Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries: | Sign up for our Newsletter    

East Village / Lower East Side Galleries

Higgins front of card for 13th HOUR Gallery

13th Hour Gallery, E. F. Higgins III, Card, 1985

invite to Stefano Castronovo's exhibition at Patrick Fox Gallery -- front

56 Bleecker Gallery (Patrick Fox Gallery), Stefano Castronovo, Card

David La Chapelle card for 56 Bleeker Gallery front

56 Bleeker Gallery, David La Chapelle, Your Needs Met, Card with Envelope and Transparent Invitation, 1988

A & P, Andrew Castrucci, Fresh Fruit for Rotten Vegetables, Card, 1986

A & P, I Love You, Nancy, Card By Andrew Castrucci, 1985

A & P, I Love You, Nancy, Poster By Andrew Castrucci, 1985

A & P, Raymond Pettibon, Gallery Closing Announcement Card, 1986

A & P, Tom McGlynn, West Wing, Poster, 1986

A’s , Arleen Schloss, News And Calendar, Silkscreen Poster, 1981

Poster for Ken Hiratsuka show

A’s and No Se No, Ken Hiratsuka Two-Gallery Exhibition, Flyer, 1984

a's sculpture garden card

A’s Sculpture Garden, Linus Coraggio, Invite on Acetate Card, 1988

poster for Arleen Schloss' N Night at A's Gallery

A’s, Arleen Schloss, N Night, Poster, 1982

a's arleen schloss card

A’s, Arleen Schloss, Card, 1983

A's flyer by Arleen Schloss

A’s, Arleen Schloss, Flyer, 1981

A's template invitation

A’s, Phoebe Legere Performance, Acetate Card, 1987

Poster for the ABC No Rio Book

ABC No Rio Dinero Poster

getwrecked_getpolitical poster

ABC No Rio Poster, 1980

ABC No Rio, “Artists Call against U.S. Intervention in Central America,” Xerox flyer, 1984


ABC No Rio, “Portrait Studio: No Rio Locals, 1981,” digital print, 2016

first page of first five years auction list

ABC No Rio, “The First Five Years,” benefit auction list, 1985

Absurdities poster by Bobby G.

ABC No Rio, Absurdities Poster, 1981/2014

Becky Howland - Invitation to the Island Show

ABC No Rio, Invitation to the Island Show, 1981


ABC No Rio, Kiki Smith, The Kitchen Presents The Island of Negative Utopia, Poster, 1983

modern sleep show at American Fine Arts

American Fine Arts (Colin de Land), Curated by Collins & Milazzo, Modern Sleep, Card, 1986

richard prince American Fine Arts

American Fine Arts (Colin de Land), John Dogg & Richard Prince, Card, 1986

front of hyperspcae card

Art City, Dogg, Lawler, HyperSpaces, Folded Card, 1987

Ellen Carey card for Art City

Art City, Ellen Carey, New Pictures, Card, 1986

Art City front of show card

Art City, Kunié Sugiura, New Photographic Workds, Card, 1986

front of tim maul card for Art City

Art City, Tim Maul, New Photographic Works, Card, 1986

best of the east village show card for avenue b gallery

Avenue B Gallery, East Village ’86: The Best of the East Village, Card, 1986

mona lisa altered on front of show card for avenue b gallery show

Avenue B Gallery, The Definitive Assemblage Show, Card, 1985

Coraggio card for avenue b gallery - front

Avenue B Gallery, Linus Coraggio, Cherub With A Pitchfork, Card, 1984

ned ned show at avenue b gallery

Avenue B Gallery, Ned Ned, Trash Sculpture Theater: Kinetic Junk, Card, 1985

Avenue B Gallery show card curated by Robt Costa

Avenue B Gallery, Robt Costa, Feminists & Misogynists Together at Last, Card, 1985

b side gallery show card

B-Side Gallery, Paintings and Multiples, Card, 1984

bside gallery show card for Pop-Korn

B-Side Gallery, Pop-Korn, Card

silent auction card for b-side gallery

B-Side Gallery, Silent Auction, Card, 1986

b-sdie gallery card for scarpulla show

B-Side Gallery, Caren Scarpulla, Paintings, Card

New Romantics Duncan Hannah

Bridgewater Gallery, New Romantics, Duncan Hannah, Card, 1986

Bullet Space, An Act of Resistance, Card, 1989


Bullet Space, Bullet: An Act of Resistance, Xerox ‘zine, 1989

Bullet Space, Hard Corps, RAMMELLZEE, Rick Rubin, Flyer, 1990


Bullet Space, Paul Castrucci, “Bullet: An Act of Resistance,” exhibition poster, 1989


