card, 1999

electrostatic art flyer

Tim Blackburn Gallery, Ray Johnson, Steve Sprouse, Electrostatic Art, Flyer

shepard fairey cash for chaos tin man ally

Tin Man Alley, Shepard Fairey, Cash for Chaos, Card, 2001

the last decade group show at shafrazi

Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Basquiat, Haring, Koons, Scharf, WojnarowiczThe Last Decade: American Artists of the 80’s, Folded Card, September – October 1990

what is it group show at Tony Shafrazi Gallery - front

Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Basquiat, Haring, Scharf, Schnabel, Warhol, What It Is, Card, September 1986

jean-michel basquiat exhibition card

Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Jean Michel Basquiat, Simon Linke, Card, May – June 1987

keith haring card front with LA2

Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Keith Haring and LA2, Card, 1982

Keith Haring memorial card shafrazi

Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Keith Haring, A Memorial Exhibition: Early Works on Paper, Folded Card, 1990

keith haring shafrazi

Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Keith Haring, Recent Work, Card, 1989

keith haring sculptures at tony shafrazi

Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Keith Haring, Sculptures, Folded Card, 1990

Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Keith Haring, Poster, 1988

kenny scharf card for tony shafrazi

Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Kenny Scharf, Ann Magnuson, Folded Card and Insert, 1985

Kenny Sharff image

Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Kenny Scharf, Catalogue, 1983

front of ronnie cutrone card for tony shafrazi

Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Ronnie Cutrone, Folded Card, 1985

Truman Gallery, Louise Nevelson, Card, 1977

wojarowicz temple

Tyler Gallery, Temple University, David Wojnarowicz, Tongues of Flame, Poster, 1991

judy rifka Neo York show card

University Art Museum, Gracie Manson, Judy Rifka, Neo York, Folded Card, 1984

front of show card for neo york

University Art Museum, Shannon Dawson, Neo York, Card, 1984

wojarowicz illinois

University Galleries, Illinois State University, David Wojnarowicz, Tongues of Flame, Poster, 1990


University Gallery, UMASS Amherst Fine Arts Center, Francesc Torres, “Belchite/South Bronx,” Poster, 1988


University of Arizona, Lee Friedlander, “Like a One-Eyed Cat,” Folded Flyer, 1989

University of Arizona, W. Eugene Smith, Aileen M. Smith, Minamata, Folded Card, 1981

front of vox populi group show card

Vox Populi, If Culture Means Anything, Folded Card, 1984

front of Robert Parker card for Vox Populi

Vox Populi, Robert Parker, Hack Geometry, Card, 1985

santino card for vox populi show

Vox Populi, Santino, Folded Card, 1984

suzanne mallouk card for vox populi

Vox Populi, Suzanne Mallouk, Folded Card, 1985

Vrej Baghoomian Inc, Avedon, Clemente, Ruscha, Land Scape, Folded Card, 1989

george condo for Vrej Baghoomian exhibition

Vrej Baghoomian, George Condo, Works on Paper, Folded Card, 1988

james lee byars at Vrej Baghoomian Inc

Vrej Baghoomian, James Lee Byars, Old and New Works, Folded Card, 1989


Vrej Baghoomian, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Exhibition Invitation, April – June 1988

Duncan Hannah/Walter Robinson exhibition announcement

Walter Robinson and Duncan Hannah, Postcard, Semaphore Gallery, 1984

de kooning

Washburn Gallery, Elaine de Kooning: Artists And Writers, Booklet, 1994

get it humor in art steckel group show

Westbest Gallery, Steckel & others, Get it? Humor in Art, Folded Card, 1995

White Columns, Imaginings of the Gay Past, Celebrating the Gay Present, Card, 1994

White Columns Andrea Callard Dick Miller

White Columns, Andrea Callard, Dick Miller, Card, 1981

What I did on my summer vacation at white columns

White Columns, Baldessari, Katz, Longo, Ligon, Smith, What I Did on my Summer Vacation, Card, 1996

sugar mountain white columns

White Columns, Mark Morrisroe, Nan Goldin, Sugar Mountain, Card, 1996

sturtevant card back for white columns

White Columns, Sturtevant, Card, 1986

no wave cinema show at whitney museum

Whitney Museum, No Wave Cinema, 1978-87, Card, 1996

keith haring whitney museum

Whitney Museum, Keith Haring, Card, 1997

Whitney Museum, Ree Morton, Card, 1974


Willard Gallery, Richard Lippold, 1952-1962, Booklet, 1962

William S. Burroughs, Folded Card, Tony Shafrazi Gallery, 1988


William Wegman, Paris, Card, Musée National d’Art Moderne,1991

Witkin Gallery, Benefit Auction for Carol Bellamy, Beuys, Bourgeois, Hujar, Krasner, Schapiro, Wilke, Tri-Folded Mailer, 1977

Witkin Gallery, Robert Doisneau, Foldout Card, 1981

contortionist card

Women’s Interart Center, Martha Ross Edelheit, Cutouts, Card, 1984


World Financial Center, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Vito Acconci, “The New Urban Landscape,” Card, 1988


Xavier Fourcade Gallery, Willem deKooning, Folded Card, 1985

Xu Bing, New China, Card, Jack Tilton Gallery, 1997

Young Hoffman Gallery show with Jenny Holzer Keith Haring Mike Glier

Young Hoffman Gallery, Ahearn, Glier, Haring, Holzer, Rifka, A New Sensibility, Card, 1982

Cindy Sherman card from Chicago, front

Young Hoffman Gallery, Cindy Sherman, New Color Photographs, Card, 1981


Zabriskie Gallery, ART for Equal Rights Ammendment, Alex Katz, Louise Bourgeois, Lynda Benglis, Folded Card, 1981

Zabriskie Gallery, Kenneth Snelson, Card, 1981

Zitelle, Venice, Allen Ginsburg, Folded Card, 1995