Bullet Space, Paul Castrucci, “Dirt Party,” flyer, 1989

Cash/NewHouse, Allen Ruppersberg, “What Are You Looking At?”, Card, c. Mid 1980’s

CHARAS/El Bohio, Livestock, NY2K, Card, 1999

Christminster card group show

Christminster Gallery, Auto/Genetic/Photopsia Curated by Bill Komoski, Card, 1985

Christminster Gallery card for thomas lawson

Christminster Gallery, Thomas Lawson, Card, 1984

Civilian Warfare card

Civilian Warfare, Fit To Be Tied Group Show, Card

Civilian warfare show card

Civilian Warfare, Getting Off, Card


Civilian Warfare, Greer Lankton, SIGNED Offset Print Portfolio, 1983


CRG Gallery, Architecture and Memory, Julie Mehretu, Card, 2000

danceteria dondi white card

Danceteria, Dondi White, Fun Gallery Crew Party, Card

romberger and van cook show card for e m donahue gallery card

E. M. Donahue Gallery, Marguerite Van Cook & James Romberger, Collaborations, Card, 1987

Fun Gallery invite illustrated by Keith Haring

Fun Gallery, Keith Haring, Card, 1983


Fun Gallery, Keith Haring, Poster, 1983

Fun Gallery, Lee Quinones, Color Xerox Flyer, 1982

moufarrege card

Fun Gallery, Nicholas A. Moufarrege, Card, 1985

Nature Morte Group Show 1982 Front

Gallery Nature Morte, Group Show, Peter Nagy, Card, 1982

Gallery Nature Morte 1984 Group Show Front

Gallery Nature Morte, Group Show, Stephen Frailey, David Robbins, Ericka Beckman, Card, 1984

Anonymous Design Nature Morte

Gallery Nature Morte, Stephen Greengard, Anonymous Design of the Mid-Century, Card, 1982

Flyer for the Gas Station's anti-eviction party, 1995. Part of Gallery 98's

Gas Station (a.k.a. 2B), Anti-Eviction Party, Poster, 1995

Location poster

Gas Station (a.k.a. 2B), Available For Film Shoots And Party Rentals, Flyer

Welding studio ad for classes

Gas Station (a.k.a. 2B), Welding Classes, Flyer


Gas Station/Space 2B, A Billboard, Annette Cyr, Card, 1990

front of Gracie Mansion card for Pop Apocalypse

Gracie Mansion Gallery, Pop Apocalypse, 5-Fold Card, 1988

gracie mansion gallery card

Gracie Mansion Gallery, The Starving Artists’ Cook Book, Card, 1987

Gracie Mansion ARTFORuM poster

Gracie Mansion Gallery, ARTFOR(u)M, Card

Gracie Mansion collaborations postcard

Gracie Mansion Gallery, Christof Kohlhofer / Marilyn Minter Collaborations, Card, 1986

Fred Wilson exhibition at Gracie Mansion gallery

Gracie Mansion Gallery, Fred Wilson, Card

Gracie Mansion Gallery, Group UFO, Curated by Sur Rodney (Sur), 10 Page Catalogue and Card, 1987

Gracie Mansion Gallery, Hope Sandrow, “Recent Photographic Work,” Card, 1988

Jean Lowe card for Gracie Mansion Gallery front

Gracie Mansion Gallery, Jean Lowe, Card

Press release for Gracie Mansion Gallery 'Lieu Division'

Gracie Mansion Gallery, Lieu Division At 15 St. Marks, Press Release, 1982

Rodney Alan greenblat card front for Gracie Mansion Gallery

Gracie Mansion Gallery, Rodney Alan Greenblat, The Scenic Route, Folded Card, 1988

Gracie Mansion Gallery, Sur Rodney Sur, Gracie Mansion, New Location, Card, 1982

Gracie Mansion Gallery, The Seven Year Itch, Final Show at East Village Location, Stephen Lack, Rhonda Zwillinger, Press Release and Card, 1989

Gracie Mansion Museum Store, Rodney Alan Greenblat, Rhonda Zwillinger, Flyer, 1986

Gracie Manson Gallery, Group UFO (Photography), Curated by Sur Rodney (Sur), Tom Warren, Nancy Burson, Card, 1987

Greathouse Gallery, Lynne Augeri, The Misfortunes of Virtue, Card, 1985


Greathouse Gallery, Myth, Group Show, Lynne Augeri, Card, 1986

Realism, a group show at Greathouse Gallery

Greathouse, Realism, Card, 1986

fron of greathouse gallery postcard for augeri

Greathouse, Lynne Augeri, Card

Ground Zero group Show card front

Ground Zero Gallery, Stencils at Nico Smith, Folded Card, 1985

front of ground zero folded card

Ground Zero Gallery, Edward Brezinski, The Last Judgement, Folded Card

home sweet home hal bromm gallery

Hal Bromm Gallery, Home Sweet Home: Furniture and Functional Objects by Artists, Card, 1986

card for hal bromm east village location

Hal Bromm Gallery, Grace Graupe-Pillard, Card, 1987

Jo Shane card for Hal Bromm

Hal Bromm Gallery, Jo Shane, Sculpture, Card, 1986


Hal Bromm Gallery, Jody Pinto, “FINGERSPAN,” Card, c. 1987

Hal Bromm Gallery, Mark Kostabi, Climbing: The East Village, Poster, 1984

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holly solomon show card for east village show

Holly Solomon Gallery, 57th Between A and D: An East Village Exhibition, Folded Card, 1985

General Idea card for International With Monument

International With Monument, General Idea, Card, 1986

Jeff Koons Card for International With Monument

International With Monument, Jeff Koons, Card, 1985

Laurie Simmons card for International With Monument

International With Monument, Laurie Simmons, Card, 1984

Peter Halley card for International With Monument

International With Monument, Peter Halley, Card, 1985

Peter Nagy card from international with monument

International With Monument, Peter Nagy, Card, 1986

Richard Prince card for International With Monument

International With Monument, Richard Prince, Card, 1985

Robert Smithson card for International With Monument

International With Monument, Robert Smithson, Card, 1986

sarah charlesworth international with monumemt card

International With Monument, Sarah Charlesworth, Card, 1986

Jay Gorney Modern Art card for carroll dunham

Jay Gorney Modern Art, Carroll Dunham, Alphabet, Card, 1987

Jay Gorney Modern Art card for group show

Jay Gorney Modern Art, Nadin, Rollins & K.O.S., Card, 1986

nan goldin tim rollins KOS show card

Jay Gorney Modern Art, Nan Goldin, Tim Rollins & K.O.S., Card, 1986

Jay Gorney Modern Art card for levine and steinbach

Jay Gorney Modern Art, Sherrie Levine & Haim Steinbach, Card, 1987

CRASH card front

Jus de pomme Gallery, CRASH, New Work, Card, 1986

card for The Black and White show, curated by Lorainne O'Grady

Kenkeleba Gallery, The Black and White Show curated by Lorraine O’Grady, Basquiat, Fekner, Haring, Piper, Card, April – May 1983

front of kwok gallery flyer

KWOK gallery, Self-Portraits Show, Flyer, 1982

kowk gallery shit art show flyer front

KWOK Gallery, Shit Art Show, Flyer, 1982


Lee Quinones, b.O.b Gallery, “Ghetto Samurai,” Card, 2001

life cafe card front

Life Cafe, Basquiat, Hannah, Legere, Genius, Card, October – December 1999

baldessari group show card

Loughelton Gallery, Curated by John Baldessari, 2000 1/2, Card, 1987

Chi Chi Show group show card with Jean-Michel Basquiat

Massimo Audiello Gallery, Basquiat, Condo, Schnabel, The Chi-Chi Show, Card and Magazine Advertisement, March 1985

McDermott and McGough card

Massimo Audiello Gallery, MeDermott & McGough, Card, 1985

Bidlo card from Massimo Audiello

Massimo Audiello Gallery, Mike Bidlo, Selection from the Morandi Series, Card, 1986


NADA Gallery, “The Whore of Babylon,” Daze, Ronnie Cutrone, Nick Zedd, Card, 1986

Nada Gallery flyer for Sallie Aycock and Marc Zero

Nada Gallery, Sallie Aycock & Marc Zero, Flyer


Nature Morte, Dennis Adams, Card, 1986

James Brown Tutu Nature Morte Front

Nature Morte, James Brown, Card, 1983

front of nature morte richard milani card

Nature Morte, Madelynn Gingold, October, Card, 1982

Richard Milani Nature Morte polaroid invitation

Nature Morte, Richard Milani, October, Polaroid, 1982

Nature Morte, Silvia Kolbowski, Here and There, Card, 1986

Nature Morte, The David Robbins Show, Card, 1986

new maths gallery show card

New Math Gallery, Just Appearances, Card, 1984

No Se No , Flyer designed by Toyo Tsuchiya, 1980s


No Se No Gallery, Exchange Show Japan, Flyer, 1987

vindaloo lives poster for no se no

No Se No, Vindaloo Lives: A Travesty in Many Acts, Flyer

Toyo 85 poster no se no

No Se No, A large poster for an exhibition of Toyo’s “99Nites” photos

Arleen Schloss invite for No Se No show

No Se No, Arleen Schloss, Performance Invite, c.1980’s

No Se No poster for Exchange Show Japan

No Se No, Exchange Show Japan with Art Unidentified, Flyer, 1987

No se No poster august 29th

No Se No, Kembra Pfahler, Erotic Psyche, and Diane Moonmade, Calendar

linda-austin-wild-west no se no poster

No Se No, Post-Opening Party For The Piezo Electric Exhibition Wild West , Flyer, 1983

No Se No poster street art show

No Se No, Rivington School (II) Exhibition, Flyer signed by Linus Coraggio

Toyo poster for See Saw show

No Se No, Xerox flyer for Toyo’s exhibition of photographs

Nolo Contendere, Pyramid, Send Lawyers Guns and Money Art Auction, Michael Roman, Martin Wong, Mark Kostabi, Peggy Cyphers, Flyer, 1986


Onetwentyeight, 128 Rivington, Kurt Novak, “HEAD,” Card, 1989

6 photog

Onetwentyeight, 6 Photographers, Mako Tanaka, Card, 1990


Onetwentyeight, Krzysztof Zarebski, Card, 1989


P.P.O.W, Jed Jackson, Card, 1985

ps 122 front of show card

P.S. 122, Holly Hughes’ Dress Suits to Hire, Card

Pat Hearn Gallery, Asher, Baechler, Cheverney, Condo, Cuvelier, Di Rosa, Fetting, Tashjian, Card, 1984

pat hearn gallgery card

Pat Hearn Gallery, David McDermott & Peter McGough, Folded Card, 1986

Pat Hearn Gallery, Peter Schuyff, Card, 1983

Pat Hearn Gallery, Peter Schuyff, Folded Card, 1985

5 Painters Piezo Electric

Piezo Electric, 5 Painters, Group Show, Card, 1983

Piezo Electric, First Show: 5 Painters, Brochure, 1983

Piezo Electric Wild West card - front

Piezo Electric, Group Show The Wild West, Card, 1983


Piezo Electric, Keiko Bonk, Card, 1984

Louis Renzoni Piezo Electric Card

Piezo Electric, Louis Renzoni, Card, 1985

Walter Robinson, Conceptual Art, Announcement Card, Piezo Electric

Piezo Electric, Walter Robinson, Card, 1985

aimee rankin card for Postmasters Gallery

Postmasters Gallery, Aimee Rankin, History / Desire, Card, 1985

paravision, a group show at Postmasters Gallery

Postmasters Gallery, Halley, Koons, Longo, Paravision Curated by Collins & Milazzo, Card, 1985

lewis stein card for Postmasters Gallery,

Postmasters Gallery, Lewis Stein, The Surveillance Series, Card, 1985


Semaphore Gallery, Mark Kostabi, Two-Gallery Show, Card, 1985

Bobby G card for Semaphore -front

Semaphore, Bobby G, Card, 1984

Semaphore, Martin Wong, The Sunset Park Paintings, Three Fold Card, 1986

sensory evolution gallery front

Sensory Evolution Gallery, Jim Radakovich, Paintings, Drawings & Sculptures, Card, 1984

Sharpe Gallery, Cheryl Laemmle, Folded Car, 1984

van der zee front of card for sharpe gallery

Sharpe Gallery, James Van Der Zee, Card, 1987

Peter Nadin card for Spiritual America show

Spiritual America, Peter Nadin, Still Life Paintings Book, Card, 1983

front of richard prince spiritual america card

Spiritual America, Richard Prince, Spiritual America, Card, 1983

Steven Parrino, Holes & Slots, Card, Nature Morte, 1987

front of vox populi group show card

Vox Populi, If Culture Means Anything, Folded Card, 1984

front of Robert Parker card for Vox Populi

Vox Populi, Robert Parker, Hack Geometry, Card, 1985

santino card for vox populi show

Vox Populi, Santino, Folded Card, 1984